Lita Talks Difference Between Today’s Divas and Attitude Era Divas

WWE icon Lita, real name Amy Dumas, has commented on what she believes is the difference between Divas of her era and today’s female stars.

Lita says that the Attitude Era Divas — including but not limited to herself, Trish Stratus, Chyna and Ivory — were individuals, something the current era lacks.

Talking to to promote the WWE ’13 video game, Lita said: “I think the women of The Attitude Era really did a good job at figuring out who they were and what they wanted to portray to the fans. So each woman was such an individual — you were never going to get Lita and Ivory confused. You’re not going to get the two confused, as opposed to now, is it the hot athletic girl with the short shorts on? No, it’s the other hot athletic girl with the short shorts on. It was about setting yourself apart.”

Lita also praised current Diva AJ Lee, reasoning that fans have been able to connect with her.

She added: “I think it’s interesting to see the Divas of today and to see who the fans are attaching to. Obviously, right now, it’s AJ Lee, who’s not the strongest; she’s not one of those classically hot chicks. But she sets herself apart, and you have emotion when she’s out there and you get a sense of who she is, and so I think that’s really cool to see the kid that wasn’t supposed to make it being the one that’s out there, and that’s who the fans want to know more about.”

Read the interview here.

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  • DivaSmark

    Lita pretty much hit the nail on the head. There’s zero character development among the divas. Sure, their lack of TV time doesn’t help matters much either

  • jayjayholler

    God I am in love with her.


      You are not the only XD

  • moogle

    omg wow I never really heard it so perfectly put before.

    • perceval

      It’s something she and Trish have been stressing for a couple of years, now.

      • Paige Knight Revolution

        To Moogle’s defense – Moogle didn’t say Lita was the only one to say it, simply that she said it perfectly. ;)

  • misschrissi7

    Love her!!!

  • princesschocolate

    I miss Lita.

    • WweLitafan4ever

      Me too!

  • shannymac

    I don’t think it’s the Divas themselves who are at fault. It’s just that WWE gives them nothing to work with. All of them seem to have good personalities and the ability to get over, but they never get the chance to do or say anything that sets them apart. The main reason AJ has come so far (besides of course her natural talent and dedication/hard work) is that she’s actually been given more than 5 minutes a week if TV time.

  • ajfan83

    She’s right about the current divas. I know some will say AJ has gotten more oppurtunities, but you have to give her and Daniel Bryan credit for getting over in the first place when they probably weren’t really supposed to. Who’d have thought that Bryan getting squashed by Sheamus in 18 seconds would end up benefitting Bryan more? You have to find ways to get yourself over regardless of how things are booked, and that’s what the past divas understood. Nobody will ever convince me that divas like Layla or Beth were treated unfairly. They both got numerous title pushes but couldn’t get the crowd to care about them. Eve, she tries, but still not great with the crowd. And let’s not forget the queen of apathy, Michelle McCool. It’s not always about pushes. It has to happen organically.

    • WWFoverWWE

      It’s easy for fans to care about you when you’re interacting with higher up main eventers, which is the main reason people care about AJ because she’s literially pushed into your face in a way that you can’t ignore or act like she doesn’t exist.

      Layla and Beth were never given that chance so your comparison is unfair.

      • Blacklighter05

        Layla was a part of LayCool, which in and of itself was a tremendous opportunity. Beth had many a push and many a championship reign.

        • WWFoverWWE

          You completely missed the point. Neither Layla or Beth ever interacted with main eventers on a weekly basis with storylines attached that really made the fans care about them.

          There success remained only in the divas division unlike AJ who’s been featured as the main vocal point of the entire show. The comparison is unfair and weak.

      • ajfan83

        So what you’re basically saying is that no diva can get over unless they interact with top guys. Which might be true. But you can’t say Layla and Beth failed to get over due to lack of TV time. Maybe in the past year that has been true, but they both dominated the division at points and never connected with the crowd in any meaningful way.

        • WWFoverWWE

          When all you’re having are random diva matches, how do you expect the crowd to care? The non-diva audience of WWE doesn’t care about the division because WWE doesn’t showcase them properly. If you showcase the division properly, then fans will start caring.

          Take this past monday on Raw for example. Kaitlyn beats Layla in less than 2 minutes and the entire diva segment is over at the 3 minute mark. Why would a non-diva fan care about this?

          However, if you give the divas a 8-12 minute segment, you’re sending a message to the viewer that this does matter and these girls are important.

          Had Aj been wrestling in the division and not interacting with the main eventers, then the fans would’ve viewed her as any other diva, which is being unimportant and for the most part filler.

        • ajfan83

          I’m not disagreeing with you about AJ. But there was a time when Beth, Layla, McCool did get 8-12 minutes each show. And guess what? None of them were that over with the crowd. It sounds like you’re saying the only way for a diva to get popular is to interact with the men. I sort of agree, but it won’t be a popular opinion on this site.

        • FOXY & FLAWLESS!

          Lol, I have to disagree when you say Beth & Layla weren’t involved with “top guys” …and not even just that, but “top girls” as well:

          * Came in as the ally to TRISH STRATUS. Had she not been injured, who knows how popular her feud with Mickie could have gotten.
          * Returned to battle TOP face Candice Michelle for a great 2-3 month feud that culminated in her finally winning the Women’s Championship
          * Aligned with Santino Marella, who was VERY over at the time when they did Glamarella.
          * Feuded with top face Melina that ended in an acclaimed “I Quit” match
          * Only the second Diva to appear in the Royal Rumble & eliminated its biggest competitor, The Great Khali.
          * Feuded with LayCool & Vickie Guerrero the top heels of their time, for nearly her entire run on Smackdown, and during that time, competed in the first EVER Divas Tables Match.

          Layla: LayCool. Period. This tag team was the defining moment in her opened Layla up to the biggest opportunities afforded to any diva of her time, which included:
          * Dethroning one of the WWE’s biggest faces, Beth Phoenix, with a surprise Women’s Championship win.
          * Main eventing Smackdown to defend the World Heavyweight Championship alongside Dolph Ziggler against Edge.
          * A short feud with Trish Stratus & celebrity Snooki, which ended in a WrestleMania bout alongside the very over John Morrison & super heel Dolph Ziggler.
          * One of the most memorable feuds in Divas history, with Mickie James, that ended up even getting both Layla & Michelle an award for the “Most Disgusting Promotional Tactic” …while not a positive award, it showed that the feud was memorable and was doing its job to get people to hate LayCool.
          * Also competed in the first ever Divas Table Match.
          * Aligned with Vickie Guerrero, who was the most over heel on Smackdown for the females, and possibly ranked higher than most of the males at the time.

          With that said, I’m not saying that either got as much of a push as AJ, who was featured week after week in the main event scene with two of RAW’s main event wrestlers, & if that effected how over Layla or Beth were with the crowd, but I’m just saying there’s no denying that they had multiple opportunities to create their own history and overall legacy within WWE for the fans to remember them.

        • Blacklighter05

          What I was saying is that both of those women were totally over with the crowd. Or don’t you remember the promo where LayCool threw Mickie James a going away party? Heat all around for LayCool and tons of sympathy for Mickie and then Beth came out and the audience had no idea what she was gonna do and when she attacked Maria, instantaneous LayCool-level heat. Did you see a maineventer there at all? No… So your assumption that the Divas need the mainebenter rub is wrong, they just need better booking and more time.

        • WWFoverWWE

          Well Beth and Laycool were mostly heels and WWE never gave the audience a consistent reason to hate these girls. Laycool gained heat during their fued with Mickie but after that most of the non-diva audience stopped caring because the storylines following weren’t as good. The reason AJ is so over because her showcasing every week is so strong and doesn’t disappear after a month.

          Beth started getting over with her face turn but got injured and came back doing random matches. Then she turned heel and formed DOD with Natalya but instead of being serious heels, they ended up losing to Kelly, Eve, and Alicia weekly. So again, the crowd had no reason to care because they were being treated as jokes.

          AJ is extremely lucky because her booking isn’t “diva division booking” but almost main event booking.

        • ajfan83

          This can keep going around in circles. You’re basically saying unless the divas are booked as strongly as AJ, they won’t get over. Then explain Lita getting huge pops while she was with Essa Rios. Or Sable outpopping most of the roster for going after Marc Merro. Some people have “it” and some don’t. Beth dominated the division for a couple of years and had Santino (who was more over than Rios and Merro) to lean on… and she still got weak reactions. Laycool got some boos for the Piggie James stuff, but find me any other time they were EVER over. Look at how silent the crowd was during the whole build up to their feud with Trish and Snooki, and that was the most high profile feud of their career.

        • WWFoverWWE

          No, I’m saying to get over, you need to be consistently booked. Lita got pops because she was something that wasn’t seen before and did things that no other diva did. And notice how Lita was consistently booked because it wasn’t like she did her moonsaults and then stopped completely after a month. If that was the case, then she wouldn’t have gotten over.

          Laycool and Beth were never consistently booked and that’s why their pops disappeared after a while.

          Their fued with Snooki and Trish was high profile? You can’t be serious. Anytime Snooki was there Laycool always got their asses handed to them. That’s more inconsistent booking…why should the crowd boo Laycool when Snooki can easily own them? Had laycool actually hurt Snooki, then the heat would’ve definitely occurred for them.

        • ajfan83

          You’re acting like Beth and Laycool got inconsistent booking, were over, and got their legs cut out from them. Not true. Beth was pushed almost non-stop from 2007 on. It was only when they realized she couldn’t get strong reactions and couldn’t evolve her act that they finally stopped pushing her. And the Snooki match was high profile, at least in terms of promotion. Laycool got a couple of pinfalls over the so-called “most popular diva ever” leading up to it, didn’t they? Or should we blame the lack of reaction for the feud on Trish?

      • perceval

        Trish got hugely over being paired with Test & Albert. Not exactly guys who were that high on the card. Lita got attention with Essa Rios, another guy that went nowhere. So much for the argument that you have to interact with the main guys, a lot.

        Sure, they got elevated to working with the top guys, but they broke out on their own, and they maintained their popularity on their own. The company tried to de-push them, often, put others in the top spots, but the fans demanded Trish & Lita.

        • ajfan83

          Got to agree with Perceval, for once. The fans always responded more to Lita and Trish than their peers. Hell, Stacy and Torrie were more over than Beth was in her entire career, and neither one of them ever held a title. I do think WWE eventually went overboard with pushing Trish (they STILL promote her more than most of their current divas), but when she was a full time diva she earned most of it.

        • Raekon


          – Lita and the Hardy Boys
          – Lita & Edge
          – Lita & Kane
          – Lita & Christian
          – Trish & Vince
          – Trish & Triple H
          – Trish & Jericho

          These are only A FEW of the people they were paired with while at the same time got pushed like 24/7 over the other females like Ivory, Jacqueline, Tori and partially Jazz to name a few.

          Enough said?

  • puppies


    Jeez I’m in love with this woman, no wonder she’s my fav.

  • Trevor

    The ‘Diva Search’ era ruined women’s wrestling in the WWE. It’s watered down garbage now. Hire a dozen independent women wrestlers and all will be right again!

    • perceval

      The big problem was lack of balance.

      It used to be that you had the pure wrestlers like Jacqueline, Molly, & Jazz. You had the pure eye candy like Stacy & Torrie. And, you had the meat of the Diva brand: the hybrids, the women who did both the eye candy sexy photoshoots and put on classic matches, like Ivory, Lita, Trish, Victoria, Gail, Mickie, & Melina. Candice developed into a hybrid. These were the women who made women’s wrestling marketable.

      Beth & Natalya were old school hybrid types, but they had to take a back seat to the pure eye candy. What the folks in charge forgot is what made the Golden Era what it was was great matches, the hot babes also being great wrestlers.

      AJ is a hybrid type. With Kaitlyn, they’ve gone back to fitness models turned wrestlers. It seems someone realized that there’s a difference between fitness models and lingerie/swimsuit/figure models. Fitness modeling gave them Trish & Victoria. We’re close to the tenth anniversary of a classic Survivor Series match with those two. Watch that and you see the difference the muscle and conditioning of fitness models makes compared to the MODEL models.

  • Blacklighter05

    One main difference between the Attitude era and now is that those girls reignited the WWE’s interestin women’s wrestling so to speak. I know that there was women’s wrestling before but the Attitude girls really pushed themselves and made a name for themselves. The girls now are merely an afterthought because management doesn’t see them as wrestlers; they see them as eyecandy. The short shorts comment stood out to me because I can’t help but feel that they are given very specific guidelines about what they can and can’t wear as wrestling attire. I do think the girls of today are getting better. Some of the fat has been trimmed so to speak and there are only a handful of women who desperately need to be carried but even then the remaining ones desperately need personalities and regularly usedfinishers, original or not. A rollup is not a finisher and neither are pinning combinations.

  • Lanoom


    Nothing going to be done about it.

  • aldo

    She is right. That’s why Beth Phoenix, Melina, Mickie James, Michelle Mcool, Gail, just to name a few, left a mark on WWE, they styles were unique, their were unique. Natalya, Alicia, Tamina and Rosa are also great characters to watch. The Bellas also were great. Maryse and Maxine too. Now AJ definitely is the new great diva to watch, just because she is different. Kaitlyn, Aksana, Layla and Eve are on her way as well. On the other hand, for example Kelly Kelly and Maria, at least for me was “a new Torrie” or “a new Stacy”, and Ashley was the wannabe Lita, nothing new.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    I agree,she’s right.
    Such wise words from an intelligent woman.
    Love that picture of Lita btw,she looks so pretty:)

  • French.One

    The truth is if the WWE would have hired the correct girls such as Kharma/Mercedes Martinez/Sara Del Rey, they would have buried the attitude era divas.
    Lita had the chance they could got over showing tits&ass.
    As for AJ if she was that talented she would have been in the ring carrying the diva division and she’s not.

    • puppies

      No one would bury the attitude era divas, they redefined womens wrestling and made it what it was today. They’ll forever have an impact on wrestlingfir what they’ve done, no matter who’s there.

    • light_it_upAJ

      If AJ wasn’t that talented, she wouldn’t garner praise from people like Lita, JR, CM Punk, and others who, you know, actually know something about the business that they are part of. It’s not always about how many opportunities you’re given; In fact, its much more about what you do with said opportunities: A statement made by almost every major WWE personality. AJ was given an opportunity this past summer. She ran up, snatched the ball, and ran, and is still running with it. What she did with Punk, Bryan, and Kane over the summer led to her storyline with Cena, the top guy in the company, title or no title (and for the record, I’m not a Cena fan). And she is just as talented in the ring, maybe even more.

      • French.One

        AJ has some mic skills and she good in the ring. But then again she’s not that talented.
        What makes me say that is the fact she was involve in a rookie/pro storyline and that it didn’t go anywhere because no-one stood out, she also has been out-shined by Kaitlyn on NXT.
        Time will tell if she’ll be able to stay on top like true talent does, i wouldn’t be quick on praising her.

    • perceval

      If Jacqueline, Molly, & Jazz couldn’t bury Trish, Lita, & Victoria, what makes you think Kong, Mercedes, & Sara would have?

      Or, to put things in perspective, you know who was the top guy when Raw had the worst ratings it ever had? Bret Hart, one of the most technically skilled wrestlers in history. It was the less technically skilled but better Total Package, Stone Cold Steve Austin, that brought about the WWF’s revival.

      • ajfan83

        I want to see how AJ can work in the division, too. I liked her stuff with Bryan and Punk, thought they started overdoing it by making her GM. It’s time to see how she does as the division’s main face. If she fails I’ll be the first to admit it. Oh, and Perceval, I hate to break it to you, but Victoria was a lot closer to the Molly, Jazz, Jacqueline level than Trish and Lita. I personally prefer her to them, but she was never that big a star. Most people only remember Victoria for the Trish feud. She was a jobber for 75% of her WWE run. Don’t play revisionist.

      • French.One

        Well, there is no way to know for sure.
        When I first saw Lita&Trish matches I though it was awesome compared to the actual diva division, but then, I watched the independent scene and when I got back to watch Trish&Lita, I found it not so good.
        When Kharma entered the rumble, she had a good reaction from the crowd, Sara had a lot of support from wrestling purist fan, so I think they could have been very popular.

        I wasn’t watching wrestling in the attitude era so I can’t really say why it didn’t work for Holly Molly and the others, I may thing it was because of their charisma, because I’ve never been impressed by them when I’ve watched matches of them.

      • Raekon

        Out of the women you mentioned Ivory was the one with the most memorable gimmick in the womens division which was the right to censor.

        The problem with her was that after that ended, they didn’t gave her anything new to work with but rather used her as a bland heel/face for tag team matches or as a jobber to trish, lita and partially molly.

        Jazz was always a heel and a good one but after a while they dropped them ball with her so she was just there before she got released.

        Molly got buried under Trish and Lita as a heel champion or just a heel.

        Jacqueline was just there in her whole career in the WWF and was only included in some mini feuds of others.

        Given of what they got and compared what Trish and Lita were given, it’s obvious why they couldn’t stand out as much.

        Kharma would had left a mark if they wouldn’t had added pressure on her to be more “Divalike” and lose tons of weight cause “big women” have no place in the Divas division.

        They also had the opportunity to add skilled mexican girls on the roster but didn’t because they had issues with their looks like “not pretty enough” to the one, “her booty is too big” to the other and so on…

        There is a reason why Sara got just a trainer role and Kharma didn’t returned and the reason for that is definately not that they can’t wrestle or they are not talented enough to make an impact and be memorable.

  • CheetahWilliamson

    What. A. Goddess…..

  • Paige Knight Revolution

    Diva Dirt, we’re still waiting on the interview with Lita! She’s so smart.

    Did anyone catch her refereeing the match between The Beautiful People and Rosita and Madison Rayne at an indie show earlier this month? I think its still available in one of her fansites. Pretty cool, she even came out to her own theme and DDT’ed Rosa and Madison at the end.

    • WweLitafan4ever

      She really is,she always knows what she is talking about.
      There was a video of her appearance at that show where she did her entrance and it was pretty cool…it got taken down though.
      There was also another appearance in April when she was the ref. in Melina/Winter match and she ddt’d winter…it was a kickass ddt.

      Also wonder how AJ feels when her idol praised her…

      • Paige Knight Revolution

        I’m pretty sure she’s ecstatic about it. It is her role model after all.

        I haven’t seen her doing the DDT on Winter but would love to see it if you can point me in the right direction. I loved the event with the TNA Knockouts and Lita as ref. The crowd was very electric and into it. :)

        • WweLitafan4ever

          Yeah probably,the person who she met as a child is now praising her and has good things to say;it must mean a lot to her.

          Oh the ddt on winter,I wish I can show you the video,but the site(fwe) doesnt have it anymore,sorry.

        • Paige Knight Revolution

          Its okay, I’ll wait for amydumas sites to put it up, thanks for the kind gesture though. =)

  • art

    wwe has given fans NO reason to care for the divas besides aj,aj has gotten promo’s interacted with the guys & more tv time than all the other divas combined….

    • pumped up kicks

      I was gonna say that as well. Wwe doesn’t give the women a chance to create a character.

      • art

        exactly no one in the crowd or at home has a reason to care….all the divas need characters & decent storylines that aren’t stupid…..

  • Adam

    For the people up there arguing about Layla and Beth, etc. Layla was pretty damn over back when she was in LayCool. She constantly got heat. Maybe you need to refresh your memory or something because whenever LayCool came out there would be a lot of boos. Not like Vickie, but they definitely got heat. And as a face, she HASN’T been given the opportunity to get over with the fans.

    I honestly think AJ is overrated. She shouldn’t be being praised this much tbh. I honestly think if say Layla were put in AJ’s spot she would have gotten just as over. It doesn’t have to do with AJ’s character as much as it does the opportunities she’s been given, I personally think. Sure AJ took the ball and ran with it, but any of the divas would have. All this AJ praise is just annoying and I honestly think it’s because she was homeless and stuff. I think people, whether it’s consciously or subconsciously, pity her.

    • Flawless

      I agree. She’s a lovely girl but there’s nothing special about AJ imo, her mic skills are average and she’s a good but not great wrestler. Her gimmick is getting a little tiresome now too. Layla, Kaitlyn & Naomi could have gotten just as over (if not more) if they were in her position.

  • Crazy_J

    I totally agree with Lita on this. I read in some comments that people don’t think WWE gives the diva’s the opportunity to basically have a gimmick. I think the diva’s have a lot of control over how they portray themselves. Lita put it perfectly with AJ. AJ’s expressions and just her approach feels natural for her. People could argue and say AJ is given more opportunities, but say Eve (who I love) was put in AJ’s place, she’d give a different approach and different expressions even if she was trying to portray the same expression.

    We liked Lita for several reasons, or I did anyway.. when she first came around it was her moves, attire, and tattoo. Then when I watched her dvd/vhs I REALLY liked her personality which made me more of a fan. A lot of the reason I liked her though was because you saw Amy Dumas in Lita. Victoria was like for me as well. Now when Layla, Eve, etc are in the ring what they say comes off really generic like they aren’t interested in saying it in the first place. AJ DOES sound like she means what she says. Which is odd because most small people have a hard time being taken seriously (I’m in that boat myself lol).

    My point is you can say and do things but add you’re own flavor to how you say and do it. If you don’t put the right context on something you say it comes off phony and a lot of the diva’s of today do come off that way even though I do like some of them and hate to say it.

    • Crazy_J

      Don’t get me wrong I’m not blaming the diva’s solely. I’m just saying I get what Lita’s saying. A lot of it has to do with putting the right diva in the right spot that just happens to suit her. AJ got so popular because she played her role well.

      • Raekon

        She also got popular because she actually got a role in the first place and the time to develop that role.

        That’s the difference to the other divas.

        Even NXT redemption was a web show, Maxine and Kaitlyn were given the time to develop characters, had roles and pairings with talented superstars and entertaining moments and matches in storylines.

        Due to this they were over with the people that watched the show.

        Unfortunately everything got cut and wiped out in a glimpse and the characters showcased there never cared over on the main brands.

        If they had done this on the main brands, you can be sure that both girls would had been very over with the crowd cause the gimmicks and storylines were very entertaining.

        They never did though so both girls ended up in “jobville” till Maxine quit while Kaitlyn continued jobbing till now.

  • charovnica

    The ONLY reason AJ was given all this time is because she’s good at her job.Her acting is not for an Oscar,but she’s pretty decent which makes her believable. If the DB/AJ story-line was a fail AJ wouldn’t have all those other opportunities.The fact is the divas are given opportunities. Last RAW they were given a proper time for a match and Layla botched it,the divas panicked and it all fall apart.Of course the next week their match was shorten. The thing is , Eve is doing nothing but smiling ironically and that is fine for a start,but she needs to continue doing those little things that will create her character.Layla is talanted,but she’s hesitant.Kaytlin is green,but trying. Overall nothing special there in the divas right now except for Natalya (OBVIOUSLY) and AJ. When we talk about somebody being screwed by the management it’s only Natalya’s right to complain.She should be with the title,making the whole division revolve around her,but it’s not happening.Or maybe she is like the female version of Kane who wants to put the younger girls over…I have no idea.

    • French.One

      I pretty much agree with you, but I also think the WWE doesn’t give enough material to work with. It’s a lose-lose situation.

    • Flawless

      I agree with the Natalya part. She’s an AMAZING wrestler and is charismatic not to mention very likable. she should be top babyface.

  • Mikas

    If the current divas would get as much time as the attitude era divas had, especially with the promos, then they would also have an opportunity to develop personality. So the real difference is that the divas like Lita were lucky to be part of an era where creative cared about them.

  • Raekon

    Trish and Lita were always involved in feuds between males as also their own ones, they got tons of time compared to the female talent of today and they both got pushed like 24/7 (mostly Trish though but still) while got enough material to work with on their characters and storylines to back them up.

    So it’s easy to say that the females of today are not as good to break out of the mold but with the lack of storylines, lack of time, moveset restrictions and all to have to be “girly, sexy, divas”, it’s not a wonder to say the least.

    She obviously forgot that at the times the WOMEN were turned to DIVAS, she was almost out of the door and got barely anything to do herself anymore, while at the time she and Trish were THAT over, the female wrestlers were called Women and were featured and promoted more fairly as also used much more than todays girls.

    • Raekon

      As a sidenote: at her time the women had also much more freedom and a bitch was meant to be a bitch, not a witch.

    • charovnica

      But then again, they had to work their asses off for those opportunities and they multiply their minutes. AJ is doing exactly that. She was given a small role and turned it into something more meaningful. I have a theory that you need a strong passion for the business in order to be successful and I think only Natalya & AJ truly have that. I think that the creative doesn’t have anything for Nattie which is embarrassing since she can be really over if she’s face,but as for the other divas… they are blunt. Trust me if they were pushing more and didn’t botch every time when they have had an opportunity to shine they would’ve been given promos and probably more time in the ring. It’s not entirely their fault,but it’s not entirely management or creative’s fault.You need to push,they need to see that you can do it. Doing nothing but frown or smile is not developing a character and of course people won’t take you seriously. It wasn’t easy for Lita’s generation, imo they pushed more. The same applies for the male wrestlers these days.

  • Dayvid

    I agree with what Lita is saying. But i look at it another way.

    You can try and set yourself away from the rest all you want. But it’s not a matter of how different you an be from the others. It’s a matter of how much WWE let you be different. Let’s face it.. the WWE fans sat in the seats don’t even make a sound during divas matches. Why? Because WWE do an awful job at giving the women a story line, a REASON.

    Now i’m all for watching the divas looking hot. They are. But i tune in to watch World Wrestlng Entertainment. So i want to see wrestling (which, in my opinion, the majority are capable of if we actually look at the match and not get distracted by the deafening silence) As well as entertainment. Story lines, back story’s etc. For example, diva fans understand who Kaitlyn is.. But do non diva fans? no? So they won’t care about her match. Which makes the match look like a flop. When actually the girl is trying hard to get better in the ring.

    Lita poited out AJ who was given the chance to show her personality outside of the ring. And made people aware she existed and understood her character. Therefore, they care when she’s in the ring. That’s all it takes. A little push by WWE to make sure their fans are aware of WHO the divas are and not just what they look like.

    The story line recently was a push in the right direction. But we need more of that! And it doesn’t seem like we’re getting any more of it. With a recent 2 minute diva match for a number 1 contender. Yes the story happened… but lets face it, the average wwe fan has probably already forgotton. WE need consistency.

    Rant or what? If you read this, thanks :) hahaha.

  • Kaledrina

    i’ve actually spent the last few days out of boredom re-watching classic ‘attitude era’ diva videos on youtube

    the amount of attention and hype and fan support and noise the ladies used to get is incredible compared to today’s standards. amazing to think a simple slap from the likes of terri runnels could garner more fan reaction and interest than a top rope glam slam/double sharpshooter lol

  • Ryan

    I also say good job Kate AJ Eve and Layla right now!!! These chicks are really pushing it! Mind u Kelly Alicia Bella’s maryse all these broads failed.. Despite Kelly beig popular… Who can say we really cared about them? Their wrestling ability isn’t anything special and they were perfect for those “choreographed” 2 min matches. Michelle Beth Natalya Melina Mickie Candice and Maria were on a league of their own and props to them too