In Video: Gail Kim Receives PWI Female 50 Award

TNA and Pro Wrestling Illustrated celebrated Gail Kim ranking number one on this year’s PWI Female 50 on a special episode of TNA Today.

PWI writer Dan Murphy appeared on the show to present Gail an award. The former Knockouts Champion appeared via Skype.

As Gail celebrates, however, a certain other Knockout makes her presence felt.

Watch below:

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  • Raekon

    Congrats Gail, you deserve it! :)

    It was cool that she was in character so they have a reason for a extra feud for Tara.

    Now with Mickie being the number 1 contender and Gail being pissed at her for taking her plate, Tara will have her hands full for sure.

    I hope they will do something with all of this. :)

  • puppies

    Tara is so f-ing funny

  • ChrisfromRushy

    Sara Del Ray shood been Number 1 cos she in PWI 500.

  • JamesGang4Life

    Congratulations to Gail :))) She’s definitely one of the best!!

  • Ryan

    Screw del ray Gail Kim rocks!! She’s my number one since 2007!! And Tara is gonna pay lol

    • Indyisbetterthanwwetna

      “Screw Del Ray”

      How dare you disrespecting the best female wrestler in North America???

      • Gail-Trish-Brooke

        Eh, that’s debatable tbh. I think Gail & Natalya are more versatile then SDR. I would rank them both above her.

        • Ryan

          Del rey is good…REALLY good..maybe great, but that broad isnt a favorite of mines at all
          Mickie James Gail Kim Natalya and Tessmacher over del ray any day for me. she isnt hot either

  • aldo

    Congratulatins to Gail for being one of the best! and to Tara for such a funny segment (she is lso one of the best)