TNA Xplosion Spoilers

TNA taped a Knockouts match for Xplosion prior to last night’s Impact tapings:

Miss Tessmacher def. Madison Rayne.


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  • defineinsanity

    Thought Madison got released? oh well

    • wwefan401

      No she just hasn’t be been used.

      • theprincedann

        She had time off so she could get experience in the fitness competitions she has been doing.

        She only participated in one a week ago maybe, placing 14th out of 50.

  • jazminewweandtna4life

    this will be a great match :)

  • jayjayholler

    boring, tessmacher boring.

    • Jillfan1

      i seconded that she has no charisma and no “It” she bores me she improved but she is not the total package

      • jayjayholler

        Yeah not like our ole Jillian!

  • Deezo88

    Miss. Tessmacher is on the verge of becoming TNA’s Kelly Kelly. Like Kelly Kelly, she shows moderate improvement, gets a bit of a push, gets a turn at being champion, and when the progression stops, but the pushing doesn’t, the fans slowly start to turn. Kelly Kelly got a little bit better in WWE, so she got a push, got a shot at the WWE diva’s championship, and then the fans started to turn against her because she continued to defeat Beth Phoenix, and in the most unrealistic ways imaginable. I feel that Miss. Tessmacher is heading in the same direction.

    • jayjayholler

      Yeah it’s becoming very sore for the eyes, especially recently. I know it’s only fake but.. when she gets a pin over Tara it makes me feel quite sick.

    • AJFan95

      That’s extremely harsh. I like Kelly, but Brooke has shown to improve much more as a wrestler and even in promos. Is she the most charismatic? No, but there’s nothing wrong with her work and she does much better against vets than K2. I don’t understand why people are turning on her, yet when she originally got pushed folsk were going batshit crazy.

      • jayjayholler

        Well I’m just being extremelyyy honest. When Brooke gets a pin on a veteran like Tara I’m just sat at my screen looking and feeling embarrassed.

    • GailKim95

      Brooke had almost no training. Now she is doing diving hurricanranas and moves like that perfectly. To say she barely improved is complete bull

      • redsandman99

        I agree. I had my doubts at first but she silenced mine and I think she’s turned into a fine wrestler.

  • aldo

    It should be Rosita and Tessmacker vs Madyson and Gail vs Taeler Hendrix and ? (i don’t know, maybe someone new) in a feud for the tna knockouts tag team titles. And ODB, Mickie, Tara and Sarita (please!) for the knockouts title.

    • Clarke

      TNA aren’t smart enough to book something like that.

  • Ed

    Meh. Good to see Tessmacher back, but Madison is boring.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Oh I look forward to this, thy bounce off each other quite well!!! :)

  • Getdownwithachola

    When the last time we had a match on Xplosion???

  • Ryan

    Guys quit being such little bitches.. Brooke is awesome she’s sexy she can wrestle she’s tough fast and agile. He cuts great promos and is incredibly hot… She’s the whole package! Kelly sucks isn’t as hot as Brooke and look at te divas without Kelly do much better