Report: WWE Developmental Diva Quits, Another in Rehab


A report has emerged that third-generation developmental talent, Raquel Diaz, real name Shaul Guerrero, has been granted her release from WWE.

Rumors have circulated today regarding the daughter of current WWE star Vickie Guerrero and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero after her profile on the official NXT (previously FCW) website was removed. F4WOnline and RingBelles report that Guerrero asked for her release from the company.

Guerrero joined WWE in 2010 and quickly rose through the ranks, holding the FCW Divas Championship and the Queen of FCW crown simultaneously. The third generation star was in the midst of a big push on WWE’s developmental show, NXT, with her “Exfoliating Ugliness Tour”. She recently dyed her hair blonde and adopted the moniker “The Ultra Diva”.

In perhaps a sign of her status with the company, Guerrero has been absent from Twitter since mid-August.

In regards to another NXT Diva, Skyler Moon, aka former independent wrestler Buggy Nova, RingBelles reports that Nova has entered WWE sponsored rehab. Nova’s profile was removed from the official NXT website some weeks ago and hasn’t been placed back online. California-based Nova was signed by WWE earlier this year. She last tweeted on September 24, writing: ‘Brb”.

If reports are true, we wish Buggy the best in her rehabilitation.


  • French.One

    Ugh, shocking news !
    I won’t miss Raquel since her ring skills weren’t that good, but for Buggy that doesn’t sound good … :/

    • Jillfan1

      What necessarily did she need rehab for it could be many things like Torrie Wilson PHYSICAL REHAB :/

      • shokko22

        whats physical rehab? like to get into shape?

      • trishfan11

        WWE sponsored rehab should mean she abused drugs or alcohol.

  • Jillfan1

    WHOA DID NOT SEE RAQUEL leaving coming whoaa1! O-O
    kinda a shocker I wonder what made her want to leave ps I am suprised her mum and dad have history with WWE oh well she’s not the first generation superstar to depart from the wwe not making it on the main roster PS BUGY IS SICK o-o?

  • moogle

    Sad for Raquel because her mic skills were just like her mother’s… perfect.

    But yeah, I’m more disappointed IN Buggy… like surely, if an oppurtunity with the worlds largest wrestling company picks you up, surely you wouldn’t up your game, not make foolish mistakes like these?
    Anyway, this will likely be the end for her in WWE, I doubt they’ll waste their time in kicking her out as soon as she’s done at rehab.

  • Nostalgia

    Sad about buggy, glad Raquel is gone

  • shannymac

    That’s depressing.

  • redsandman99

    If that’s what Raquel wanted then the best to her. As for Buggy there’s really not much that can be said. Hopefully the rehab works for her and hopefully for her sake WWE will still give her a shot while she’s done.

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    I wonder why Raquel asked for her release…I kind of wish she had stuck around because she seemed like one of the most promising future divas.She may not have been all that great of a wrestler,but she did have a lot of charisma,and with some more training,she could have been the total package.

    Then again, idk if I can believe that she asked for her release because it’s been known before that NXT/FCW takes down profiles,then puts them back up after editing them and stuff.

    As for Buggy Nova,if the reports are true,I do wish her luck with recovering because she is so talented,and it’d be a shame if WWE had to release her due to drinking/drug problems.

    • WWFoverWWE

      Drinking and doing drugs are a serious thing, I hope you know that.

      • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

        Yeah,I know that.It would honestly be unfair if they released her due to a drinking/drug problem,mainly because Cameron wasn’t released for her recent DUI.

        • WWFoverWWE

          DUI is not the same thing as doing drugs. WWE has a history of letting performers get away with DUI’s.

          Doing drugs is a violation of WWE’s wellness policy.

        • Raekon

          Orton, X-Pac. R-Truth and many others did drugs and alcohol the whole time so if they were able to stay then I don’t see why Skylar should be released because of that or Cameron because a DUI once.

          Not to mention all the older generation of wrestlers like the Macho Man, Miss Elisabeth that died while doing drugs with him among many others.

          Not saying that they are a good thing and I always was against drugs but I would find it unfair if Skylar would be released because of that when everyone of them got to stay.

        • AfroJack

          “Miss Elizabeth that died while doing drugs with him” umm she took an accidental overdose, it’s not like she was an abuser.

      • Crazy_J

        Drinking and doing drugs aren’t bad if you don’t do them all the time.. but when it gets to a point you do it everyday and have to enter rehab.. thats a different story. If you wanna smoke a joint then thats ok in my book.. but meth, crack.. heroin.. shit like that is what ‘gets’ you. Drinking is really bad for you’re body over time. The only reason weed is illegal was due to a smear campaign YEARS ago over the making of paper in which we write on everyday. It drives me nuts folks act like it’s a drug when they take their medicines provided daily to them that cause more damage than something that grows naturally. But anyway.. yeah I’m obviously not against pot lol

        • trishfan11

          Weed is not a “bad” drug like cocaine, heroin, etc. Weed is actually quite good for managing certain mental disorders. I don’t, in any way, condone the use of weed or any other drug. Drugs are not cool and any one who uses it is knowingly messing up their body and mind (cocaine addiction is as much psychological as it is physical and hence the high relapse rate). Alcohol, in moderate amounts is not bad but you don’t need alcohol to have fun. The less abuse you put your body through when you are young (and are seemingly invincible) the better your body will hold up when you age. The reason I have gone on this rant is because I understand this site is frequented by teenagers, who are impressionable. Please say no to drugs and cigarettes and only take alcohol in moderation once you are of legal age. Take care of your body and mind and you will have a better life.

  • Jordan

    I had kinda figured Shaul was done when she disappeared from NXT last month then they cut her “Exfoliating Ugliness” tour from the show and pushed forward to the next filmed Divas match. Unfortunate that she left. Given the right material, she had a promising future. I always hoping we would see her on the main roster paying homage to her father and in some sort of a storyline with her mother.

    I hope everything works out well with Skyler and that she can report back to NXT.

    All of these releases have definitely left a void in NXT for now until they’re ready to debut Emma on the show and Charlotte and Anya are TV ready. I guess we’ll be seeing Paige and/ or Audrey vs. *insert main roster Diva(s)* for the time to come.

    • Raekon

      In the current intro of NXT they have Audrey, Tamina, Alicia and Paige featured so I think that only these 4 are currently working there till Sara is included and Emma, Summer, Charlotte and Anya are ready.

  • Shannel

    Beth is leaving…. Raquel left…. Buggy in a rehab…. Naomi doesn’t wrestle…. Kelly cant wrestle…. Kaitlyn is sloppy…. Eve bores me…. Aksana…. Rosa…. Paige won’t be on a main roster until next year….

    So lets leave it to Natalya, Alicia, Layla and Tamina to have nice matches.

    After Michelle left, everything went downhill…

    • WWFoverWWE

      I bursted out laughing when I read “kelly can’t wrestle” LMAO

    • Jordan

      so because Eve bores you personally that makes her an unqualified wrestler? K.

      • Shannel

        no, i did not say that… she bores me in general… there is no spark no fire no nothing… then again it is just my opinion sweetheart.

    • iLUVValets

      Spot on lol, I have to admit as much as I wan’t Eve to succed, she is just boring to me as well. Aksana and Rosa, well I don’t them going above Eye Candy status, which is sad because Rosa deserves so much more.

    • flash1086

      Eve is boring. She’s so pushed yet fans dont care about her. Her mic-skills is nothing special. Vince Mcmahon likes and thats why she’s pushed.

    • Jake

      lol @ Tamina being on the “nice” list.

      • Shannel

        you never liked her…

        • T@KESH1

          I and other have given props to Tamina and Fox, that doesn’t change the lack of affect (to the point of muteness) and very inconsistent performance, respectively.

    • Crazy_J

      lmao I laughed so hard just because you just said aksana.. rosa.. with no explanation, you got that right! lmao.

      The only diva that does interest me at the moment is Beth, Nattie, and Eve.. I don’t see her as boring, but everyone has their opinion.

      • Shannel


    • T@KESH1

      look at that inexplicable list of gripes and whining…

      you know what they say about opinions

    • mscandy

      Michelle was always boring.. glad when she left. Eve is way more entertaining.


    well this sucks

  • WWFoverWWE

    Who’s gonna be next? I read a report that said that beth phoenix is not the only wwe diva considering quitting, that one other is probably also on her way out.

    Unless that diva was Raquel, we’re sadly not done yet with the goodbyes.

    • redsandman99

      Maybe that one was Raquel. If not I kind of honestly think it’s Kelly. While some have reported she’s coming back full time in November, I just have this feeling that she’s either not coming back or she’ll be close to the end of her run.

      • WWFoverWWE

        I think the report said wwe diva and Raquel was just an fcw/nxt diva…so I don’t know.

        I think Kelly or Tamina are possible. Alicia is slowly becoming relevant again, so I doubt it’s her.

  • bxradimus

    The Bella’s leave.
    Maxine leaves.
    Kharma gets fired.
    Sofia Cortez and Alicia Fox Jr. get fired.
    Beth is leaving.
    Kelly vanishes.

    Now this? What is going on with the Diva’s?

  • iLUVValets

    Hey guys lets be positive, on Smackdown we are going to get the match that we all have been waiting for. Unless WWE decides to edit out or cut the match down. Now that would really grind my gears.

  • javiousmckenzie

    Im not suprised with Raquel she was there for the fame the glam she would have used wwe as a stepping stone she like Maxine expected everything handed to her I bet they tried to push the in ring aspect on her and wrestling did not interest her no big lost to me she was a Beautiful Ppl rip off anyways

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    i think people are over reacting lol, sure there are divas leaving, but we also have some new divas recently signed and some good ones, Mercedes kv and Sara Del Rey

    but as far as Raquel, im not very sad to see her go, sure she was good on the mic and everything, however like alot of US have said on this site for before, she never could really wrestle all that well, so really its kinda of a good thing that one of the poor wrestling divas has been released

    and for Buggy Nova, i am sad to see her having so many difficulties at this time, when everything was going so well for her, but then again i am glad she is getting the help she needs before going on and becoming a big star in WWE,

    however, i dont think she will be released from WWE!!!!

    • marcum1234

      Your right about her wrestling skills, but she could have had a great feud with vickie and memorable matches similar to Trish vs Stephanie.

  • WWEStarInTraining

    I think it is crazy how In one week Kaitlyns attacker was revealed to have blonde hair and Raquel (Blonde hair) is now gone, I hope this is a work

    • WWFoverWWE

      I thought of that but then diva dirt reported that Raquel was granted her release, so that’s no longer a possibility.

    • Hands.ofthe.Wicked

      Im thinking the same thing!!! @ WWFOVERWWE .. don’t forget Divadirt has posted “Rumors have circulated” … its not a def 100% statement .. I’m thinking they have removed her profile because she is about to step up as the mystery diva. She is the daughter of Eddie & Vickie Guerrero .. NO WAY would they let her go that easy. I think its just a work too. And we will see her on our screens very soon being revealed as the mystery attacker!

  • TehKardashianKing

    What the fuck is up with the Divas’ Division lately?

    – April 30th: The Bella Twins leave
    – June 28th: Maxine rage quits (See what I did there?)
    – July 25th: Kharma asks for WWE release
    – August 11th: Caylee Turner gets released
    – August 18th: Sofia Cortez gets released
    – Kelly Kelly comes and leaves as she pleases
    – Beth Phoenix announces her departure from the WWE next month

    And now Raquel Diaz quits, leaving Vickie as the only member of the Guerrero left in the company and Skyler Moon is in rehab. :c

    This leaves Alicia Fox, Eve Torres, Layla, Natalya and Tamina as the only Divas with an in-ring role. Great, let’s bring up Emma while we’re at it since she’s ready, Paige isn’t since we have to wait a freaking year before she can join the main roster, Sara Del Rey just got signed and we DESPERATELY need her, Mercedes KV got signed like, last month and hasn’t joined NXT yet, I don’t think Summer Rae and Audrey Marie are ready for the main roster and I need to see Anya in action before I can say something about her.

    • marcum1234

      Caylee didn’t get released she was on Raw monday, and i don’t think beth announced her departure it is just spreading around the internet.

  • charleshp

    The Divas division is in a full scale revamp I think. Probably for the best since the current formula wasn’t working

    • Crazy_J

      I agree with you.

      Sometimes I feel like they are killing off the division only to bring it back in better condition.

  • Marlon Eric

    Wow, RIP Divas Division.

    But than again, we got Paige and the soon to debut Sara Del Ray.

    And why does Kharma still have the name “Kharma”..? Is she yet released?

    • WWFoverWWE

      She is best known as Kharma because of WWE’s large audience. She might be sticking with the name because of that.

    • Crazy_J

      I think she uses it because the whole ‘the door is always open’, I could see Kharma being back in WWE down the road when there is a time that is more relevant for the diva’s.

  • art

    I hope buggy isnt released but it seems that way i was hoping she’d make the main roster….

  • Litaker61

    Sad, I thought she had great potential. Looking at the current roster AJ is the only one that interests me in any form anymore and she doesnt even wrestle. The division as a whole is, for me, is probably the worst its ever been. Thats not to say there isn’t hope, keep AJ as GM for another month or two then bring her back to the division, have Naomi ditch Brodus, and call up Paige/Sara Del Rey asap and there’s 4 girls with great potential who are new and fresh which I think is really lacking at the moment.

  • mikeparis18

    Well, I’m hoping Naomi get’s into the division soon even if its mixed tag matches. Beth leaving means we have very few divas left and idk where the f Kelly is. Prob never gonna happen but I hope Kharma gets hired again even if Beth is gone, it could be cool for Natalya

  • melon2617

    I’m going to reserve judgment until it’s confirmed by Shaul/Vickie, but either way it would suck to see her go. I know she’s not the best in the ring, but she’s got a personality and management seemed high on her.

  • Eric

    Buggy (Skyler) has received treatment for anorexia in the past. It could just as easily be for this again. Regardless of the “demon”, I wish her the best and so should you.

    • iLUVValets

      Eric, from diva soup? boy is that you? Where have you been?

  • wl75

    I’m a bit surprised at Raquel- she might not have been a really good wrestler, but she had great mic skills.

    I don’t know what this does now, especially in the Kaitlyn situation- you could have used Raquel as the attacker if they wanted a new person to go up.

    That leaves three likely options:
    1-They go the obvious route and say it was Eve in a wig or Natalya.

    2-They shock everyone and it’s Kelly in a heel turn

    3-If they introduce someone new, it’s now likely Summer Rae (she’s the only blonde left down there I believe…and you just know if they go that route, the “Summer’s Eve” jokes will be flying immediately…

    This has been a hell of a month with all these releases and people quitting…

    • Eric

      Emma/Tenille is also blonde (they could lighten her hair)

    • Marshy

      It is more like a Hell of a Summer and Year for the Divas either they are quitting on their own or they are getting power bomb in the middle of the ring to be handed a Pink Slip on the way out.