Diva Dirt presents live coverage of Pro-Wrestling: EVE’s biggest event in history, “Wrestle-Fever”. (Order the show here.)

The show will feature the debut of former TNA star, Angelina Love, plus Alpha Female defends the EVE Championship against Nikki Storm, and much more.

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 All times in UK.

18:55 PM: Hi everyone, welcome to the live coverage of Pro Wrestling:EVE’s “Wrestle-Fever!” The feed should be starting in the next few minutes.

19:06 PM: Still no stream. Waiting with baited breath. This should be a great show!

19:10 PM: Pro-Wrestling: EVE promoters tell us they are facing some last minute technical issues and the show will go live at 19:20pm UK.

19:30 PM: Half an hour and still nothing. Thanks for your patience everyone, let’s hope they don’t pull an ROH…

19:34 PM: And we’re off! Stream looks great.

19:36 PM: …except for the lack of sound…

19:39 PM: Out first are Kay Lee Ray and Emi Sakura to sign their contracts for their huge match for Sakura’s JWP Championship, to be held later tonight. The match will be the main event of the show’s first half.

19:43 PM: The first match is a tag team contest, and one of the EVE Tag Team Championships Prelude matches. April Davids and Kaori Yoneyama will face Holly and Hannah Blossom, who have recently been in TNA’s UK Boot Camp.

Hannah and Holly Blossom vs April Davids and Kaori Yoneyama:

Holly and Davids start. Exchange of takedowns, a double dropkick and a stand-off. Both wrestlers tag in their partners. Fast-paced stuff from both ladies, with another standoff. Double arm drag takedown from the Blossoms for a two-count. Big boot from Davids, some more exchanges and a crossbody from Blossom. Holly then works Davids’ arm. Drop toe hold from Davids into a surfboard, with a nice low dropkick from Yoneyama. Elbow drop to Blossom. (Whenever I simply say ‘Blossom’, it means I can’t tell which one it is.) A front facelock, an exchange of fists, and a double facebuster sends both wrestlers to the mat. Hot tag to both partners, Yoneyama with some tough offense to Hannah, then a Northern Lights suplex for a 2-count. Great moonsault by Blossom, Davids makes the save. The Blossoms Irish whip Davids and Yoneyama into each other and hit some nice double-team offense for a two count. Yoneyama pushes Blossom into the turnbuckle, then hits a German for the three count. Solid match.

Winner: April Davids and Kaori Yoneyama

Up next is a three-way tag team match between The Owens Twins, Ama-Reilly and a ‘mystery team’, who are announced as…Bete Noire and Viper!

The Owens Twins vs Rhia O’Reilly and Ayesha Ray vs Bete Noire and Viper:

All six brawl in the ring to start. Ring is cleared, and there is carnage on the outside. Huge crossbody from Bete Noire to the outside onto everyone. Back in the ring, Casey Owens gets Noire into a figure-four leglock, before O’Reilly runs in and tries to pin both. A bit more brawling, with Ray and Viper trading fists in the ring, After a little more brawling, O’Reilly and Ray…walk out of the venue! The match continues, with Bete Noire hitting a fisherman’s suplex on one of the Owens’ for a two count Casey Owen hits back with a Northern Lights. Owens now have the upper hand, isolating Noire in the corner. Snapmare and a big kick to the chest by Owens onto Noire for a near-fall. Tag into Leah Owens, nice snap suplex onto Noire, followed by a leg drop. Two count. The Caseys make full use of the ropes on Noire while the ref’s back is turned. The Caseys continue to dominate. Viper has barely seen any action yet. Bete Noire finally gets some offense, hitting a flapjack, and makes the tag to Viper. Some ground and pound offense by Viper, then hits a clothesline for a two count. Snap suplex onto Owens, then tags Noire in. Casey Owens gains back the advantage, then Noire gets it back with a big uppercut. Another quick tag to Viper, and a clothesline to Leah as Noire takes out Casey on the apron. Viper hits a big move (I missed it) but Leah had her foot on the ropes. Casey gets the tag in, as does Noire. The Owens go for a superplex, but Viper interferes and the pair hit a double-team facebuster from Viper and Bete Noire for the win.

Winners: Bete Noire and Viper

Up next is a match between “Portugal’s Perfect Athlete” Shanna and Janey Britannico.

Shanna vs Janey Britannico:

Janey Britannico gets the upper hand early on, with a drop toe hold and a bodyslam. Shanna retreats to the outside. Comes back in and hits Britannico with some hard strikes. Throws her into the turnbuckle, Britannico counters, pins for a two count. Armdrag takedown from Britannico, but Shanna counters the second attempt for a two count. A side slam from Shanna, now she tries to remove Britannico’s mask. Britannico hits a series of suplexes, but only gets a two count. Shanna gets Britannico into the corner and hits a big lariat. Shanna continues to dominate, then Britannico makes a comeback with some big strikes and a hurricanrana, then a bulldog for a near-fall. Shanna comes back and hits a fisherman’s suplex, but again only manages a two-count. Goes up to the top for the Perfect Press but Britannico rolls out of the way, then Britannico rolls Shanna up for the three-count. Contentious finish, it seems.

Winner: Janey Britannico

After the match, Nikki Storm comes out and the two beat down Britannico. Storm then gets the mic and demands to have her title match against Alpha Female right now! Alpha comes out and Storm and Shanna take her out with a chair. An ominous sign indeed for the rest of the night.

Alpha Female is helped to the back. Will the EVE title match happen tonight at all?

20:34 PM: Moving on, we’ve got Fiona Fraser and Erin Angel making their ways to the ring for their match.

Fiona Fraser vs Erin Angel

Nice lockup between the two to start, with an exchange of wristlocks
and hammerlocks. Leg submission by Angel, but Fraser regains the upper hand. The match stays very grounded, with lots of restholds. Fraser continues to slow the match down, working Angel’s arm viciously.Angel finally gets some offense, with a big kick to the abdomen followed by a bulldog, and gets a two-count. Fraser wins back command of the match, and takes Angel outside the ring, using the steel ring post as a weapon to work her arm yet again. Angel manages to hit a clotheline and a suplex, then goes for the top rope and hits a frogsplash for the victory, despite having been dominated for the entire match.

Winner: Erin Angel

20:48 PM: It’s now time for the JWP Openweight Championship match between champion Emi Sakura and Kay Lee Ray. Joshi legend Sakura is accompanied to the ring by fellow Japanese wrestler Kaori Yoneyama.

20:53 PM: Before the match, we hear the national anthems of the competitors’ homelands, Japan and Scotland. A nice touch, if I do say so myself.

JWP Openweight Championship: Emi Sakura (c) vs Kay Lee Ray

The pair shake hands, and the match begins.

Lock up, and Sakura gets Ray into the corner with some hard boots. Ray comes back with some strikes and a hurricanrana. Back to Sakura with a hard chop, a splash to the turnbuckle and a backbreaker. Sakura keeping the high-flying Ray grounded, hitting another backbreaker. Surfboard by Sakura now, leaving Ray helpless. Ray fights her way back with some fists, Sakura counters into a fantastic submission in the corner. A very powerful display from Sakura so far, but Ray hits back with two big dropkicks, a flying fist in the corner and a beautiful springboard kick to the back of the head for the two count. Sakura hits a backbreaker out of nowhere and locks in a half Boston crab. Ray grabs the rope, Sakura sets up a turnbuckle splash but Ray rolls out of the way. Ray goes for the KLR but Sakura counters. Some hard-hitting offense from both, then a northern lights by Ray to Sakura for a two-and-a-half-count. Sakura hits a turnbuckle splash then a moonsault, but Ray kicks out at two! Sakura goes back to the top, Ray gets up too to counter, and hits a springboard dropkick for two. Drop toe hold by Sakura, but Ray counters for another two count. Ray then hits the KLR out of thin air! Ray decides to go up top, but Sakura rolls out of the way of her senton. Sakura rolls Ray up for the three count. Excellent match.

Winner (and still JWP Openweight Champion): Emi Sakura

21:05 PM: The two embrace in the ring as a sign of respect. Emi Sakura is presented with a certificate and the belt that she has just retained.

21:09 PM: Time for a short interval, but stay tuned for the second half!

21:39 PM: We’re back live here at Pro Wrestling:EVE ‘Wrestle-Fever’, and the next match will be Kirsty Love vs Blue Nikita. The sounds seems to have gone again, though.

21:42 PM: Sound is back up. Kirsty Love grabs a mic and plugs the EVE t-shirts on sale.

Kirsty Love vs Blue Nikita:

Nikita attacks Love from behind and lands some big stomps. Goes for a charge into the turnbuckle but Love counters. Nice dropkick from Love and a charge into the turnbuckle herself, for a two count. Strong offense from Nikita, with some hard kicks to the back. Some taunting from Nikita before locking in a chinlock on Love. Nikita throws Love into the corner, before Love counters again with a hurricanrana and a bulldog for a two count. An exchange of chops from both wrestlers, and a stiff clotheline from Nikita for another near-fall. Nikita using the ropes now to immobilise Love, before taking the match to the outside and hitting Love’s face off a table, before Love hits a flurry of strikes. Love goes to ram Nikita’s head into the table, but Nikita counters. Nice armbar by Nikita in the middle of the ring, releases the hold and lands a neckbreaker. Almost all Nikita here. Love escapes Nikita’s suplex attempt and hits a headscissors takedown for a two count. Some more hard strikes by Nikita, and another two-count. Beautiful Northern Lights suplex by Love, only a two count again. Love climbs the turnbuckle, Nikita grabs her and hits a back suplex from the middle rope. Some hard knees to the face by Love, goes for a leg drop bulldog but Nikita moves out of the way and hits a big slam for yet another near-fall. Nikita gets love into a fireman’s carry, but Love counters into a DDT. With Nikita up top Love goes for a top rope moonsault but Nikita rolls away. Love gets Nikita by the turnbuckle, but Nikita counters and hits a modified piledriver for the big win.

Winner: Blue Nikita

21:55 PM: Nikita mocks Love after the match. It’s now time for Carmel Jacob of the Glamour Gym going up against international star Angelina Love!

Carmel Jacob comes out accompanied by her friend and tag partner Sara-Marie Taylor.

Carmel Jacob vs Angelina Love:

Jacob takes out Love as she enters the ring. Love caught by surprise, as Jacob continues her beatdown, as Taylor assists from ringside. Love gets some offense in, with some hard strikes to the chest, followed by a big boot. Sara-Marie Taylor enters the ring and attacks Love, and the ref rings the bell. Angelina Love wins by DQ.

Out comes Erin Angel to make the save. The match is now
going to be a tag team match between The Glamour Gym and the team of Angelina Love and Erin Angel!

Angelina Love and Erin Angel vs The Glamour Gym:

Erin Angel gets the offense in early on toward Carmel Jacob. Angel makes the tag to Love and they get some double offense in. Love drives Jacob into the turnbuckle, goes for the top rope and hits a sunset flip. Tags in Angel, who hits an axehandle to Jacob. Taylor, as the illegal woman, kicks Angel in the back as she bounces off the ropes when the ref wasn’t looking, and Jacob capitalises with an exploder Northern Lights suplex. Glamour Gym isolate Angel in the corner. Glamour Gym continue to dominate, with Taylor hitting a nice fisherman’s suplex for a two-count. Taylor tags Jacob back in, and continues to work Erin. Both teams make a hot tag and it’s Love all over Taylor. Taylor hits a facebuster but Jacob breaks up the pin attempt. Taylor throws Love to the outside, grabs some hairspray and sprays it in Angel’s face while the ref is outside tending to Love. The Glamour Gym hit their finisher for the three count.

Winners: The Glamour Gym

22:15 PM: Erin Angel gets a great ovation, having worked double duty tonight.  Up next is the final of the Tag Team Tournament, with April Davids and Kaori Yoneyama facing off against Bete Noire and Viper.

April Davids and Kaori Yoneyama vs Bete Noire and Viper:

The match begins with all four wrestlers brawling in the ring. Davids take Viper outside, and Yoneyama and Noire are in the ring. Yoneyama tags in Davids, who gets some offense into Noire. Noire manages to get to her partner and tag Viper in. A stiff exchange of strikes from Davids and Viper, before Viper hits a big bodyslam. Tagging in Noire, who grounds Davids with some hard fists followed by a fisherman’s suplex. Quick tags in and out from Viper and Noire, with some nice double-team offense. Viper goes for the pinfall but Yoneyama breaks it up. Davids reaches high for her fists to hit Viper, but Viper shakes them off and lands a fallaway slam for a two-count. Viper charges into Davids in the turnbuckle, then Davids responds with a big boot before tagging in Yoneyama. Some back-and-forth action from the two, then a big dropkick from the top by Yoneyama onto Viper. Davids and Yoneyama work together to suplex Viper, before Noire breaks up the pin then Davids hits Viper with a suplex by herself. Yoneyama hits a senton for a two count. Viper gets up, Yoneyama goes for a crossbody but Viper catches her and hits a big piledriver-like move for the win.

Winners of the Pro Wrestling:EVE Tag Team Tournament: Bete Noire and Viper

22:26 PM: The four wrestlers shake hands and embrace. Great to see.

22:28: It seems like Alpha Female is able to compete. Our title main event will be going ahead!

Pro Wrestling:EVE Championship: Alpha Female (c) vs Nikki Storm:

Storm attacks Alpha before she can enter the ring. Storm takes it to the outside, but Alpha gains some momentum and rams Storm face-first into a table. The two continue to brawl outside the ring. Storm drives Alpha into the ring post, then goes to the back and gets some tables. Is this a No DQ match? Alpha gets up and attempts to suplex Storm onto the tables, but Storm escapes. The match goes into the ring for the first time, with a camel clutch by Storm onto Alpha. Very physical stuff here. Alpha takes Storm to the turnbuckle and hits a flurry of fists, but Storm counters with a neckbreaker. Storm goes to the top rope and hits a missile dropkick, then goes up again and hits a splash for a two-count. Storm goes out and gets a kendo stick from under the ring. Some gruesome strikes to the back and chest of Alpha, but it only galvanises Alpha, who goes into a fit of rage. Sidewalk slam by Alpha for near-fall, then a floatover Northern Lights suplex for another, then a black hole slam for yet another! Storm is lying helpless in the centre of the ring as Alpha goes to the outside and brings a table in. Alpha sets the table up in the corner and goes to send Storm flying into it, but Storm manages to escape to the outside in the last second. More brawling outside the ring. The match goes back inside, with some dropkicks by Storm precariously close to the table. Alpha counters, and spears Storm straight through the table! Alpha goes for the pin, but Storm kicks out yet again! Alpha hits Storm with pieces of the broken table, then applies a chinlock, but Storm grabs the rope to break the hold. Alpha toying with Storm now. Alpha goes to the back and brings a shopping trolley full of foreign objects to the ring. Enters the ring with two silver platters, but misses Storm’s head. Alpha grabs a metal bin lid and patiently waits for Storm to re-enter the ring, but Storm dodges yet again and strikes Alpha’s already-injured knee to gain the upper hand for the first time in the match. Storm continues to work Alpha’s leg, and Alpha looks in agony. After quite the struggle, Alpha finally reaches the rope. The two exchange kneeling forearms, then Storm drags Alpha to the corner and applies her boot to Alpha’s chest. Storm grabs a chair and places it on Alpha, then hits a lethal dropkick which squeezes Alpha like a concertina. Storm goes for the top rope, but Alpha miraculously gets up and goes for a suplex attempt, but Storm escapes and pushes Alpha out of the ring, from the top rope, onto the tables on the outside! Storm goes to the back yet again, and this time comes out with a car door! Storm hits Alpha with a neckbreaker inside the ring, then Alpha hits a drop toe hold and body slams Storm straight onto the car door. Alpha grabs the chair and viciously hits Storm with it, goes for a pinfall but Storm kicks out! Alpha takes Storm to the corner, places a chair on her and goes to the top rope. Storm gets up, grabs the chair and hits Alpha a couple of times, then hits her rope-hung neckbreaker finisher! Storm goes for the pin, but yet ANOTHER two-count! Incredible stuff here. Storm applies an arm and neck submission to Alpha, and Alpha begins to fade. Alpha loses consciousness, and the referee rings the bell. Amazing match.

Winner, and new Pro Wrestling:EVE Champion: Nikki Storm

22:54 PM: People from the back try and get to the ring to tend to Alpha Female, but Storm refuses to let them. Nikki Storm gets a mic and cuts a heel promo, bragging that she is now the only wrestler to beat Alpha Female twice. She then sends out an open challenge, challenging anyone to a match for the title right now! Kirsty Love enters the ring but Storm takes her out with the belt. April Davids does the same, and recieves the same treatment. Enter Emi Sakura. The match is official!

Pro Wrestling: EVE Championship: Nikki Storm (c) vs Emi Sakura

Emi Sakura hits a powerbomb on Storm, goes to the top rope and hits a 450 splash! Sakura goes for the pin – 1, 2, 3!

Winner, and NEW Pro Wrestling:EVE Champion: Emi Sakura!

22:58 PM: The show concludes with Sakura celebrating at ringside. What a show! Thanks for joining us for our live coverage!