WWE Signs Female TV Presenter

28-year-old Renee Paquette — an on-air personality for The Score Television Network in Canada — announced on Twitter that she has been hired by WWE.

Paquette wrote:

Thanks for all of the well wishes! I’m sad to leave amazing people @theScore but very very excited to be joining #wwe #pumped #thankyou

During her time with The Score, Renee served as co-host of “Aftermath” along with Arda Ocal. It was the first WWE post-game show to be broadcast on television, so she is certainly not unfamiliar with the product.

On her talent profile on The Score’s website, Renee claims that she “would seriously dominate as a WWE Diva. Beth Phoenix would be a tough one to battle, and so would Natalya, but I’m pretty sure I could take most of the other Divas out in five minutes. That’s usually how long Diva matches last.”

According to F4WOnline.com, it is rumored that Paquette will be used as a backstage interviewer on Raw.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, Paquette has previously been listed among Canada’s Sexiest Sportscasters.

Watch Renee on Aftermath:

  • Rhawk

    Cool, haven’t had many female interviewers in awhile. Maybe having her do stuff like that or possible announcing for a C show would be kind of cool, diversity and all that…

  • http://helloimcraig.blogspot.com Craig The Destroyer

    Diversity is good; having backstage personalities with actual _personality_ is better. Think of how people like Kevin Kelly, Jonathan Coachman and, yup, Lilian Garcia were used in the Attitude Era (or for that matter, Gene Okerlund long before that) – they weren’t just props used to hold a mic in place like we see from Josh Matthews et al now. They had their own defined character traits and even mini-arcs or angles when the need arose, and as such their work improved the shows.

    Miss Paquette here certainly has a quirky sense of humour to her, and I really hope she’s given the chance to show that rather than just ordered to strictly read out the same threadbare questions over and over, like a living autocue. Good luck to her in any case.

  • ZPZA

    She isn’t that bad, so I think she’ll do fine. I wonder when she’ll start and if she’ll have to go to NXT to learn the “WWE Style” of announcing..

  • arwrestling

    Best signing in a while! Renee is amazing and will do so well in WWE! I am extremely thrilled about this!

  • DjayDay

    Awesome! Always watched the aftermath and thought she’d be awesome in any on-air role. Oh Canada!

  • Raekon

    Great signing!
    She has the knowledge, the skills and the character one needs for the job so I’m quite sure she will do well there. :)

  • wl75

    It makes sense- the network she was on is in the middle of being purchased by the company that owns TSN up there and was probably going to be rebranded as a sports news network…

    • wl75

      hit the button too soon- actually it’s Sportsnet’s company, not TSN’s, that bought it….


    Hopefully she’ll be JUST a interviewer.

  • http://www.twitter.com/wwestarlee wwestarlee

    she actually debut on the free for all wwe survivor sereis preshow along side scott stanford