New WWE Signing

WWE has signed fitness competitor and model Alisha Ceraso.

Ceraso, from Connecticut, has already joined WWE’s developmental territory, NXT in Tampa, Florida. I’m told she reported to developmental at the same time as Mercedes KV, the independent wrestler that was also recently signed.

Ceraso is in her early 20s and has an interesting story; when she was 16, she was involved in a car accident that left her paralyzed, while a friend and fellow passenger died in the incident. The car was struck by a drunk driver. Ceraso revealed to Status Fitness: “I broke my jaw, my ribs, and was in intensive care for a few weeks. I had to basically learn how to walk again, since being bedridden for so long.”

NXT Diva, Audrey Marie, posted a picture on Twitter last week which includes KV and Ceraso.

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  • Poison Ivory

    I’d love to be more excited, like always when hearing of a signing, but something’s just so meh here. I guess it’s because I’ve never heard of her and the pic is really.. interesting. Maybe I should look her up.

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      Give me Mercedes Martinez any day of the week!

  • Matty

    She’s obviously determined and very strong to be able to recover from an incident like that, both physically and mentally.
    Good for her, I hope she does well and we get to see some more of her soon, will have to look her up and read more about her personal life background.

  • lucky1now

    She looks great now if she can be dtermined enough to learn how to walk again if she’s really dedicated to wrestling she can be a great star
    I wish her well on this journey

  • kreece

    The pictures on twitter are better to look at. Hopefully she can wrestle

  • shameronstar

    That’s a tragic yet inspirational story! I hope she does well! I think she’s the formerly unknown woman who was in all those pictures with the other girls!

  • moogle

    She’s stunning. Like wow, REALLY gorgeous!

    I hope she’s gonna be good, I alsways love it when someone with zero wresstling experience works hard and actually pushes themselve to wrestle!

    We’ve got some talented model-turned-wrestlers on the roster right now such as Alicia, Eve, Kaitlyn and Layla, so I hope she’ll do the same :D

  • Andre

    very inspirational story, she has the WWE look and i wish her all the best. Personally though i don’t find her appealing, for anyone interested there are a couple of videos of her up on Youtube.

  • Ryan

    She’s hot! Sexy long legs!

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    She is very beautiful. So she has the look. From the story of we accident I can all ready tell she is determined. I always root for the under dog. Cause I’m sure there will b ppl with the moments such as she will suck blah blah blah. I can’t wait to see what he can do in a couple of months. The NXT roster is better looking that the main roster to me as of right now.

  • GailKim95

    She is hot as hell! Lets hope she works hard in the ring

  • ZPZA

    I hope she can transition into a wrestler. I hope this signing is something to be excited about.

  • johnny

    I used to get very excited when I heard a new diva signed now not so much they either can’t wrestle or wwe doesn’t do anything with them except keeping them at fcw.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Wow what an intense story, and very incouraging, so glad to see she recovered and now getting into the wrestling, world so if she can rehabilitate herself. And recover that much, and I am sure she will be successful. At wrestling if she puts her mind to it and everything

  • melon2617

    Gorgeous girl!

    Fitness models (like Trish, Tara, et al) seem to adapt to wrestling quicker than swimsuit models, mainly because of their conditioning. I think a woman who can teach herself how to walk again can probably become a decent wrestler.

    Best of luck!

  • jayjayholler

    Sounds good, don’t know why but the pic reminds me off Miley Cyrus (the top half).

  • flash1086

    The fact that she’s a former fittness model, already puts her above the barbie doll models that the wwe has right night. Her potential is unlimited. AJ and Nattie would be her only competition. The rest sucks.

  • sanchezdiego96

    Kinda a meh reaction from me. She’s gonna be getting trained by Sara Del Rey and is gonna be mixing it up with Paige and the other NXT girls so I’ll give her some time.

  • DivaDestiny

    So no one else read her last name as Cesaro at first? haha
    Anyway, when I first saw her picture, I was like “Oh no, another model…” But then I saw she is a FITNESS model. That makes all the difference. We don’t need anymore Kelly Kelly’s! I hope she will do well. Lookwise(since that’s all we can go off of atm), she’s the right combination. Athletic, yet still feminine.

  • TheLadySamantha

    She looks like a Vegas call girl.

  • Mikas

    Lots of comments from people saying fitness models are much better…

    Just because she is a fitness model isnt a guarantee she is going to be succesful as a wrestler. Aksana was a fitness model, and she isnt exactly a great wrestler. You cant group everyone together. You can have good wrestlers with a modelling background, and bad wrestlers with a fitness background. Even 50% of the women in indy wrestling suck big time, so even being from the indies doesnt automaticly mean you are a good wrestler. It’s an individual thing, wether you will end up becoming a good wrestler depends on your attitude, your passion and how much time you put in your training.

    She definately has the WWE look though, so i’m curious to see how she will develop under SDR’s training. But in the 5+ years FCW has been around only 3 of their divas made it to the main roster (thats like less than 5%), so there isnt much to be excited about yet ;-)

    • Mr. AJ Lee

      there have been lots of girls from FCW to make it to the main roster

    • Jake

      Besides Layla and Beth, all of the other Divas came up from FCW.

      • Mikas

        Natalya, Alicia and Rosita all started in OVW.
        Katelyn, AJ, Tiffany are the only FCW divas who made it to the main roster and actually wrestled there, and even AJ and Tiffany were mainly used in non-wrestling roles.

        • redsandman99

          The Bellas were in FCW for a time. They were in the previous developmental system for like a week (I can’t remember if they said DSW or OVW was the one they originally reported to) and then they went to Florida.

  • redsandman99

    I say reserve judgment until matches of her start showing up online. She’s got a very inspirational story so there’s a natural underdog type role they could take with her.

  • sieghrt

    I’m actually excited to see her in the ring!
    If she actually learned how to walk again
    then it would be easier for her to learn how to wrestle.

  • Choko

    She looks like my good friend Padukone from India. She is a filmstar, I’m not sure if you know her but you can google her.


    They definetly need a lot of new signings right now, however i still hope most of them are indy wrestlers, theres still plenty i think they should sing, like:
    – Angela Fong (Re-sign)
    – Allexus Neveah
    – Brittany Savage
    – Cherry Bomb
    – Alpha Female
    – Angelina Love
    – Cheerleader Melissa

    • kreece

      I never understood why Angela Fong left she was pretty good

      • Mr. AJ Lee

        when I first saw this pic I thought she actually looked a little like Angela Fong. Does she still wrestle? I never seen her in a bad match in FCW. She had so much potential

      • Clarke

        she was released after getting her tits out on some TV show.

  • Lushh

    I find myself getting overly excited about new signings then the signings tend to fall through or they never make it past development. On to Alisha she looks amazing…that’s as far as you can really speak on because she hasn’t been in the ring yet (from my knowledge).
    Looking at the picture Audrey posted of all the FCW Divas they all look amazing and it’s such a diverse bunch of girls all together. I’m really hoping they all pull it through and become the future breed of what a diva is.