TNA Policy Change That Could Affect Knockouts’ Bookings

Word spread yesterday that TNA has changed its policies regarding outside bookings for its talent — independent promotions are no longer able to feature TNA contracted talents on DVD releases of their shows.

TNA had previously allowed talents to appear on DVD releases, however, not on rival television programs or pay per views (including Internet pay per views). Perhaps most notably, SHIMMER was able to utilize talents such as Sarita, and most recently, Madison Rayne, on their taped live events under this policy.

The new policy, however, could have a knock-on effect for the talent, including the Knockouts, as it could lead to independent promotions not booking them for future shows as they wouldn’t be able to recoup their investment through DVD or video on demand sales, something which independent promotions absolutely rely on.

Less bookings would obviously hurt the TNA talents’ bank balances, also, as they often rely on independent bookings to supplement their TNA salary. As has been well documented, TNA only pays talents when used, so talents who are not often utilized — which includes many of the Knockouts right now — could be missing out on extra income.

One independent promoter tells me that they won’t be booking TNA talents going forward. “The cost of the booking TNA stars is so high already as the office takes a cut. The only way it’s justifiable is by being able to sell DVDs, or matches online. Without that, I think you’ll find a lot of promoters, including myself, won’t consider booking TNA people.”

“I don’t really see the upside to [the policy]. The fans miss out on seeing the wrestlers live unless TNA has a show near them, the wrestlers miss out on a payday, and the promoters miss out too.”

Perhaps unrelated, but we noted previously that veteran Knockout Tara was due to face LuFisto in Montreal this past weekend. The match didn’t take place, however. No word on if this is due to the policy change.

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  • richies88

    bloody hell. why wrestlers choose TNA of wwe i don’t know why as they are paid as they wrestle. that gonna be pain in the ass of their talents.

    • ajfan83

      Most of them don’t “choose” TNA over WWE. Most of the people that went from WWE to TNA were fired, or burnt out by the lifestyle. Gail is an exception, but she also left WWE knowing that she had a very rich and succesful husband to support her when her wrestling career ends. Most people don’t have that.

      And don’t anybody be naive enough to think they go to TNA because they take pride in their work. Wrestling is a dangerous profession, where the average career only lasts a few years. If they don’t want to be in WWE, which will get them the most exposure and pay the most money, they really need their head examined.

      And TNA isn’t even a bastion for womens wrestling anymore, especially with it being well known that Hogan, Bischoff, and head of programming Bruce Prichard are not fans of it. Even when Bischoff was in WWE during the “golden era” of the divas he was an outspoken critic of it. And I think everyone knows how HHH feels about them.

      • Spike7000

        It’s always a wrestlers dream to go to WWE or TNA, there are those who want to go to TNA because the politics that go on in the WWE.WWE is not perfect

        Don’t believe the rumors on the dirt sheets because chances are about 90 percent of the time is false especially with the Wrestling Observer. For instance the Kharma release, it’s funny how the dirt sheets did ”not get an answer” on why she left then they start making up the weight issue and that she ”was training in FCW” (which she wasn’t) all because oh she didn’t look like a typical model. So just because the dirt sheets report that someone supposely hates women’s wrestling people think it’s true.

        If TNA ”hates” the girls then they would not be on TV plus Dixie said many countless times she has a heart for the girls. Angelina even said that Hogan said that the girls kicked ass. The only reason why the girls and even the X-division haven’t been featured much is because they focused on the Bound for Glory series and other storyline.

        • ajfan83

          You also can’t believe everything someone like Hogan says in public. Of course he’s going to say “girls kick ass”. That’s a politcally correct thing to say. Doesn’t mean he actually likes womens wrestling. All you have to do is look at the KO division over the past year. That says it all.

  • ballplayer10123

    Terrible policy by TNA. It would be different if TNA actually paid their talent a consistent, decent amount. However, if TNA are going to continue to pay on an appearance basis this is a foolish policy. This policy will only do harm all the way around, especially toward the Knockouts.

    • Aria–

      It’s fucking ridiculous. I’m pissed.

  • joshmm3

    it keeps getting worse for the KOs I feel bad for them. They already arent payed enough. I have a feeling this will lead to Sarita and Rosita leaving because what the hell else are they suppose to do for money?

  • Aria–

    So basically when they aren’t making shit in TNA (which they don’t), they can’t take good paying bookings on the side to keep the light on? I don’t even know what to say to this.

  • WWFoverWWE

    TNA has just ruined the knockouts division. Once upon a time it was the perfect alternative for women who didn’t want to put up with the diva bullcrap, but now it’s just as worse, if not worse.

    Bruce Prichard is the main reason why, he’s the reason the knockouts are no longer featured properly because he’s not a fan of womens wrestling.

    The division has completely gone to hell and I’m betting more girls are gonna leave soon.

    • perceval

      Just yesterday, Wrestlinginc posted this…

      “One of the reasons ‘some women’ have quit TNA Wrestling in the past year stems from the belief that Bruce Prichard, Senior Vice President of Programming and Talent Relations, is not in favor of women’s wrestling. This would also explain why the Knockouts division is not as given as much prominence as in the past, with only a few talents being highlighted.

      “Angelina Love and Velvet Sky reportedly left the promotion on their own accord and the roles of Mickie James, Rosita, Sarita and Winter were greatly curtailed after Prichard came into power last October.”

      Prichard, remember, was the guy who sabotaged Katie Lea/Winter at both WWE and TNA. She was supposed to win the Women’s Championship in 2008, but he put a stop to it. And, as soon as he took charge in TNA, Winter went from Champion to disappearing.

      Also, he was supposedly opposed to the Trish-Mickie storyline.

      • ajfan83

        It is strange that he seemed to have it in for Winter. I have a theory as to why that is, but it’s all behind the scenes rumor stuff I can’t prove, so I won’t even go there.

        I don’t blame him for being opposed to the Trish/Mickie storyline though. It’s overrated and got over mostly for the softcore lesbian elements (which is why Mickie was a babyface by the time they got to Wrestlemania to all the horny guys in the crowd). You can tell the feud went of the rails by the JR/Lawler commentary at Mania, Vince yelling at Mickie backstage, editing the Mania match on the DVD, etc. So it basically ruined their top face, didn’t have a proper payoff because she left, and won’t even be mentioned in PG era WWE.

  • wl75

    I’m thinking this is gonna be the last straw for some of the KO’s…Sarita for one probably- she’s already having issues in Mexico, why should she have to put up with this?

    and allegedly the reason why Tara wasn’t able to fight LuFisto is that she was supposed to go straight from Orlando to Canada, but she forgot her passport.

  • Edibas

    It’s a shame what the Knockouts Division has become and how TNA treats the KOs. No wonder that so many of them quit the company in recent weeks/months. Sarita will be leaving soon and the rumors about Mickie James leaving are getting louder every day. I think it’s safe to say that both Sarita and Mickie will no longer be with TNA by the end of 2012.

  • HollyRobinsonWWE

    That’s really bad for the women especially. Rosita for instance would now officially make more money working part-time at McDonalds and she’d have benefits there.

  • kreece

    It’s like adding insult to injury doing this. They use 2 knockouts consistently whilst the rest have no income coming in, and the only other way they earn their money is by doing house shows or indi events as said, this is just going to be a complete struggle for these women and their financial issues. This was a reason I liked TNA, such a bad move

  • Kessuki

    if i ever saw a bad move this is it. why would tna do such a daft thing when they know full well that KOs rely on additional income outside the business to get by. judging on which KOs have featured prominently and which haven’t, i guess i can make a fair assessment who the next KO to leave will be. well done to the idiot that made this decision!