Today in History: Lita and Ivory’s Bloody Survivor Series Match

On this day in history:

November 19th, 2000 | At 2000’s Survivor Series, Lita and Ivory went head-to-head for Ivory’s Women’s Championship. While it was a well fought match, its most memorable moment was unscripted: at one point, Ivory’s boot heel caught Lita on the eyebrow and cut her open. Soon enough, Lita’s face was a veritable “crimson mask”. Proving her toughness, she carried on with the rest of the match, and though she found herself on the losing end, her effort earned the respect of many. The image of her being helped to the back by the referee remains one of the most iconic shots in WWE history.

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  • lucky1now

    Loved this match the fans were behind lita hated ivory both women played their part great
    Having lita busted open and still continued the match showed she had heart and some blood won’t stop her its why she stood out compared to other divas she was most def something we never seen before

  • litafan2000

    You”ll never see anything like this again.

    • jacknife2058

      Ain’t that the truth! Even without the accidental cut we wouldn’t see a Diva’s match given a this big a profile and scope in the “modern” WWE.

  • art

    Lita made me happy to be a fan of hers here just by continuing with your head busted open & the crowd still cheered her taking her shirt off…..i dont know if we’d see another diva go on like that….Ivorys selling was terrible from the hip toss to the head scissor to the hurricanrana she ddt’ed herself from….

    • lucky1now

      The fans don’t care about a bloody face they see a bra lol

  • DivaSmark

    Lita was a good sport for going on like that. It goes to show how much she loved what she did and didn’t care what she looked like in the process.

    With Ivory, I wish there were more heels like her. She was so fun to watch. Selling stuff in a long skirt and wedge heels like that must have sucked so bad.

  • kreece

    That shot of her getting helped out of the arena is so iconic! I still don’t understand how Ivory’s boot did that much damage.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    This was a good match,I wish Lita would have won the title here.
    But all that blood over Lita’s face looks painful,major kudos and respect to Lita for continuing,what a fighter!Lita took so many sick bumps in her career.
    Love her <3!

  • flash1086

    Lita was very sloppy. Her highflying moves were always hit-or-miss and I always felt like she couldve hurt her opponents. Ivory hurt her head pretty bad on that hurricanna. lol. But I admire Litas passion for this bussiness. She really gave it her all to entertain. That era of women division will NEVER be dupilcated.

    • puppies

      I don’t think it was so much Lita’s sloppiness, but the difficulty there was to work with her moveset. She had a lot of fast-paced and high-flying moves. In my opinion, her high-flying moves always were great whenever she worked with men (since they could easily handle her weight and sell the move safely).

    • art

      Ivory was the problem of that hurricanrana that wasn’t litas fault at all…..

  • perceval

    One of the most iconic Diva shots, yes. Lita toughed it out.

  • divaindemise

    Two great women. Lita was definitely unrefined, but so gutsy and thrilling to watch at the time. That rebel-punk antithesis of Diva is sorely missing in today’s climate (but watch out for Paige); then there’s Ivory, whose RTC character was exquisitely calculated and acted.

  • NY Pollard

    Who wears a long skirt and granny boots to the ring like this? I realize it was her character, but she wore pants before too no? Or I think it might have been after this match, they decided to go for the black pants better. I heard Ivory talk smack about this match..Ivory was a good talent, but she was too big for her britches sometimes. Its not all about move for move..its about drama and a story driven match. This unplanned bloody eye, made the match memorable.

    • WweLitafan4ever

      What did Ivory say about this match(talk smack as you put it)?

    • Jakey

      I think after this match, RTC Ivory wore different boots when she was wrestling than she was managing. She also switched from a skirt to pants after she rolled her ankle during a mixed tag after she took a Swanton Bomb from Jeff Hardy.

      Lita was such a trouper; in her book she wrote that if she knew she was gonna bleed, she wouldn’t have worn black!

      • NY Pollard

        @WWELitafan4ever – Ivory wanted the match to be a lot of moves and she was saying that Lita was like gumby. You know, that very flexible green stick man/cartoon/clay figure. She said, “She’s kicking me and she’s the one with the bloody eye?” And also that instead of the match being about two girls having a good match, it became about Lita and her bloody eye. Things to that affect. Its for one of those shootinterviews.

        Ivory was very talented and I like her a lot, she’s one of my favorites – then again all the attitude era divas hold a special place in my heart above the models – but she comes off as bitter and like she was screwed over.

        But to respond to that, Ill use a Lita quote from an interview she did after retiring (adressing a general issue), “I get it, it could be frustrating there, you don’t always get what you want and you want to be the best you can be.”

        Ivory is lucky, her match here is memorable because of the bloody eye. Can’t think of many memorable matches with her iin it tbh.

        • WweLitafan4ever

          Ohh okay,thank you.
          Wow,she does come off as very bitter here;of course the bloody eye is gonna be memorable and have fans talk about it…its something that wasnt seen happening to women..damn was her face all bloody…what a bloody mess she was.

  • Ryan

    Ivory hates this match lol
    Lita rocks she’s ultra tough and sexy