On this day in history:

November 17th, 2003 | It’s safe to say that this night was not kind to Lita. She was booked in a match that put her job on the line, teaming her with boyfriend Matt Hardy to take on GM Eric Bischoff & Molly Holly. She was double-crossed by Matt and lost the match, costing her her job. Matt then put the cherry on top of the sundae by breaking up with her then and there.

Christian soon swooped in, catching Lita before she left to tell her that he cashed in a favor from Eric Bischoff to get her job back. Lita was grateful, and left with him to talk it all over.

Later, having seen all of this, Trish Stratus was upset, believing that her new beau Chris Jericho had a hand in Lita’s betrayal. He reassured her that he did not, and sealed that promise with a kiss. Both Divas seemed to be heading into new relationships. What could possibly go wrong?

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