2012 PWI Female 50 Revealed

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has today announced its top 50 female wrestlers for 2012 in the annual PWI Female 50.

As revealed earlier this week, TNA star Gail Kim took the top spot.

Former Divas Champion, Beth Phoenix comes in at #2 this year, followed by independent stars Cheerleader Melissa, Sara Del Rey and WSU World Champion Jessicka Havok rounding out the top five.

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Also in the top five, former Divas Champ Layla is at #6, former Knockouts Champion Brooke Tessmacher at #7, SHIMMER Champion Saraya Knight at #8, former WSU World Champion Mercedes Martinez at #9 and new Knockouts Champion Tara at #10.

Elsewhere on the list, the reigning Divas Champion, Eve Torres ranks at #22 and NCW Femmes Fatales Champion, Kalamity, is at #35.

The full list is available in the January 2013 issue of Pro Wrestling Illustrated. You can pick up the digital version of the magazine at www.pwi-online.com.

Read the press release below:

[notice]The 2012 PWI Female 50 issue is now available for viewing and digital download at www.pwi-online.com. It will be released on newsstands later this month.

“All candidates were primarily evaluated for their accomplishments during the period of September 1, 2011, through August 30, 2012, though accomplishments outside that time parameter also were taken under consideration,” said PWI Senior Writer Dan Murphy. “We evaluated each woman on championships won, quality of opposition, won-loss record, technical proficiency, and momentum/promotional ‘push’ during the evaluation period.”

This year’s Top 10 are: 1. Gail Kim 2. Beth Phoenix 3. Cheerleader Melissa 4. Sara Del Rey 5. Jessicka Havok 6. Layla 7. Miss Tessmacher 8. Saraya Knight 9. Mercedes Martinez 10. Tara.

The full issue – including photos and bios – is available at www.pwi-online.com.

Pro Wrestling Illustrated has been recognized as the sport’s number one magazine since its inception in 1979. Founded by legendary publisher Stanley Weston, PWI set out on a course to alter the landscape of pro wrestling journalism. Over the years, utilizing the talents of the world’s finest writers, editors, photographers, and designers, PWI succeeded beyond Weston’s wildest dreams.[/notice]

The full countdown is as follows:

1. Gail Kim
2. Beth Phoenix
3. Cheerleader Melissa
4. Sara Del Rey
5. Jessicka Havok
6. Layla
7. Miss Tessmacher
8. Saraya Knight
9. Mercedes Martinez
10. Tara
11. Hailey Hatred
12. Natalya
13. Jazz
14. Velvet Sky
15. Madison Rayne
16. Mickie James
17. LuFisto
18. Winter
19. Tamina Snuka
20. MsChif
21. ODB
22. Eve Torres
23. Kelly Kelly
24. Brittney Savage
25. Melanie Cruise
26. Kellie Skater
27. Sarita
28. Athena
29. Nicole Matthews
30. Paige
31. Angelina Love
32. Portia Perez
33. Rosita
34. Jessie McKay
35. Kalamity
36. Alicia Fox
37. Tasha Simone
38. Taeler Hendrix
39. Rachel Summerlyn
40. Kacee Carlisle
41. Sassy Stephie
42. Cherry Bomb
43. Allysin Kay
44. Alicia
45. Brittany Force
46. Lexxus
47. Marti Belle
48. Amber O’Neal
49. Leva Bates
50. Veda Scott

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  • Choko

    The list looks great. First and second places are well deserved. The other part of the list looks pretty passable aswell. No complaining.

  • Steveweiser

    My main grievance is that Mia Yim isn’t in the list. Other than that, they’ve got most of the main players for the year.

    • shameronstar

      I’m surprised she isn’t on the list myself considering I’ve heard she’s done some pretty impressive things in the past year!

    • http://www.diva-dirt.com Melanie

      I try to stay out of these things, but you said it, sister.

      • nitesaver

        Not like:

        She doesn’t have the media profile/buzz.

        She improved her lot more than 90% of those on the list.

        She wrestled like it was going out of fashion driving everywhere in America seemingly every weekend and THEN she started touring Japan as as well.

  • i<3 sable and alicia fox

    I’m pleased to see that Alicia Fox,Velvet,and Angelina made it. They all deserve it.

  • Btaker22

    Tamina ranked higher than Eve Torres, Paige and Alicia Fox? LOL!!!

    • Poison Ivory

      What did Alicia do? Changed her hair color and attire? Tamina developed a whole new personality and got a pretty nice push. As for Eve, the list doesn’t count non-wrestling achievements as much as you’d think. And I think Paige’s placement if quite fair.

      • Btaker22

        To be a good rank, it should count everythink that make a good Wrestling performer in the business…and that counts charisma, personality, gimmick and ring action fo course.

        Tamina with a whole new personality? After she faced Beth Phoenix, she basically disappeared, and they had to put her the “Snuka” surname to make her relevant during 1 month.

        Alicia Fox is a FAR better wrestler than Tamina. She changed her hair colour and attire, and maybe she didn’t do much this year since WWE has been using her very badly…so what? Atleast she has her own personality, which I like it.

        In my opinion, even Paige did better than Tamina…and Eve? EVE??? She should be ranked like 5, she was one of the bests no doubt. Maybe better than Layla.

        • i<3 sable and alicia fox

          I agree @BTAKER22

        • flash1086

          Eve only got push of mangement. She doenst count,.

        • Poison Ivory


          It should, but it doesn’t. This isn’t a “best wrestler” or “best personality” list. It lists accomplishments in the ring. Alicia had like 5 minutes of combined in-ring time on the main shows. Switching from face to heel and back again for months doesn’t say “own personality” that much to me at least.

          Paige is on a developmental show, and yea, everybody loooves her. I do too. But it doesn’t count. 30th is a great placement for her. And again, Eve is only 3 places below Tamina. Her highlights consist of kicking Zack Ryder in the crotch, and torturing him emotionally. Only thing worth mentioning of her in-ring ones is losing at WM.

        • Btaker22

          @POISON IVORY

          If it’s a list just about that…then ok, I accept it. But I don’t have to agree. It’s still being a stupid list to me. And it’s true, Alicia had very little time on TV, and she has switched from face to heel as many times as I can count….but that’s not her fault at all.

          Alicia Fox has a fierce personality, I love her expressions in the ring, she’s a little bit of a different character apart from all the others…she had the opportunity to show a lot of personality in her reign as Divas Champion, when she was totally heel. I still think she’s great, and if she’s turning heel and face everytime, it’s because WWE doesn’t know how to use her.

          You may be right about Paige, whatever, I just think she is a nice wrestler…yes she is in a developmental show…but how does that count? Maybe a WWE Developmental Show may be…on most occasions…more popular than lots of Indys. And you also see a lot of great women wrestlers from Indys on this list, so that’s why I said that maybe Paige could even be a little bit higher.

          Eve had those things, it’s true….but she…and yes SHE, and not Tamina, has reivented her character on her heel persona. From Hoeski to being associate with Laurinatis, she became a very selfish character, I think she’s great, and besides, I still think she’s one of the best wrestlers that WWE has on the Divas Division.

        • Poison Ivory


          I think we’re digressing from the original point to talking about their personality instead lol. It’s a kayfabe list, I don’t think it’s even meant to be taken too seriously. A nice achievement for the ladies who are in it tho.

          I give props, obviously, to Alicia for trying her hardest with the time she’s given. And she’s doing a great job showing her personality. And Paige is a good wrestler, and definitely main roster -ready. But she hasn’t done anything so remarkable to be placed any higher on such list. Same thing goes for Eve.

  • scarlet spider

    In terms of what it is – a record of who’s won/held belts in WWE/TNA and some of the more high profile indie promotions during the evaluation period – it’s fair enough.

    In any other terms though, it’s pretty much pointless.

    • thomassilverlaw

      Very well said. Getting a push doesn’t make someone the most talented. Congrats to the ladies who did well. It’s interesting, but I’d like to see a list based on in-ring talent.

      • Poison Ivory

        Lol we can only dream of that.

      • Jake

        Why? That’s just asking for trouble. Not only would it piss fans off but it would also piss off several on the list who believe they’re better than some of the women that ranked higher than them.

  • Dave Muscarella

    Switch Tamina and Allysin Kay on the list and I’d be pretty happy with the list. And Hailed Hatred should be a little higher. But overall, can’t complain much!

  • shameronstar

    Nice list and seems very accurate taking all attributes into consideration! Hopefully new year AJ and Naomi and be in the list since both are in non-wrestling roles at the moment and easily could have been on this list if they were active wrestlers! I liked that Paige and Taeler Hendrix were on the list since both are in developmental of their respective main stream companies and both can offer something very nice in the future! I glad that Layla and Brooke were in the top 10 because both have improved and developed tremendously since their exotic dancing days:)

  • Clarke

    I thought Kaitlyn would have made the list, but no complaints from me. Glad Paige made the list!!

    • shameronstar

      She’ll definitely be on the list next year since she just began her rise a few months ago!

  • wl75

    I’m sorta shocked AJ isn’t on the list either- but to be fair, most of her accomplishments weren’t in-ring…

    and Mia Yim not making it as a crime…that TLC match and her trio of matches with Allysin Kay should have been more than enough…

  • GailKim95

    aaahh! No Christina Von Eerie or Mia Yim??

  • MELshocked

    I’m sorry, no actually… I’m not. What has Kelly Kelly done at all (wrestling wise) to be on the list? …Kinda seems like they just needed a filler.

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      “We evaluated each woman on championships won, quality of opposition, won-loss record, technical proficiency, and momentum/promotional ‘push’ during the evaluation period of September 1, 2011, through August 30, 2012,.”

      kelly had 36 or so televised matches during that time, with a win-loss record of pretty much 50/50. she worked her butt of on the house show circuit. she was divas champion. had 5 PPV matches – one at wrestlemania. did a shitload of promotional work. plus there’s them magazine covers which is apparently a big deal.. and of course her quality of opposition was awesome as she mostly faced off against beth and natalya.

      she may suck as a wrestler but considering PWI’s parameters i’m surprised she’s not in the top five. especially when we have someone like layla in the number six spot, when she spent seven months of the year sat at home recovering from an injury.

      • K2Evefan

        its because of the time frame they are basing it off of that kelly isnt in the top 5… by september she had already lost her championship to beth i think. if the time frame included her championship reign she would have been top 5 most likely #2

  • javiousmckenzie

    This list is ughh Beth jobbes most of the year Tara was not used AJ should be in the top 5 … I don’t see it for this list at all

  • wwesvrrocks101

    I wish Natalya would’ve made the list

    • i<3 sable and alicia fox

      Natalya is number 12

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    Some missing from the list, but no argument. Its not half bad. Congrats to the top ten and all the lot of them. Tara! We heart you!

  • jcarcano12

    This list is stupid Wtf did Alicia Angelina Tamina natalya was jobbing her whole time! C’mon rosita n winter t-!-

  • 09DHK

    I think Paige will definitely break the top 20 next year. And I’m not too shocked that A.J. didn’t make the list seeing as how her push didn’t really start until about 4-5 months ago. My only complaint is the fact that Velvet should definitely be lower than Mickie and Madison.

  • Kessuki

    lol i’m pretty sure a k2 fan on a related article said kelly kelly would make top 10. now where she at?? where she at??

    good list but i’ve noticed a few absentees that SHOULD have been included. pleased with the positions for natalya and jazz, saraya and mercedes martinez should have been at 6 & 7.

    • Gail-Trish-Maryse

      I know right? They said it was “the year of kelly kelly”. lmao

    • K2Evefan

      i only predicted she would be at #2 because they had posted the wrong time frame from which they judged. if they said june 2011-may 2012, that included her title rain and she had alot more wins during her divas title reign and if it would have included that she would have been #2 unfortunately they didnt. had i known the actual time frame i would not have guessed her in the top 10

  • kreece

    I’m surprised at how some of these girls are ranked! And the talent left out.
    Some people need to remember that their own opinion is more important than some list

  • Bdawg0701

    Happy to see my girls Athena and Rachel Summerlyn on the list, especially Athena. i don’t agree with Tamina being high on the list since her big run was only in February, and that was it.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/dsanchez96?feature=mhum sanchezdiego96

    I usually partly agree on PWI’s choices, but not this year. This is pretty whack.

  • Mikas

    Like previous years they think of a top-5, and then add 45 random names to fill-up the rest of the list.

    Mexico is once again ignored, even though those women perform in large arenas every week. And this year not a single Japanese woman made the list either, not even those that occasionally work in the USA.

    At least the top-5 looks somewhat reasonable.

    • Clarke

      The list only recognises American and Canadian female wrestlers, not Mexican or Japanese.

  • Jake

    I honestly don’t understand why people get so worked up over this list (or any for that matter). This is a list of women who earn predetermined wins and accomplishments.

  • theprincedann

    TNA should look hard at this list, and realise they have one of the best wrestlers period, male or female, in the world, Sarita.

    If they pushed her, she could be number one, very easily.

    Besides that, its not too bad.
    Angelina could be higher, but again, TNA is to blame. Like that Madison Rayne is fairly high. Tara should be higher, Velvet lower..

    • 09DHK

      I have a feeling that Tara is gonna pull some strings and drop the title to Sarita when she comes back. Because out of character, she HIGHLY respects Sarita and praises her every chance she gets. I honestly think that TNA dropped the ball by having Gail drop the belt to Tessmacher as opposed to Sarita because I think a Gail/Sarita feud would’ve re-ignited the K.O. Division and owned the Divas Division at the same time like it once did.

      • Shan

        I agree with the above.

  • moonpiggy

    Why the hell is Taeler Hendrix on the list? Knock Knock hello she only had one match and lost and never seen again, off with her head goodnight

    • Steveweiser

      There are other promotions than TNA where she’s wrestled – she’s had a really good run in OVW, which is pretty much TNA developmental now.

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      How bout I break your head Moonpiggy! You got such a attitude and you’re always wanting to hack off people’s heads..are you possibly the Red Queen? Ugh….relax!

      • moonpiggy

        ” You got such a attitude!” >>> ” How bout I break your head Moonpiggy!”

  • ajfan83

    Go to wrestleshoot on Twitter and have a good laugh. He’s having a mental breakdown because Kelly wasn’t #1.

    • Jake

      He’s having a mental breakdown about PWI pandering to the IWC. Which isn’t a bad idea since they would be the audience that would buy those magazines.

      The list is in kayfabe but they don’t really go by kayfabe rules.

      • ajfan83

        The only reason that guy is freaking out is because he’s dedicated his life to Kelly. He’s probably in his 40s and still a virgin. The website is hysterical, I think. He spends his days writing “editorials” about how stupid the internet wrestling community is, neglecting the fact that all his rants are triggered by wrestling websites and forums he visits. You’re basically waiting for him to cross that line one of these days and do something that’ll get him arrested, like that guy that stalked Maryse.

        • Jake

          I did read the rest of his articles while I was on his site. I agree that he goes overboard but I can’t help but agree with him on this situation. Minus the harsh criticisms about other women.

        • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

          “He spends his days writing “editorials” about how stupid the internet wrestling community is, neglecting the fact that all his rants are triggered by wrestling websites and forums he visits.”

          to be fair, it sounds as if you visit his website just to get yourself riled up. what’s the difference.

          i’ve seen his (or even her?) name mentioned a lot lately.. here, other wrestling sites, all over my twitter.. i don’t get why people give someone they can’t stand so much attention or why they feel the need to gang up on him/her. ignorance is bliss and all that. :)

    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      wrestleshoot is the mark..hypocrite much is all he is…another bias kelly fan…i laughed hard reading his twits….