Stephanie McMahon Turns Runway Diva at New York Fashion Week (Video)

WWE executive and television personality Stephanie McMahon swapped the rampway for the runway last night at New York Fashion Week, strutting her stuff at the Lincoln Center in the “Strut: The Fashionable Mom Show” catwalk show.

Stephanie, joined by the likes of Wendy Williams and Lisa Rinna, was one of the celebrities who walked the runway at the fashion show for moms.

The 35-year-old, a mother of three herself, looked glowing in a black dress as she hit the runway.

Watch Steph’s runway walk below:

Check out more pictures here.

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  • SarahD

    WOW! She is so beautiful.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Brains, beauty & sometimes BITCH!

    Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley for life… Best Women’s Champion in history!!! =D

  • lucky1now

    she looked like she was enjoying it

  • shannymac


  • Like Mike

    Stephanie looks so stunning. She really is a gorgeous woman, I think this is the best she’s ever looked. Birthing three children and still rocking it. You go Steph.

  • kreece

    On the runway, dressed in her best (AMEN FASHION) get it Steph

    • FoxyKimLover

      work it black dress steph! Ah gaga…

  • pakhei1129

    Who Can Tell Me The Song Name =P ? Thanks

    • saurabh da luchawhore

      Alexandra Stan – Mr Saxobeat ….. :)

      • pakhei1129

        Thanks You So Much =)

  • k8xsteph

    What happened to the mean girl tourney thing that was going on? It feels like forever since round 2!! I want to vote Stephanie to win damn it.

  • The Scone

    why is there a jellyfish behind her?

    • Kessuki

      haha i just had another look after reading your comment, good question where are her legs? :D

  • jim462

    Stephanie is GORGEOUS!!!