WWE Survivor Series Results: Eve Retains Divas Championship; Tamina Returns & Sets Sights on AJ

Divas Champion Eve continued to roll in her reign of dominance as she bested challenger Kaitlyn in their title match tonight at Survivor Series.

Prior to the bout, Kaitlyn was on her way to the ring when she was attacked by a hooded woman in a blond wig, that of which she managed to turn the tables on and reveal to be Aksana. Nevertheless, those mind games didn’t seem to affect Kaitlyn, as she was all business tonight in her match against Eve. Unfortunately for her, her efforts weren’t enough to best the Divas Champ, as Eve took Kaitlyn down with a neckbreaker in the end to retain her title.

Elsewhere, in a rather large unexpected surprise, Tamina Snuka made her presence felt as she ran to the ring and laid former General Manager AJ Lee out with a Superfly Splash to aid Vickie Guerrero as the two were having a war of words. If anyone could say they saw that coming, they would either be lying or a very skilled fortune teller!

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  • WWENattiefan

    Can’t say I saw it coming, but we did hear from Vickie in the past that she was thinking of taking in Tamina, anyone remember that?

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      oh yeahh.. that feels like a lifetime ago. coincidence or otherwise, it’s good to see tamina doing something now she’s back from injury :)

  • VelvetLoveFan

    9 divas (if Vickie counts) on 1 ppv? Divas division us growing again! AWWWESSSSSOOOMMMMME!

    • http://Twitter juliNdivas

      9??????? Who besides kaitlyn,eve,aj,tamina,Vickie and aksana

      • WhalenX12

        Naomi, Rosa, Cameron.

        • http://Twitter juliNdivas


  • SherriShepherdWWE

    good match, and everything, but gotta say TAMINA took the night, what a surprise to see her back, something nobody saw coming and was refreshing, i loved it, cant wait to see Tamina and Vickie together, i think Tamina plays a good heel, better than she does a face, and think Vickie is exactly what she needs to get her character over even more!!!!!’ so happy to see a powerhouse back in the division and i see Tamina doing good things,

    but i must say i didnt like Taminas outfit LOL, wow

  • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

    so, um, maybe they’ll revisit history and tamina’s blackberry kleptomania-like behaviour and she was the one who stole aj/cena’s phones which lead to the voicemails being revealed ;P

  • christopher_cc

    she’s wearing her face attire

  • AndieMcPhee

    I prefer Tamina as a face – I think she’s really naturally charismatic in that role and has a great smile – but good to see her back and featured anyway.

  • shannymac

    This might be a long shot, but here’s to hoping that Nattie can get involved in this feud. I mean, her and Tamiba have history and as a SD Diva, Vickie can’t really touch her. It could happen, right? Maybe? I just want my Queen of Harts on TV :(

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Eve lol my friend he is in love with this chick lol
    Totally missed it at Dave n Busters meh oh well ill catch it later
    I bet it was a good match. Eve Kaytlin AJ n Layla are the best
    I wanna see more AKSANA!

  • Slapavel

    Omg you guys , gail kim is cooking with her husband. Turn to food network

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      is that the special thing that’s new.. surprised DD didn’t advertise it? or is it the old wwe repeat thing which was when gail and her hubby first met?

      • Slapavel

        No, its like a tag team cooking special

  • Eve4Life

    Did you guys see in a tweet that Trish Stratus posted basically praising Eve on her match?! Awesome! Good match!

    & They should make Eve & Tamina vs. Kaitlyn & AJ at TLC. :)

    • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

      and madison rayne responded to a flood of tweets she received where people were calling eve out for stealing her wave lol

      • Nostalgia

        Pretty funny considering 75% of the KOs are former divas. Talk about copying

        • perceval

          Not to mention one of their recent Champions, Miss Tessmacher, was Candice Michelle 2.0 with her entrance and a lot of her moves.

  • 09DHK

    Hopefully Natalya takes the belt from Eve now that Kaitlyn has served her purpose of getting Eve over. In a perfect world, Natalya should face Eve since she’s essentially taken Eve’s job. Then Nattie should feud with Tamina since she’ll probably be more over as a heel now that she’s working with Vickie, then AJ can take the belt from Tamina in a “David vs Goliath” fashion.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Vickie – Karen
    AJ – Velvet
    Tamina – Gail
    ……… Maybe it’s just me noticing it

    • divaindemise

      I really liked that set up, mind you, so aping it is definitely a plus for me!

    • 09DHK

      I see it more along the lines of:

      Vickie = Madison (“Queen Diva” = “Killer Queen”; both draw MAJOR heat)
      Tamina = Tara/Victoria (as the bodyguard)
      AJ = Mickie James (underdog)

      Everyone pretty much knows that AJ is going to eventually win the Diva’s Title and become the face of the division (like Mickie during her respective angle), and like Mickie had with Tara, AJ has a roadblock in Tamina. Granted I don’t think they’ll put on backstage brawls and matches as epic as Mickie and Tara (due to the violence), but it’s a step in the right direction at least.

  • divaindemise

    For some reason I think Aksana’s soap-like mystery attacker in a blonde wig generally works; she has the oddity pathos to pull it off, and to me I kinda find the whole ordeal hilarious in a camp sort of way. Anyway, Kaitlyn losing was the best result. Eve needs a lengthy heel reign like Gail Kim when she returned to TNA. I say keep Kaitlyn weaving in and out of the title picture for the next two months.

    So happy to see Tamina returning and catapulted straight into a high profile storyline. Tamina will work well as a stoic heel with Vickie as her mouthpiece. I hope Snuka gets a good rub from the company’s most over villain!

    • gl83

      Most likely Tamina’s only going to be used as a pawn to build towards the eventual AJ/Vickie match.

      • divaindemise

        If the alternative is that she isn’t used at all, I’ll take the pawn schtick thanks.

  • MattyM

    I think Tamina should of returned on RAW then at Survivor Series have
    Team Vickie
    (Aksana, Alicia Fox, Rosa Mendes, & Tamina)
    Team AJ
    (AJ, Cameron, Naomi, & Natalya)

  • drewrey

    Tonight was a really good night for the divas, Kaitlyn and Eve put on a good show. They both showed lots of character, and passion. Eves performance as a heel is getting better and better, I love her more in this role than in her face role. Kaitlyn is also becoming one of my favorites, very athletic and powerful, she also got the fans behind her, which is a plus. I am kinda glad Eve won, so that the story line can continue forward. I wish Kaitlyn would make the gutbuster her finisher. AJ and Vickie did great as well. Aj has impressed me so much, especially her mic skills. She was so funny tonight, and Taminas return was surprising, it makes me happy that she will have a role, I am looking forward to those two wrestling each other. Oh, and Aksana i slowly becoming one of my favs as well. Good night for the divas, I hope they can keep this momentum going!!!!!!!:)

  • redsandman99

    I really enjoyed Kaitlyn and Eve’s match. They told a good story and the segment before it was a nice touch. And I didn’t expect Tamina coming back at all. I almost thought it was Eve that hit AJ from behind for a second until I got a good look.

  • bxradimus

    I really wish they wouldn’t have thrown Aksana into the mix. She’s awful.

  • http://www.twitter.com/swax1 swax1

    Kaitlyn is nothing but a PATHETIC bitch just like Beth Phoenix and Natalya!now i know why Beth left the WWE for.when you lose to a bunch of those BORING UNINTERESTING TALENTLESS WWE Diva Search rejects,you lose your credibilty as a WRESTLER and all you are doing is humilating yourself on national television every week and Kaitly is going down the same path as them.WWE NXT Winner who? O_o

    • drewrey

      SMH, I think someone needs a hug, I don’t understand why you are so angry at Kaitlyn, I am actually curious at what ridiculous reasons people come up with for not liking certain divas. I am always so confused at people opinions about the divas, so I am asking you why so much anger towards Kaitlyn?

      • redsandman99

        Don’t even take him seriously. He says this kind of shit about Layla, Eve and Gail too.

        • drewrey

          Good to know, I swear people on here are annoying sometimes.

      • divaindemise

        Some people don’t really have reasons for being psychotic. They just are.

        • drewrey

          This is so true, psychotic and annoying, two very bad traits.

    • Crazy_J

      Swax I understand your point behind it all, but calling someone a pathetic bitch is kinda pathetic in itself.

  • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

    I was very impressed with Eve and Kaitlyn because the match looked like it had EMOTION in it, and they actually took it out of the ring and got physical…I enjoyed it so much, but I must say the moment of the night definitely goes to Ms. Tamina, who not only made a VERY Surprise return, but she looked FIERCE doing it. Tamina looked a million bucks…I’m glad that curly afro mess she used to have is gone and she got highlights in it, and that all body suit, while atrociously colored and patterned, looked really good on her. Hopefully in the future WWE will just stick to solid colors on her, like all black, cause that pattern stuff looked like she walked out of Funkasarus’ closet.

    & I didn’t even get into Aksana, caught on video, trying to attack Kaitlyn…oh God. The possibilities where all this can go. I just….gimme a moment. I never thought we’d see this day.

    I swear guys, I hope I’m not getting my hopes up here, but the thought of WWE spawning a SECOND DIVAS FEUD…oh my God, we made it!!!! Seriously, if WWE does not mistreat the potential of “underdog” AJ vs. 3rd Generation, Super Athletic, Super Strong Tamina, I will forever be a fan. This is what we need right here. And the fact that they kind of pulled an Eve and used Dolph and John Cena as ringers to get people interested in the storyline, then yanked them out, then BAM introduced a 3rd Diva….picture perfect pay-per-view for the Divas. Nothing more I could have possibly asked for or thought was going to happen.

    • http://Twitter juliNdivas

      All we need to make it perfect is beth Phoenix and a return from kharma ohh and some attention for Natalya and lets not forget the possible rosa/Alberto storyline

  • Raekon

    Even the match was full with emotion and the storytelling behind it was good, I didn’t liked the fact that they barely wrestled each other much.

    Not to even mention that Eve didn’t sell the announcers table spot which could had turned out to be great.

    Also lackluster to have Aksana to be indeed the attacker for me.

    Happy to see Tamina back though and AJs storyline to continue.

    I hope that Kaitlyn will take action against Aksana and Eve now, even if she obviously lost her chance on the Title.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Tamina has the worst outfits….nice to see her return thou…this should be a good storyline for her….hopefully she has a fight with aj on raw…

  • charovnica

    Bitching out! This was a win,win ! Kaytlin & Eve turned the crowd and by the middle of the match people were behind Kaytlin they weren’t super silent like other times.The match was really good imo,both show some character & besides Eve slipping while trying to do the moonsault I didn’t see anything messed up. Great job! Hope they keep it up.

    Now about the AJ/Vicky thing. Started off funny & entertaining with “Oh,you enjoy Ricardo’s burritto don’t you” & went amazing when they got face to face and Tamina attacked her viciously from behind.Now tell me how AJ is not good for the division,please.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Eve is wearing the same attire she wore at Vengeance last year. Kaitlyn seems to have forgotten her in-ring attire in her hotel room and Tamina’s outfit looks like Torri’s (I won’t comment on AJ’s style because actually, she doesn’t have any style LOL). The match was pretty good, Eve was so funny & Kaitlyn was on fire. Of course Eve retained, she is the best !! I’m happy to see Tamina back in the ring but I woud prefer her to come back as the challenger for the title.

  • French.One

    I was disappointed by Eve, she didn’t do much during the match (and she’s copying Madison Raine stupid gimmick :/). Kaitlyn did her job, she looked like she didn’t know what to really do at the start of the match and she needs to take more experience before getting the title.
    I was surprised by Tamina, I wish this could start a good feud between her and AJ but knowing WWE I think it will just shorten the diva’s title feud match and screw this up ….

  • TheGamergirl22

    I wanna see a Chickbusters reunion vs Eve and Tamina at TLC tables match

    or Eve vs Tamina (Vickie should give her a title shot for a reward) vs Natalya (seeing Katilyn going to feud with Aksana) tables match

    then AJ interferes

    • Raekon

      A Chickbusters reunion against Eve and Tamina for TLC would be awesome to say the least! :)