Today in History: Trish Finds Out About the “Canadian Dollar Bet”

On this day in history:

December 1st, 2003 | Trish Stratus was ready to take her relationship with Chris Jericho to the next level, and after the two were victorious in a match against Rico and Miss Jackie, she looked to surprise him with a gift. When she found him backstage, though, she overheard an incriminating conversation he was having with Christian. Unwittingly, he revealed a bet he and Christian had concoted: the first to sleep with their target Diva (Jericho with Trish, Christian with Lita) would win a Canadian dollar. Understandably, Trish was heartbroken.

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  • Michael K.

    I remembered this angle, I thought it was fabulously done! The Canadian Dollar part killed me though lol, but good angle, and we saw a lot of good things come out of this!

  • charovnica

    Now this is how you make a love story ,in wrestling, go right! Great delivery from all 4 of them ,but I have to give the greater credit to Trish & Jericho. Even though they thought their angle was stupid,they make it work and eventually it turned into something amazing.

  • Garouix

    I always thought Rico was so underrated. Good match, except for that weird miscommunication between Trish and Jackie.

  • Ryan

    Haha Trish is tough I used to hate that fruit Rico cause he would hit girls so hard lol now I think he is awesome. Same with Stevie Richards when he would attack Jackie Stacy or Trish I was like BOOIOOOOOOOO!!!!
    Jackie is so clumsy lololol I never liked her at all.. She’s just so meh..

    I love Trish but couldn’t help laugh that she’s worth a Canadian dollar lmfao..

    • Michael K.

      I always loved Rico, he was so awesome, I enjoyed watching him in the ring, because he SOLD that gimmick that it was going outta style.

      • Ryan

        I used to hate Rico on raw but when he teamed with Charlie Hass n Jackie on SD against Dudlys and Dawnmarie he was pretty awesome maybe weird with the whole gimmick but it was funny
        Same with Stevie Richards when he would beat up the girls I was like NOOOOO U A-HOLE!! Lol but then he started becoming lovable with Victoria defending her against Test Maven or Rico
        With Jaime Noble it was different I liked him a lot he was awesome and when he would hit Torrie I would be mad haha but still liked him

  • Cheetara86

    This is when they could actually write a love angle. Chris and Trish had that certain spark that truly worked on screen and the fans loved too.

  • GrrMonster

    I completey adore rico gimmicks (including teaming with charlies haas), espically when he was on smackdown, thats whats missing in wrestling now and days. Gimmicks, even odd onces.

  • art

    LOL jackie didn’t have enough training & trish could not carry her & they always had awkward matches & people say rosa’s bad….rico is hilarious even thou i’d never want to do that gimmick he made it come off real….

    • JamieKym

      Jackie had pretty decent matches. Jackie’s best match in WWE was her with Rica against Trish and Jericho

  • Ryan

    By the way headline should read Today In History: Trish Stratus finds out she’s worth a Canadian dollar :P

    Jk love my Stratus


    Jackie was a terrible wrestler, she’s hot, but in the ring… NO.

    When I saw Trish was going for the Stratusfaction I almost puked in my seat wondering how Jackie was going to lift Trish and not drop her or something.. and she didn’t so kudos.

    Loved the Whoe Chris, Christian and Lita, Trish thing.

  • ajfan83

    I take back what I said about Trish being a decent actress. She’s as awful as most of the current divas. Probably explains why nobody is breaking down her door to make any more movies.