SmackDown Redux (November 16th, 2012): Eve Returns to SmackDown, Probably Wishes She Didn’t

Alright, everybody! Welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux. Steven has been booked as a D-Lo Brown lookalike again for a bar mitzvah (also available for Attitude Era themed weddings and christenings), so I’ll be stepping in his shoes this week – let’s hope they fit okay!

This week’s blue-roped bonanza for us all to enjoy was a super six Diva tag team match pitting Aksana, Alicia Fox and Divas Champion Eve Torres against Layla, Natalya and the #1 Contender for the Divas Title, Kaitlyn. This show will serve as the final stepping stone before Survivor Series so who will come out on top? Will Eve be looking good to me or will Kaitlyn be celebrating by spinning a couple of bottles? Let’s have a look!

It appears that entrances aren’t necessary as all six girls are immediately in or around the ring as the bell sounds. Before the action ensues, our decadent Divas Champion waves to her loyal subjects whilst Alicia growls at the crowd and the face team all mock the current champ just like how they did in the exclusive segment from earlier that day.

Our resident Dungeon Diva and Lithuanian Lovely start things off with a feisty grapple before the break is forced at Nattie rebounds into the ropes. Antonio Cesaro’s former lady friend then delivers a knee to the stomach, followed by a wristlock, which Nat reverses it in the oh-so awesome way that we’ve come to love. The last graduate from the legendary Hart Dungeon then goes for a quick schoolgirl before tagging in Layla.

Our Little English Muffin rocks Aksana with a cheeky spank which is followed by a double clothesline from her and Natalya. Ms El then hits a dropkick and a butt bump to get a two count. The former Diva Search Winner then whips Aksana off the ropes, who is blindly tagged by A. Fox. The woman who only managed to best Maxine and Jamie Keyes in NXT Season 3 then nails a knee to Layla’s temple before thrusting her head to the mat courtesy of some help from the most fierce WWE Diva.

The Hungry Pirahna goes for a pin attempt before utilizing a picture perfect northern lights suplex. The former wedding planner only gets a two so goes right back on the attack with a hair-grab takeover. Fox then tags in the Champion who introduces her back into Layla’s stomach in the form of a flipping senton. The three-time Divas Champion continues her assault by pushing Layla’s throat into the ropes before going for a cover. After a near fall, the final Diva Search winner delivers a snapmare/kick to the face combo that still can only manage at 2 count.

Foxy then comes back into the ring and jolts one half of the former LayCool with a thrust kick to the midsection. Layla tried to fit out of her predicament and crawls to her corner to make a tag, but Alicia has nabbed her prey once again. The last ever Women’s Champion uses her last ounce of strength and kicks Alicia right in the kneecaps allowing her to make the tag to Kaitlyn.

The Hybrid Diva hits a clothesline, then an elbow before finishing her sequence with a spinning elbow. Alicia tries to make a comeback with a sharp kick to the head, but the NXT Season 3 winner shrugs it off and hits a flapjack. A shoulder tackle and a near fall later and all hell is breaking loose! Aksana and Natalya tussle to the outside whilst Eve tries to distract Kaitlyn on the apron. Kaitlyn reverse Alicia’s offense and whips Foxy towards the champion but the Bipolar Beauty manages to stop herself from hitting Eve. Unfortunately for the heels, Kaitlyn is having none of that and dropkicks Alicia, sending her flying into Eve. A reverse DDT later and Kaitlyn has picked up the win for her team!

My Thoughts: Well, wasn’t this a nifty little tag match? Whilst I don’t have enough fingers to count out how many Diva tags there are better than this one, this one served its purpose perfectly and I liked it. Although nothing really stood out to me as epic, all the girls involved are meshing together better. Aksana’s potential weaknesses were covered thanks to her working with Natalya and Kaitlyn continues to show her potential. However, whether that potential can translate to championship pink and silver remains to be seen!

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  • jen07201

    I liked the face plant Kaitlyn did to Alicia.

  • Piledriver’ Tavios

    Great match. But i prefer Alicia as a face.

    • WWFoverWWE

      she’ll probably be face again next week.

      • ZPZA


    • Getdownwithachola

      Really??? Although I’m not a big fan of heels I prefer Fox as heel.


    My favourite Divas are Natalya and Kailtyn and it´s great to see them teaming up :D

  • jayjayholler

    I really enjoyed that, kudos to all. God whenever Alicia arches her back I think she’s going to die. She sells really good and makes it look devastating.

    Very enjoyable, good.

  • WWFoverWWE

    Yeah I think Eve will retain this sunday. It looks like they’re just giving kaitlyn this buildup so Eve looks better when she beats her.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Good match wish it was longer and usually when the champ losses on Smackdown they will will on the ppv but than again that could change and i think these 6 all work good together, that’s good

  • Sentry85

    I think Eve will retain on Sunday. My are reasons for saying this are for one, the who jumped Kaitlyn storyline still has no convicted attacker for certain, which in my opinion means the story shall go on. Secondly, Eve has only been champion for two months, and I would like to think that management would give her a longer reign this time, as she is their favorite diva right now besides AJ. Lastly, speaking of AJ, I read an article about how WWE is planning a feud between her and Eve over the Divas title, saying that it would be the most high profile thing the girls have done in years.

  • ZPZA

    Can someone tell me why Eve wears dark colors all the time?!

    Just because you’re a heel doesn’t mean you have to wear the same bland attire.

  • DJ8946

    That matchh was good. I still think that Kaitlyn will win unless this AJ thing ends at Survivor Series. Otherwise Both the Kaitlyn/Eve & AJ/Vickie feuds will keep going on.

  • AJ Glee

    What is with the Divas and the ass slaps, as if they’re supposed to be a vicious attack?

    • Liam ‘

      I think its a cheap way of getting the male members of the audience actually interested in the match. Because it’ll just be a piss break otherwise :/

  • wweandtnadivafan

    lol that kick alicia gave to Natalya, a fan in the crowd and the referee cringed

    • jen07201

      Actually it was Kaitlyn the one Alicia kicked.

      • wweandtnadivafan

        ohh yeah my bad i was commenting while trying to watch the match at the same time

  • T_Fan

    “Teddy Long was wearing a blonde wig” lol luv it.
    Ok so I may have missed it, but did Natalya have a face turn or was it an off screen turn?
    Match was ok for the time limit but had more potential as usual. What has happened to Tamina? I haven’t seen her in ages & I’m not putting her down, but I just don’t like Aksana she just bugs me.
    Also I really thought that the attacker story finished but I’m glad it hasn’t, hopefully it will be an NXT diva….. But I won’t hold my breath.

    • Looking Glass

      She stepped in as Booker T’s assistant while Eve was away and began flirting with Khali. I can only assume this means a face turn in their eyes. Also Tamina’s back in training after an injury, however it seemed that no one really knew about it!

      • T_Fan

        Thanks for the fill in =)

  • Looking Glass

    Firstly, this article as entertaining as bits were the constant use of nicknames to start every sentence was kind of annoying to read. I found it odd how Layla was shown as the weak link of the match, despite being the Diva to beat two months ago and I really hate how WWE ‘puts over’ its talent by making last seasons ‘must-have’ look pretty bad – like why waste so much time building Layla as a face to have her mauled in this match? I kinda liked it, having Aksana in matches makes things feel fresh although I’d have preferred it if Alicia’s and Nattie’s roles were switched (which come next month they probably will be)

    If this attacker storyline is ever to be resolved it could be that Natalya is the culprit. Kaitlyn’s been helping her buddy up to Khali, maybe it will be exposed that she had decieved her all along – which I actually wouldn’t mind. Oh and Layla’s little ‘dancing’ taunts need to stop, yes you danced for Miam we know, but smacking your booty in someone’s face to get a pin? Really WWE? Reeeeeeeally?

    • Raekon

      They actually showcased Layla as resilient and that’s a good thing.
      Two people worked together on her twice and she still couldn’t get pinned. :)


    So Eve now uses the same taunt that Madison…

  • divaindemise

    Oh, the “queenly wave” is not a rip off from Madison Rayne. It’s a subtle nod towards Sara Del Rey as the “Queen of Wrestling”.

  • Raekon

    A very enjoyable match from the attitude, the taunts to the in ring work.
    Hope to see more of it in the following weeks and in overall in the future. :).