AJ Lee vs. Trish Stratus Makes List of WrestleMania 29 Dream Matches

WWE.com has compiled a list of “5 Most Wanted WrestleMania 29 Dream Matches” and the only Divas match to make the list was one pitting former Raw GM AJ Lee against 7-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus.

They explain their reasoning behind the choice in saying:

“The in-ring endeavors of former Raw General Manager AJ Lee were derailed for the better part of 2012, thanks to her on-again/off-again relationships with Daniel Bryan, CM Punk and Kane, not to mention her three-month stint as Raw’s top decision-maker. Yet, if her exploits away from the ring have proven nothing else, AJ is not easily intimidated.

For that reason, one of WWE’s most petite Divas could well hold her own in the ring against seven-time Women’s Champion Trish Stratus. Though the venerable Diva retiree would undoubtedly have the experience advantage, AJ would likely have the support of the WWE Universe in MetLife Stadium. (Having grown up in nearby Union City, N.J., AJ would be the hometown heroine.)

The basis for this dream match is simple: AJ is one of WWE’s most popular Divas, and Trish was the ultimate Diva of her time. But for this bout to come to fruition at The Show of Shows, AJ would have to decide to commit to in-ring competition, not politics, and Stratus would have to entertain a return to action. Given that Stratus lent a hand to Snooki during a tag team match at WrestleMania XXVII, the latter option does not seem out of the question.”

What do you think? Is AJ vs. Trish your WrestleMania 29 dream match?

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  • shannymac

    I think AJ would probably spend the first few minutes of this match sitting on the mat, rocking back forth and crying tears of pure joy. After that, though, I’m sure it would be epic.

    • http://twitter.com/theporsche Porsche

      This comment equals win. :D

  • ConnorAllan

    It should be Natalya vs Beth, loser leaves WWE. Give them a decent time of 10 minutes, make Natalya seem credible again *cough* fart gimmick *cough* and let Beth leave on a PPV/Farewell story, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind staying longer to retire in an amazing way!

  • ajfan83

    For the love of god, no. I’m not going to bash Trish, but WWE as a whole. There is a really annoying trend with them in recent years where, rather than build up their current roster, they would rather bring back part timers to headline all their big shows. It sends the message that all the other shows are filler and that the current roster is a bunch of scrubs. It’s even sillier to do it with the divas because a Trish return match isn’t going to do monster ratings or ticket sales. She’s not Rock or Lesnar or Austin or Undertaker. Here’s a crazy idea: build up a nice feud between two CURRENT divas. Let Eve hold the belt until Mania and build up a match with AJ (in her hometown no less). I know this is just fantasy booking, but you know WWE would pull the trigger if Trish was interested. Or even worse, bring in someone like Maria Menonous again.

    • iLUVValets

      I 100% agree and quite surprisingly i am really tired of seeing Trish, she needs to just stay where she’s at. Plus wwe makes it hard for us to even care about their product if they keep bringing back all of these retired veterans, it obviously shows that they miss their old product and have little faith in the new breed which is just sad.

      • redsandman99

        Definitely agree with the both of you.

        • ajfan83

          Yup, and I’m not even being negative about Trish since this is something WWE is throwing out there on their own. They need to let the current roster stand on their own two feet. The divas will never get out of Trish’s shadow if WWE constantly reminds everyone of the shadow. She’s moved on. They need to do likewise.

        • bluejay

          I agree 100% the WWE needs to let go of Trish Stratus. I am so tired of WWE always bringing her up. She has moved on doing her yoga thing and bringing her back will do not do anything for the women’s division. When she came back in 11′ it was a big waste of time, Trish never reinvented herself; she did not get huge pops and the fans did not care. She did her same old routines even though McCool was the better wrestler had to be buried under this make believe of Trish’s dominace. If WWE wants to find success with their women wrestlers then they need to let go of the past and let go of their formula of pushing eye candy over talent.Trish Stratus had her time and she is not getting any younger. She is 36 years old and hopefully she will want to settle down and start her own family.

    • Raekon

      Fully agree! I’m also tired to see part timers or some show hosts jumping into ppvs, stealing the spots of the actuall roster personell that had worked their butt of to get a spot in a ppv like wrestlemania the whole year.

      I’d rather have a impressive match with current divas then another maria menounos or trish or lita stuff there.

      Thought to be honest, I wouldn’t mind to see a jazz + jaqueline return as a tag team for wrestlemania.

      However, ONLY if they would get them back as fulltimers with a proper feud that would lead the Wrestlemania.

      We know it won’t ever happen though so… build up the feud we currently more and expand it taking it in other directions by involving more divas in it.

      Then make a 3vs3 or 4vs4 match for wrestlemania that has at least 10 minutes time so all the divas can get in ring time in a good hard hitting action match.

      I’m sure people would love it much more and the whole division would also benefit from it which is something we really can’t expect happening from a guest appearance.

  • RyRy21

    I’ll take Trish vs Lita the match we should have but never got

  • DaudWWE

    I would like Aj vs Lita.. that could be a must-see match!!

  • MickieJamesFan07


  • Payne13

    Dream Match – what a joke! AJ hasn’t achieved anything as a wrestler.

    AJ’s popularity is primarily down to her MAJOR and undeserved push. Before this she got not more attention than any other Diva-babyface. Then the WWE decided that she and Eve should be a larger part of the show if they are to star in future WWE films i.e Marine 4.

    Trish earned her popularity and legacy, while AJ is the byproduct of a WWE that cares more about trying to bigger than they ever can be; no longer promoting what women wrestlers can offer in the ring (Beth, Natalya, Layla, Tamina, Gail as well as Eve and AJ themselves) now using them as “actresses”. I have seen that both are popular on this site, with the general thought ‘it is good they are doing something with the Divas’, but if you are a fan of women WRESTLING I don’t see how you can like them Megan-Foxxing every ‘I’m Crazy’ head-tilt, after-match ‘I’ve Won’ reaction and promo instead of…you know, wrestling!!

    Trish vs Beth, Natalya or McCool are better options IMO

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    switch trish for lita….we all know aj got into wrestling thanks to lita so it would be cool to see them wrestle….

  • Mr. Asstastic

    I wouldn’t even stream that match.

    • Slapavel


  • iLUVValets

    Of course they put out a dream match of the two most overexposed women in WWE. How about a full AJ and Kaitlyn fued, Or Aj and Eve for starters. Im sorry but Trish just needs to stay in retirement

  • http://heartbreakers.ulmb.com/index.php Aria–

    Why is everyone so pressed and bothered?

  • Kessuki

    would much rather see (Eve vs Lita) or (Natalya vs Trish) or (Beth vs Natalya)

  • redsandman99

    If it had to be a past diva I’d rather see AJ vs Lita. But honestly, I’d rather have the current girls get a one on one match: specifically AJ vs Eve for the title. Eve having a lengthy title reign would be nice and her current heel run would make this reign more interesting than her previous two (if the ball wasn’t dropped of course). AJ could come in as the hometown hero and dethrone Eve, giving her a not just a big moment but a Wrestlemania one to boot.

  • The K@rmic HeeL

    Lita vs AJ is a dream match along with Trish vs Nattie and Lita vs Beth. Oh yea, and Natalya vs Molly Holly! OMG! Awesome one right there!

    Current Divas Naomi vs AJ at Wrestlemania! They’ve wrestled before and if they do a rivalry, who knows how far these two will go with the risks and moves and telling a story. I would love it!

  • kreece

    No thanks. I like both of these women but I’m done with WWE relying on old talent / celebs for big events etc. they have a roster stacked full of talent, use it ffs, this applies to men and women, the gimmicks are unreal and the people they dont push deserve it. Make them relevant and credible. Listen to what the fans want too.
    Everyone was buzzing for Natalya vs Beth last year, and I was hoping for a ladder match between the divas roster next year at Mania if it stays this limited. Sighhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    • bluejay

      Trish Stratus is slowly losing her relevance with the mainstream wrestling fans. Unless you are living in Canada, Trish does not have that marquee name anymore in US. Her appearence at Wrestlemania last year was an indicator that wrestling fans are different and no matter how much WWE puts her over the fans have moved on from her. There will always be die hard Trish fans but the mainstream wrestling fan as a whole does not care about her.

      For a couple of years WWE has been guility of not giving the fans the matches they really wanted to see. Instead they force feed the fans women that fans don’t care about. The fans wanted to see Kharma and Beth Phoenix last year. Trish’s name was never even mentioned.

      • ajfan83


        The main problem is WWE has always treated her like a bigger star than she is. Also, she didn’t wrestle long enough to have that lasting appeal with the fans. You can only stay relevant if you are around long term, or crossover to the mainstream like Rock and Lesnar. Trish has done neither and so she’s been virtually forgotten outside of Canada. WWE wants her to be an icon for them, but it hasn’t stuck.

        I want to give Trish the benefit of the doubt this time…. but she has a track record of throwing out challenges, so I won’t be surprised if this article gets a response from her.

        • bluejay

          Even during Trish’s prime she never became a mainstream appeal like Chyna or Sable where she became a legitmate draw where she became a household name. I remember Trish in 2005-2006 and fans were slowly outgrowing Trish. She got less reactions and fans were reacting more towards Candice and Mickie James. Most of Trish’s popularity came within the WWE system. WWE nurtured her career made sure she got over and you can see it how she was pushed. Trish has popularity in Canada but only within the GTA and Canada does not much of a nationally resonated media like the US. Once you become big in the US you become well known all over.

          You are right about Lesnar and Rock but what made these guys different was that were multi-talented.

          Trish made her living selling her looks and body as a fitness model. Fitness modeling is small industry. If it wasn’t the wrestling Trish was known for it was for her buxom looks. She was smart in starting her own yoga studio because now she is able to find a niche for herself.

          My support for Trish was lost when she comes back and current talent loses to her. If Trish is so concerned about her name then she should not try to wrestle in the ring.

        • ajfan83

          I think what it all comes down to is WWE wanted Trish to be their female Cena, and still haven’t accepted the fact that she’s not coming back for anything more than a cameo. I agree she’s not a household name, but seeing as Sable and Chyna lost all their popularity once they were out of WWE, I won’t knock Trish for only being a niche celebrity. The problem is even if she was Canada’s answer to Lady Gaga, it wouldn’t change the fact that WWE fans simply don’t react to her anymore. So putting her over is a waste of time.

        • kreece

          Agree with you all. Maybe if Trish had stuck around a while longer she would maybe still be known. She’s simply not that well known now because the fans have moved on and the kids won’t know who she is anymore. If she had taken the Hollywood route I think it could of worked for her big time, but hey ho. A few more appreances and she should just be put in the HOF

        • ajfan83


          It is kind of strange that Trish left wrestling in her prime and, rather than capitilize on her WWE exposure and give Hollywood a shot, she just went home. Now she’s not really famous for either. Oh well. Maybe she likes being a big fish in a tiny pond up in Toronto. Still doesn’t explain WWE’s obsession with her, though.

  • MELshocked

    Would rather see AJ vs. Lita … or AJ vs. Lita vs. Trish.

    Another dream match would be AJ vs. Melina … all of WWE’s golden girls.

  • http://twitter.com/rodneyclint rodneyclint

    Lita can come back, but don’t put her in the ring. She was sloppy and all over the place when she was active, imagine how it would be now with the ring rust.

    And this is probably the most random “Dream Match” I’ve ever seen. I know no one who has ever said they wanted to see it. What they need to do is find a way to get Eve’s heat back, then let AJ become this uber popular crazy chick and stick em in the ring at Wrestlemania. It’s not rocket science.

    • The K@rmic HeeL

      Well that’s just your opinion and take on it, doesn’t make anything of what you said true. Basically just your preference and that’s fine. As long as you understand, you’re one in a pool of billions.

      AJ vs Trish seems more random to me, just as a fan ya know?

      They could absolutely build to AJ vs Lita, since they actually have Lita at the height of her popularity hugging AJ as she tears up and hugs her in NYC at her DVD signing. They could sssoooo build that up into an epic match, but WWE is simply not that smart or creative.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Never heard of anyone ever mentioning anything about AJ/Trish.
    Considering AJ is a huge Lita fan,it would have made more sense to at-least make it AJ vs Lita

  • kristian

    it should be Beth Phoenix vs Trish Stratus and the loser leaves the company, obviously Beth leaves the company and goes somewhere where she can be respected…

    • ajfan83

      Trish vs Beth: Loser AND Winner leaves the company

  • VarsityBaseDude

    I agree with AJ VS. Lita rather than against Trish. Although this would be an awesome match, I don’t see how it would be a dream match so far in WWE’s eyes. AJ hardly has been pushed as a wrestler. If you want a dream match based on WWE divas history:
    Trish Vs. Michelle McCool Vs. Melina Vs. Chyna Vs. Lita Vs. Eve Vs. Maryse Vs. Beth Vs. Kharma Vs. Mickie Vs. Candice Vs. Alundra Vs. Sable Vs. Molly (sure no match for her little stint, but the way they pushed her, she would be a good addition to this match) elimination style

    • VarsityBaseDude

      the parenthesis is meant for Kharma

  • johnny

    No one on the current divas roster has earned the privilege to face Trish,Lita,Torrie,Candice,sable,mae young or chyna none of them are enough with wwe fans mostly thanks to WWE.

  • flash1086

    AJ was also a huge Trish fan so Im sure she will enjoy it. Diva Legend versus a future Diva Legend. EPIC!

  • 09DHK

    Uh, NO! I’d switch Trish for Naomi for the simple fact that Trish is supposed to be “retired,” and we see her on WWE television like every three months or so. I don’t even consider Trish a “past” diva; more like the female Undertaker since both have contracts, but wrestle part-time. As for the “dream matches,” I’d like to see either Beth vs Kharma (which SHOULD have happened last Wrestlemania in place of that crappy tag match w/ Maria Menounos, who btw ISN’T even a wrestler), Beth vs Natalya (another alternative for last year’s Wrestlemania), or for ppl hell-bent on having Trish at Mania, I’d say Trish vs Sable (if they were both in their prime of course) since both were the top divas of their respective eras.

  • Raekon

    Would rather let Kharma wrestle Sara Del Rey to relive their japan feud from years ago.

  • jayjayholler