Beth Phoenix Explains Why She Left WWE

For the first time since finishing up with the WWE on Monday night, Beth Phoenix has taken to Twitter to address her departure.

After thanking fans for their support, Beth explained her reasons for leaving, tweeting, “My family waited patiently for 10 years while I chased my dreams.I decided it was time to come home to put family first. That’s the reason.”

It’s bittersweet, but it’s nice to see Beth leave on her own terms.

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  • shaky209

    I think that says a lot of about Beth Phoenix and her character.That she left on her own terms and can get the next stage of her life going that there is life after WWE.I wish her success in what ever she does .And I do believe that somewhere some time we’ll see her on TV maybe acting which is something I believe I read that she’d like to pursue .Any how it’s nice to see her happy and it is noted that Adam her boyfriend was there for her final curtain.Any and with the Holidays just around the corner she can have real really have a nice Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.Take care Beth . May God continue to shine on you and your life.Thanks for enteraining us.!

  • redsandman99

    Given that she lost someone close to her a few months ago and how much she’s talked about her family and stuff on twitter, I had a feeling her reasons for leaving would have something to do with them. And while I’ll miss her I wish her all the best.

  • Raekon

    I’m actually very happy for her! :)

    She fullfilled her dreams in wrestling through the years and now it’s time to obviously either start a family (with Edge maybe?) or at least be with her family again after such a long time being more on the road than anywhere else.

    The beloved one she lost a few months might play a huge role on her decision but it could had been the case that her relationship with Edge tightens already and they wanna go to the next step.

    Whatever it is I wish her all the best for her life!
    Most of all lots of health, peace, love and happiness! :)

  • Melissa K Killer 2010

    I wish we can turn back the hand of time so we can all relive those moments again we will always remember you!

    Take care of yourself and your Family. your wrestling Family will always be here!

  • moonpiggy

    please have an interview with her divadirt

  • Bethinho

    that can be true,but we don´t know if the way the WWE was treating her in particular and the division in overall was also a reason,and we all know she wouldn´t go on a rant about WWE,it´s her “professional” side.
    anyway all the best for her.

  • Kessuki

    Sad to see her quit wrestling but given her reasons, she deserves a very lengthy break. Thank you Beth for all that you gave to womens wrestling and i wish you the very best for the future.

  • shannymac

    I’m so sad to see her go, but it’s better for her to follow her heart and leave on her own terms. I remember that she suffered a loss on her family no too long ago, and I imagine that something like that would cause her to shift her priorities and spend opt to more time with her lived ones.

  • TheGamergirl22

    It’s really sad to see her go, but the WWE schedule is crazy 300 days a year and travel everywhere

    Also family first. Glad she left on good terms, As much as I want her come back, it’s her choice.

  • art

    I’d like to see her come back but if she wants to be with her family then im more than happy for her…..

  • moogle

    oh gosh she is so graceful.

    like Natalya’s tweet said; hard times don’t last but strong people do.

  • scarlet spider

    If we’re lucky, we might see Beth back on the indie circuit eventually. That way, she can pick and choose when and where she works, rather than being on the road for most of the year.

    And a couple of trips to Berwyn, Illinois next year probably wouldn’t be a bad idea!

  • divaindemise

    Firstly, I believe Beth to be sincerely grateful for her lot when it comes to her WWE run.

    Secondly, I don’t think there was much mileage left in her to continue on as a top Diva. The division has been condensed when it comes to the emphasis of wrestling, favouring a more girly outlook that favours most of Beth’s counterparts.

    I do feel Beth is still a strong namesake in the industry and, at her leisure, could credibly grace the indy circuit for those that desire to see her in “dream” matches. TNA…? They’d probably hire her in a heartbeat, but I’m unsure if Beth would switch her colours so to speak.


    That makes sence.

  • jim462

    Is beth really datin edge? Its sad to see bethleave wrestling but you have to do whats best for yorself and your family. WWE was totally disrespecting her and had been for a long ime. I thought she may jump to TNA and i still think thats a possibility in the future. I think her reason for quittin WWE is 3 fold wantin to be closer with her family like she tweeted. the disrespect she was getting from the WWE and just simply being burned out with wrestlig after 10 yrs all the traveling etc., good luck to Beth in whatever she does we will miss her :)

  • Ryan

    Beth rocks she’s awesome wasn’t a big fan of hers but she’s amazing and a real beauty very classy too I like that about her.
    Hey Beth best of luck specially how real u are. Family does patiently wait

  • melon2617

    I get that.

    While living your dream is amazing, no one wants to go home when it’s time to wake up and find there’s noone there. Beth’s done everything she wanted to do and now she wants to enjoy life with Edge and her family. Enjoy your downtime Ms. Phoenix, you’ve earned it & you’re a lucky lady as I’ve had a crush on your love since I was a teenager.