Exclusive: Tara on Facing Tessmacher at Bound for Glory, Hollywood Boyfriend and Much More

Veteran TNA Knockout Tara, real name Lisa Marie Varon, has the opportunity to go for her fifth Knockouts Championship this Sunday night at Bound for Glory on pay per view, but this isn’t just any old title match; Tara faces her former friend and tag team partner, Brooke Tessmacher, the reigning champion as their heated rivalry comes to a head.

Fans have seen Tara’s change in attitude since last month’s No Surrender pay per view where she lost a friendly match with Brooke for the title. Since, she’s adopted a meaner attitude in the ring and has been bragging about a “Hollywood boyfriend”.

Ahead of her title match with Brooke at the biggest TNA pay per view of the year, Tara talks to us about her recent heel turn, injecting her own goofy personality into backstage segments, the rejuvenation of the Knockouts division and which creative team member is behind it, and more.

We also get Tara’s thoughts on recent tryout matches she’s been a part of for the likes of Jillian Hall and Ivelisse Velez, doing the Gut Check match with Taeler Hendrix, and comparisons between Brooke Tessmacher and one Trish Stratus.

Listen to the interview below:

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Tara faces Brooke Tessmacher at Bound for Glory, Sunday night (October 14th) at 8pm on pay per view.

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  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    LOVE tara…i like that shes humble & has matches with the girls trying out you can’t help but respect her…

  • lucky1now

    I just love her she humble willing to put over other women
    She wants to raise the level for women not only make her stand out
    I’ve said it so many times she is my fav woman in wrestling

  • Raekon

    Love Lisa so much! :)
    Always did and always will!

    One of my favorite female wrestlers EVER and I can’t say it enough times in this page or anywhere else! :)

    Enjoyed every bit of Victoria in OVW, WWF/WWE and Tara in TNA.

    Most of all her videos with the kids and other people that are showing what a lovely human being she is.

    I hope she gets the title and I really hope that Jillian, Ivelisse and the other girl that’s gonna try out (Maybe Melina?) will get signed so the knockouts division can pick up even more! :)

  • divaindemise

    A class act. And, for me, just as culturally influential as a Trish or a Lita.

    • lucky1now

      She really is for sure I say she’s underrated

  • ajfan83

    She was the coolest heel of the so-called “golden age” of the divas. They should have never turned her face. You guys should consider giving her the Legacy award next time. Of all those divas of the early 2000s, she’s the only one (besides Jazz) that’s been around for the long haul.

    • Nothing Beats Womens Wrestling

      I completly agree

  • Trevor

    She truly is a one of a kind! The blueprint for the perfect female wrestler. I still remember her early backstage segments for WWE back in 2003 lol. Just an amazing woman!

  • Bobby-james

    Lisa (Tara) is such a candid and genuinely good person. I remember I used to HATE her when she was in WWE (of course, I was younger and against anything not named Trish), but over the years, I’ve followed her and I truly think she’s one of this era’s best women’s wrestlers. Hope she wins at BFG.

  • Essex Boy

    I love me some eara, Ever since was was power bombed through a table by god farther. There’s was something a out her look that always intriqued me, she has amazing stage pressance and is an amazing wrestler. She’s so underrated..! She’s in my top 3 fav wrestlers of all time.

  • Nostalgia

    WHOA who is comparing Brooke to Trish? Trish didn’t need to be carried in all her matches

    • ajfan83

      Yes she did. The only thing Trish was good at was selling. Her in-ring style consisted of the same four moves and a lot of posing for the crowd. The only thing that seperates Brooke from Trish is the quality of her opponents and the fact that wrestling is far less popular than it used to be.

      • Nostalgia

        You’ve lost your mind. Brooke cannot carry a match

        • ajfan83

          Neither could Trish.

        • Looking Glass

          If you look at Trish’s first title reign she was carried by most of the locker room in order to look good. Her first feud with Jazz was particular evident of this, given how experienced Jazz was in comparison – Jacqueline and Ivory were also used frequently to put Trish over.

  • Nostalgia

    You’re crazy

    • ajfan83

      Compelling argument. Whatever, we don’t agree. Peace.

  • Looking Glass

    Everyone talks about how humble she is, but there just seemed a few jabs at WWE there that doesn’t strike me as ‘humble’. Modest, maybe, given how she’s such a veteran to the game and still grateful to be in her position and under contract and Tara has been a favourite of mine ever since her days in WWE, but given how they’ve improved so much with their Women’s division lately, it just seemed a bit off for her to kind of berate a company that didn’t treat her as badly as people made out. Especially when she says “It’s an honour TNA trust me to go out there and make girls looks good” when she complained about doing just that in WWE and I hated how she was treated there as much as the next person.

    I don’t know, it just seemed a bit needless at times, especially given how she admits she doesn’t know many up and comers like the Blossoms and Ivelisse Cortez, yet can generalise newbies as ‘barbies’ unless they come to TNA.

    • thomassilverlaw

      I think she tells it like it is. I don’t ever hear her bash WWE. I don’t think they’re jabs, although you could be right. I think she talks about the pros and cons of each company. I would like to see her not get asked about her time at WWE. Its been two or three years. How many times can she say the same thing?

      • Looking Glass

        She doesn’t do it outright, but she makes little comments like I said. I just find it funny how she applauds TNA for giving her a role of putting girls over when she has made the point before that she left WWE because that’s all they did with her.

    • Crazy_J

      I think the difference between her ‘making girls look good’ in TNA than in WWE is that TNA actually gives her chances to look good herself. In WWE once your a jobber thats where you seem to stay almost like they are telling you to leave without saying it. It comes off degrading, as for TNA they don’t really come off as degrading when it comes to the women. I’m sure someone will disagree tho lol