Sunny Returning to Rehab, Arrests Make TV News in Connecticut (Video)

WFSB out of Connecticut covered WWE Hall of Famer Sunny‘s three arrests on today’s broadcast, including footage of Sunny, real name Tamara Sytch, in court today (September 14th) following her third arrest yesterday (Sept. 13th).

According to the report, Sytch kept returning to her boyfriend’s home in Branford, Connecticut despite police officers telling her not to. On one of the occasions, police reports suggest she had her boyfriend in a headlock and was pulling his hair. In another incident, a drunk Sytch climbed through a window to enter the premises.

Sytch’s sister, Denise Stone, appeared in court with her today with Sytch being released into her care.

The report suggests that Sytch will be re-entering rehab with WWE offering to foot the bill.

Watch the report below:

WFSB Channel 3

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  • Raekon

    “Starving! I want MC Donalds or something!”. ^_^
    Healthy way of living Sunny! :p

    The attack seriously left me a bit stunned when they said she put her boyfriend into a headlock pulling his hair.

    Then the indifference she showed at the court and after was like if she doesn’t give a shit about anything anyway.

    She REALLY need to change her ways in my opinion or she will get herself in really deep trouble for sure.

  • shannymac

    This time, she needs to stay in rehab long than a month, and not be on Facebook during her stay. She clearly has serious, long standing issues to work through. You can’t put a band-aid over a bullet hole and expect everything to be fine.

  • astarr

    Huh. Considering she claimed her last boyfriend was abusive to her, you would think she would have learned from that. You know, if any of it was true.

    Kudos to her boyfriend, though. The man is a wrestler and could have easily gotten physical with her when she put her hands on him and didn’t. Good for him (sucks he has to deal with this shit, though)

  • art

    I dont get that she tried to say one of the bellas was fat yet she wants mcdonalds….i seriously hope she gets the help she needs to finally kick whatever shes doing….

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    This women Just pisses me of so easily, she acts like she is so much better than everyone and every Diva that has ever been in Wwe ,and she is awlways demanding respect from new wrestlers or wrestlers that joined after her, and yet she doesn’t give that same respect to some wrestlers instead she relies back on name called and calling people out :|

    And yet here you have a women that seems to think she can do whatever she wants, she was told THREE times not to go and see this boyfriend and yet she does, I kinda wish they had of out her in jail or something and teach her a lesson, however, the thing with Sunny, if this had of BEEN any other wrestler she would have been one of the fist to comment on it and say something, I think she seriously needs to look inn the mirror and get a reality check and some series further help instead of just three weeks of rebah, this is her fourth stint in rehab, so this time she should, be in there for a while and help get things in her life straightened out

    P.s was anyone else surprised that, she only lived in a apartment with her bf!!!!, from the way I always picked up from sunny was that she was living it big, with a nice car, and house etc, very shocked at what she lives in

    • perceval

      Not really surprised. Drug addiction is costly, financially, as well as otherwise.

  • PurpleFusions

    Right now, I have lost any kind of interest in this woman…she has entered rehab so many times now and it doesn’t seem to be making any kind of difference. And to be so flippant about being arrested…pffft…she’s virtually asking to be put in jail or worse…

  • Crazy_J

    Okay where to begin… I think Tammy is so insecure with other women that it’s actually ruined her life and she allows it to ruin any chances of making it better. If she’d realize how to handle other women I think that would be a major start. She’s what like 40? or something.. that high school attitude should’ve ended YEARSSS ago. Most folks don’t like her for dropping F to the Aggot word, me included. If not that then there are about 100 other things I could list. The rehab isn’t working, idk what will.. at this stage in the game she obviously doesn’t want to change. I feel like she takes advantage of the fact WWE will help her. Oh is that a crack rock? Oh well WWE will pay for my rehab again. I’m glad they are doing that, but if she was to die I don’t think people would blame WWE, Tammy has no good girl track record and she hasn’t been in WWE in a long time.

    Girl just needs to give up the drugs if she can’t act right about it and it’s taking over her life. There is no harm in some drug use at random times but when you’re addicted to drugs you need to realize that. I don’t think she does and if she does then she just doesn’t care so why should we?

    • StratusXtreme

      Amen!! I completely agree with you dude.

  • Goodvibes

    I know everyone is going off on her right about now, and trust me i’m not a fan of Sunny by any means but I hope she gets the help she needs. She’s clearly suffering, the indifference, the lashing out and disregard for authority are all signs she’s hurt. Kudos to the WWE for doing their bit, three times in a row.

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    Sunny has completely lost it…HOPEFULLY with this second rehab return, she will make some changes. I just hope that she doesn’t think that she can use WWE as a crutch to get out of her legal troubles all the time.

  • drewrey

    To be quite honest, I really could care less if she gets better or not. She is a hateful woman, with so much jealousy and negativity. I lost sympathy and respect for her a long time ago, she is nothing but a washed up, insecure, mean, druggie, who obviously has no remorse for any of the awful things she has said or done. I would not believe an apology from her at this point for all the terrible mistakes she has made. She is going to end up even more miserable than she already is, and it won’t be anybody’s fault but hers. The funny things is, less and less people will care at that point.

  • clyde12

    So,…I counted 9 times that the reporter miss pronounced her last name as “Stich”.

    Anybody get a different count?

    • clyde12

      And I missspelled misprounce

      • rodneyclint


  • StratusXtreme

    Mark my words.. Unless that idiot gets help, she will be dead in the next few years!
    I tried to like you Sunny, but to be frank, your just not a nice person and whatever you do now is pathetic! Get help and stay away from wrestling.

  • johnny

    She keeps this up she’s going to the pig pin and will end up with a girlfriend named Bubba or Mitch.