Survivor Series Rewind: Moolah, Sensational Sherri, Jumping Bomb Angels & More (1987)

Survivor Series returns tonight with the Divas Title on the line, but before that, catch this match from the first ever Survivor Series in 1987.

The Fabulous Moolah, Rockin’ Robin, Velvet McIntyre and the Jumping Bomb Angels (Itsuki Yamazaki & Noriyo Tateno) faced Sensational Sherri, the Glamour Girls (Judy Martin & Leilani Kai), Donna Christianello and Dawn Marie.

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  • Danni

    Jumping Bomb Angels <3

  • Kayfabe!

    Wow these chicks rocked! Great match!!! Expect ally liked the Jumping Bomb Angels and Velvet!!! And back then they liked them some snap mares, hair whips, slingshots and dropkicks, lol I guess that was flashy back then!!!!

  • Johnyfaction3

    I heard of this by never actually seen it, i liked it alot. I like how much time they had. It felt weird seeing pins with not like a now a days finisher. Also I felt like all the did was Irish whips, cross bodies and scoop land back then haha. The Jumping Bomb Angels are pretty amazing.

    • Johnyfaction3

      *scoop slams

  • charovnica

    I have such a big place in my heart for Sensational Sherri! I love these times probably as mush as the AttitudeEra

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      She was the best :) Check out our fan page on Facebook. Sherri Martel Appreciation Page.

  • AndieMcPhee

    Gosh, Dawn’s aged really well. :p

    • Kayfabe!

      I know lol I thought it was WWE Dawn Marie lol

    • perceval

      LOL! You beat me to it. :)

  • shameronstar

    The Jumping Bomb Angels were indeed Da Bomb back in the day when wrestling was more on the basic side. I wouldn’t be surprised if they helped inspire that acrobatic style of wrestling that many female wrestlers use now a days! They were also adorable:) Velvet McIntyre was pretty good too!

  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    A lot of people critisize the way the current Divas are considered, treated and used by the company, but I think it has always been the same situation. If we forget the fact that all the Divas in the match above are legends (well almost all of them) and if we just analyse the match comparing to nowadays matches, the moves are very simple and repetitive (crossbody, roll-up, scoop slam, WOW impressive –“), the wrestlers clearly have a lack of personality (except for Sherri, Robin & Velvet) & they seem a little bit reluctant to receive the blows. We can say a lot of bad things about current Divas, but they are not worse than the past Divas.
    The only time that the Divas were as well-treated as the superstars was during the Attitude Era.
    PS: Velvet is clearly an big inspiration for the Divas.

    • perceval

      The simple style was more to do with it being the ’80s than restrictions of move sets. You’ll notice the men’s matches from the era were a lot simpler, too. You can credit the Von Erich promotion, World Class Championship Wrestling, for popularizing the lucha, Japanese, and hardcore styles in the States, as well as ECW, that also heavily promoted those styles.

      As far as the hits, keep in mind that the Golden Era Divas were trained by Fit Finlay, who taught them the snug, stiff, British style that he and Regal used (described by Regal as “I’ll hit you very hard in very safe places.”). They fought like men. Of course, Jacqueline Moore already fought like that. She just finally had a bunch of girls who could work her style with her.

      The Jumping Bomb Angels didn’t really need characters. Their name and move set was character enough. Velvet, meanwhile, was before her time. I figure, in the 2000s, a sexy blonde Canadian wrestler like her might have done very well. :)

      •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

        I agree with you, I just wanted to emphasize that the current Divas are not worse than the past Divas. The only reason why people say the contrary is because the past Divas are considered as legends (& they are) but in 40 years, Divas like Kelly, Layla, Eve or Alicia will be the legends.

  • TheJoJoIsCrazy

    Love how during this era everyone was so engaged in the storylines and the performers. <3

  • drewrey

    I love watching these older matches. Yes, there moves were alot more basic back then, but they had so much passion and talent, they made those basic moves look great, You gotta have so much respect for Moolah, being able to go out there an kick ass at that age. Velvet was also really good, as well as the Jumping Bomb Angels. Those two probably were pretty exciting to see back then. Sherri Martel has always been a fav of mine, since I was little.:)
    Great stuff to see, the Divas should watch these matches for inspiration

    • Sherri Martel Fan

      Big respect for Moolah she was well into her 60’s in this match. Donna was in her late 50’s (I think). Even though the matches were more basic i’d take this match & these women over the current crop of women the WWE have.

      • drewrey

        Me too, the women really brought something special to wrestling, something I wish I would see in more of the women today. Well, they are getting better, hopefully, one day they will get to the level of these women!!!

        • Sherri Martel Fan

          We can only hope :) Check out out fan page on facebook of Sensational Sherri. If you click on my name it will take you there :)

  • Raekon

    Can’t believe you posted my favorite females survivors series match! ^_^
    Loved Velvet Mc Intyre!
    She stood out with her moveset for her time and worked well as a face and as a heel!

    The jumping bomb angels, the glamour girls, sensational sherri, donna cristianello (made everyone else look well whenever she competed!) all great competitors.
    Rockin robin were quite green back then but grown to be a great competitor aswell. Dawn Marie and Moolah were the “standards” and brought the experience they had into the match.

  • BobAnthony

    The Jumping Bomb Angels were ahead of their time with all their high flying moves and making a match go lightning fast.. Memo to Eve, Kaitlyn et al…meet your makers!

  • Eeq

    This. Was. Incredible. Everyone of these women were awesome and the action was intense from the beginning to the end. Just incredible.

  • Crazy_J

    Can I just take a second to say wow at the fact they got over 20 minutes!!!!!

    Jumping Bomb Angels all I can say is I love how fast they moved, flowed well.

    And Sherri.. I’ve always liked Sherri, but is there anything this woman couldn’t do!?

    I was born in 86 so I never actually saw this match, I didn’t start watching wrestling until 90, but even then I was so young I can’t remember all the “goodies”. This is definitely one of the goodies.

    • Crazy_J

      Also I miss when wrestlers used to wear boots with the fringe like Rockin’ Robin was wearing.. why did that go away? To me.. it almost helps make a move look more full of impact with all that flying around along with hair lol.

  • Kessuki

    I’ve never seen this match and had no idea it was out there, but boy a i glad to have seen it. What a good old classic SS tag team elimination match. The Glamour Girls and Jumping Bomb Angels really carried their respective teams – however Sherri will still be my favourite from this era of women.

    Would be incredibly cool to play with Sherri or Jumping Bomb Angels on a wwe game.