NXT Watch (October 11th, 2012): Divas in Training Meet Divas of the Present in Tag Team Action

Welcome to this week’s NXT Watch, where the Divas have returned to the squared circle after a few weeks off. This week, Paige teams up with Audrey Marie to take on the duo of Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox in some good old fashioned tag team action, but will the Divas of NXT be able to prove that they can hang with the main roster by taking out what would be their competition? There’s only one way to find out, so let’s begin!

We hit the ring as all four women in this tag match stand ready to go. It appears to be Kaitlyn and Alicia Fox on the bad side of things, with everyone’s favorite Raven haired lady, Paige, alongside the now seemingly ex country cowgirl, Audrey Marie as the fan favs. Paige gets the crowd ready to go from the start and the two lock up, but it’s the powerful Kaitlyn to take control early on. A “Paige” chant breaks out, as they lock up again. This time it’s Paige to take the advantage with a takedown, as William Regal plugs Kaitlyn’s walnut crushing thighs! The hybrid Diva with a side headlock takeover, but Paige rolls through it and makes tha tag in to Audrey. A nice Irish whip into an arm drag, allowing Audrey to keep a wrist lock applied.

Audrey reverts it into a side headlock/wrist lock combo back and forth, but Kaitlyn counters and flips Audrey over. A “We Want Paige” chant begins, as Audrey rolls Kaitlyn up in a sunset flip, albeit not being able to see that Kaitlyn actually made the tag into Alicia Fox while her sight was obstructed. Fox with a quick roll up, as the two go back and forth with one another. Audrey with a sweet one armed monkey flip, which actually flips Alicia so far that she lands in her corner and Kaitlyn tags back in. Audrey locks in a headlock, but Kaitlyn lifts her up into the air. Audrey keeps it locked in, until eventually being hoisted up a second time and dropped on her face. Ouch!

Kaitlyn heads to the corner, as Fox gets back in and takes the control. Kaitlyn once again heads inside and applies a leglock around the abdomen of Audrey, who stretches as far as she can to make the tag into Paige. Kaitlyn locks in a full nelson with the leg lock still applied, but Audrey flips it back for a pinning predicament. Just a two count, but some much needed advantage as she breaks out and tags in Paige! Paige charges in and takes Alicia Fox down with some clotheslines and a thesz press! The crowd goes insane for the British born Diva, as she signals for the RamPaige! Alicia counters into a small package, but Paige breaks out and scores a dropkick for a two count as Kaitlyn breaks it up. Audrey heads inside, but Kaitlyn throws her out! As Kaitlyn heads outside herself, Paige runs up with Fox in hand and knocks Kaitlyn to the floor, before falling backwards into a roll up on Alicia for the win!

Thoughts: Wow! I really liked this match, especially the ending sequence with Paige and Alicia. I think it really says a lot about how they believe in Paige that she’s now put away a former Divas Champion twice, and I love that she’s developing such a fan base at the arena. While Audrey is the weakest in ring of the four, I also enjoyed her performance as well. Some bits were a little choppy, but overall I thought she portrayed the face in peril type role really well. Even though I don’t understand Kaitlyn and Alicia being heels, I am at least glad that we were able to see that they were indeed the bad girls because it made the match easier to focus on instead of some of the past matches where it was sort of like disposition-less outside of the fans going insane for Paige. They got plenty of time, the match was fresh, and the action was packed. Awesome showing for the NXT ladies this week.

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  • redsandman99

    I liked the match. They kept things simple and worked well together. I found myself enjoying Audrey more than usual and Paige is always awesome. Love how the crowd is so into her.

  • shokko22

    I really liked the match, although I wish paige got to wrestle more. Audrey Marie and Paige are definitely ready for the main roster

  • javiousmckenzie

    Paige is going to be this generations Lita I can see it now the fans are already behind her like Lita she is an alternative to what WWE shove down our throat and that is what will make her so huge she is like the female version of Raven I would love to see her in a role like a female Sting in the rapters mysterious dark a loner appear disappear

    • pumped up kicks

      I totally agree with you. She is such a refreshing alternative!

    • lucky1now

      I just hope when she makes it to the main shows that wwe don’t try to change up her look

  • Andre

    great showing by all, really enjoyed this match. Paige is legit, I didn’t get the sense that Alicia and Kaitlyn were heels, Rather they came off as the Divas with seniority trying to show up the new girls or put them in their place and it backfired, I wouldn’t mind seeing a little program with these four to be honest.

  • jayjayholler

    I just LOVE Paige, you get that star feeling from her like Lita, she’s not the Blonde with the tanned hot big boobed body. But she’s unique and quirky which makes it even better.

  • Anthony

    I really liked this match. Alicia and Kaitlyn looked great in the ring. Paige is amazing, she is such a breath of fresh air for the divas division. I was very impressed with Audrey Marie. She has a improved a lot in the ring and I think she gives off more a diva vibe now. I’m not going to lie, in the beginning she was kind of forgettable. I really love when shes playing a heel. Overall, really good match for the Divas!

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    The match was abit slow when audrey was in but over all it was decent…i wonder when they’ll bring paige up if they’ll change her character or anything…

  • LadyGoDiva

    Loved the match.

    Really like how all four ladies were able to work together and did so well.
    Sometimes I appreciate the little things wwe doees to their divas such as things like this match even though they piss me off alot I really appreciate it.

  • boswer91

    I think Paige will be on main roster next year, if the fans continue to be behind her like that! I love her already since she begans at FCW. I didn’t know her before she come to WWE.

    the girl witth Jake Carter in a segment was Emma (Tenille Tayla), right?


    Much difference when Paige and Alicia are in the ring when are Audrey and Kailtyn.Alicia should have the puss that Kaitlyn has.I Love Paige,somebody dont like this girl??

  • kreece

    Great match, audrey has really improved since the first time I saw her, she’s built like kaitlyn and plays a heel really well and doesn’t get praised as much as she should imo. Can’t wait til these 4 meet on the main shows

  • http://twitter.com/#!/AllAboutDionte browndi5

    This match was completely and utterly BORING!!!!!!!!!

    I dont get the hype on Paige. she very mediocre in the ring at best. Ive never been a fan of kaitlyn but she is starting to grow on me. Alicia… Next…. Audrey…. Next. I am still trying to figure out why people are so fond of paige. She isnt good to me. There is nothing interesting about her character at all. IS she face or heel? She is just a pale chick with black hair so people automatically think the is mysterious when she is just so damn basic.

    • Essex Boy

      1. Paige has an awesome AND impactful finisher
      2. She’s vicious in the ring; chrisp clean with her skills
      3. She’s unusual looking, with an unusual gimmick in a brand of divas which highly promote big fake breast, fake tan AND blond hair mostly.. Or have done.
      4. She has a very impactful finisher.
      5. She’s been wrestling since she was bloody 12…!!!!!!!!!!

      So it’s not hard to see why people are so into her, even if done aren’t, I genuinely see potential in Paige to be huge star.

      • Essex Boy

        Scrap 4! Whoops :))

    • Rhawk

      Considering your comment on how you hated everything this match had to offer, I assume you aren’t easy to please then…

  • wwe141

    awesome match with PLENTY of time but ummmm why in the begining did whoever is on commentary mention that Kaitlyn has more experience than Paige,when its been mentioned before(and by William Regal also on commentary in this match) that Paige has been training since she was like 12 0_0

  • Lily

    Audrey doesn’t work well with Alicia or Kaitlyn …..hm weird. The people even started chanting ‘this match sucks’ when they were in the ring.

    More Paige, less Audrey.

    • Rhawk

      Typical Floridan fans for you, dont know what they are doing or saying half the time. NXT, TNA, etc, always the same with Florida…

  • divafan

    Audrey was really boring, just sayin!

    • Raekon

      Every Divas comes across as “boring” to many in the role Audrey had in this much.

      She were supposed to be the resilient one that even after a lot of punishment, she still goes on and on till she can make a hot tag to her partner.

      For what it was given to her she did well though.

      • Raekon

        Correction: “Every Diva comes across as “Boring” in the role Audrey had in this match. :p
        Sorry for the typos.

  • Essex Boy

    I liked this match. I find Audrey to be a Diva Default #4746433443. Not offence of course. Just my opinion.

    Paige <3

  • Raekon

    Was a ok match for me.

    All 4 girls did well and Paige seems to be very over with the crowd around there.

    I’m quite sure that it has a lot to do with her look and gimmick mainly (lots of screaming and so on), cause I highly doubt that so many divas fans are all in one show. :p

    It can’t be because of her skills because she gets barely to use them in the wwe due to the restrictions all the girls are getting.

    Wouldn’t there be as many restrictions, this match would had been hard hitting and filled with great spots from all 4 girls cause I know that all of these 4 can deliver such matches due to their live shows/houseshows appearances and in paiges case due to her indies and family background.

  • Tstumo

    I Didn’t mind the match too much. I Really Like Alicia Fox. Kaitlyn has gotten much better and I can tolerate her so much more now. I don’t see the big deal with Paige honestly. Granted, I give respect where it’s due. She can wrestle. But I guess I’m not getting what everyone else is getting. I think Because the divas division is such a far cry from what it used to be any diva who is introduced with any type of gimmick or different look or a “mans move set” will instantly be liked because they are different and directly oppose the “barbie” divas. Back then divas like paige were the norm so It’s going to take a lot more for me to be convinced by Paige.

    • scarlet spider

      When were divas at the same level as Britani ever the norm in the WWE? Frankly, when has there ever been someone at her level?

  • LitaLover04

    Shame shame shame… Lately all the greatest Diva matches seem to happen off television… Excellent match.. Kaitlyn is improving tremedendously; I doubted WWE’s decision to make her the NXT winner but she’s showing her worth.
    Alicia Fox always impresses me.. Though this match wasnt a victory she’s showing her flexibility in the company; helping improve & polish in the next generation of Divas….. AND NOW…PAIGE!!!!!!!
    Personally I’ve always loved the name so that’s already a plus for me.. But I love her persona and her skill set is awesome. She truly could be my next Lita… Move her to the main roster “WE DIG CRAZY CHICKS!!!!” Lol