Today in History: Lita Gets Dumped & Fired; Trish & Jericho Kiss

On this day in history:

November 17th, 2003 | It’s safe to say that this night was not kind to Lita. She was booked in a match that put her job on the line, teaming her with boyfriend Matt Hardy to take on GM Eric Bischoff & Molly Holly. She was double-crossed by Matt and lost the match, costing her her job. Matt then put the cherry on top of the sundae by breaking up with her then and there.

Christian soon swooped in, catching Lita before she left to tell her that he cashed in a favor from Eric Bischoff to get her job back. Lita was grateful, and left with him to talk it all over.

Later, having seen all of this, Trish Stratus was upset, believing that her new beau Chris Jericho had a hand in Lita’s betrayal. He reassured her that he did not, and sealed that promise with a kiss. Both Divas seemed to be heading into new relationships. What could possibly go wrong?

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  • pumped up kicks

    Ahhhh…. When the divas had multiple storylines going! How I miss that.

  • lucky1now

    this is why everyone says lita and trish were pushed to the moon
    they had more attention the the champ lol

    • puppies

      They weren’t pushed to the moon because WWE felt like it, though. The FANS wanted Trish and Lita. The fans cared more about what was going on with them than they did most of the make division.

      Were they pushed? Yes, but only because they were so over there was no other way to go if you wanted the audience pleased. There were multiple time when they tried to dethrone both ladies (mostly Lita) but the fans weren’t gonna put up with it.

      Btw not trying to come off as argumentive just pointing out why they receive so much spotlight.

      • lucky1now

        I agree with you
        The fans wanted them but a lot of people say wwe pushed them most its just cause the fans wanted it

        • NY Pollard

          I think John Cena is the greatest example of getting pushed when the fans don’t want to see him. Well maybe…because he was the top seller at some point for a very long time – so maybe I’m just referring to us the IWC and maybe half the crowds.

        • perceval

          @NY POLLARD

          It’s mainly the IWC. Cena brings in the kids, and they needed to build a new audience after Benoit almost destroyed the entire industry in North America. Where would they be without Cena? Look at TNA’s ratings for your answer.

          I don’t care for Cena, personally. To quote the Rock several years ago on why he sold so much and put people over, “Superman is boring.” But, he’s earned his spot.

          The IWC mantra is pretty much: “They should ignore most of the paying customers, and cater only to us.” That’s easy for them to say when it’s not their money, their business to keep afloat.

  • puppies

    So cute to see Lita and Trish as friends on-screen. Love that this led to the battle of the sexes match.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Aw poor Lita:(..then he would come out and hit her in the face with the steel cage door..
    Mason was so cute though.

  • perceval

    They knew how to manage time, back then. Every Diva had something going on, and got screen time. Victoria was about to turn face and feud with Molly & Gail. Stacy was in the middle of a storyline with Test & Steiner. Miss Jackie was with Rico (This would be the night of her famous wardrobe malfunction). On SD, Torrie, Sable, & company all had something going on.

    Part of it was tying storylines together so different angles could be advanced in single segments. Also, there was the assumption that the audience had a decent attention span, so they only had to recap something once, not several times during the show (And, even then, it was just recapping the basics, not replaying almost the entire segment from just a half hour before).

    With Raw, SD, and Heat, they had the same five hours to work with that Raw & SD have, today. They just knew how to get the most out of that time.

    • Ryan

      Victoria and Stevie Richards were fueding with Rico and Miss Jackie and Test lol Victoria was beating the hell out of Jackie and Test kicked Victoria XD

  • ajfan83

    I was always surprised how they just ignored Lita for months after this. After the intergender tags she was nowhere to be seen all the way through Wrestlemania, at least in terms of storylines. But yeah, the divas were more over back then (so was the whole roster, but I digress). It would be nice if certain people didn’t always write thesis papers about how great the “golden era” was every time you posted a clip, though. It’s 2012. Time to move on.


    One of my favorites storyline ,My favourites superstar and the best Divas .what more could you ask for?


  • Cheetara86

    I always loved the Jericho/Trish segments. She had that certain spark with both Jericho and Christian.

  • Ryan

    YES!! WE wanted more Lita and Trish!! =D
    Thats why they were pushed… I know for sure Lita and Trish dont mind taking a backseat in fact Lita and Trish took the back seat for the early part of 2004. Lita was just being Victoria’s tag partner when she needed to. And Trish was just hanging around while Jazz Molly and Victoria were doing their thing for the women’s championship even up to after WrestleMania when both Lita and Trish got back into the ring