Hailey Hatred and Hamuko Hoshi win Ice Ribbon and REINA Tag Team Championships

Last Wednesday’s Ice Ribbon event saw two titles change hands in the same match, as Hailey Hatred and Hamuko Hoshi defeated International Ribbon and REINA Tag Team Champions Tsukasa Fujimoto and Hikaru Shida in a match where both titles were on the line.

Fujimoto and Shida had only won the International Ribbon belts a few days previously from Tsukushi and Kurumi, and it was their second reign together as champions (though both had also previously won it with different partners). They had held the REINA belts since June.

Here are the full results (including an ICE x60 Championship match), courtesy of Open The Puroresu Gate:

Meari Naito and Sayaka Obihiro defeated Aoi Kizuki and Shoko Hotta

Maki Narumiya defeated Miyako Matsumoto

Hamuko Hoshi and Hailey Hatred defeated Tsukasa Fujimoto and Hikaru Shida to become the International Ribbon and REINA Tag Team Champions

Mio Shirai defeated Neko Nitta to retain the ICE x60 Championship.

Thoughts: Hailey Hatred surely must be the greatest gaijin in Joshi history now? I can’t remember her not holding a title in Japan, and she now holds SIX championships simultaneously! An incredible feat for an incredible wrestler. It’s also worth pointing out that Hailey and Hamuko now hold all but one of the belts in Ice Ribbon, with Hailey also the Triangle Ribbon Champion, and Hamuko holding the IW19 Championship. Extremely impressive stuff, and long may it continue!

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  • hemme Wilde

    way to go hailey hatred!!! shes always been one of my favs!! so glad shes doing amazing things in ice ribbon :) and what a feat six titles simutaneously!! very impressive!!! :)

  • Mikas

    “Hailey Hatred surely must be the greatest gaijin in Joshi history now?”

    Amazing Kong held the WWWA title in AJW which is still regarded as the #1 womens title in history, and she also held the WWWA tagteam titles with Aja Kong and won the annual tournament in 2003, so Hailey still has a long way to go to compete with that ;-)

    Then there is Fabi and Mari Apache, Ayako and Xoctl Hamada, Alundra Blayze, Debbie Malenko, Bertha Faye and naturally Mildred Burke who basicly recreated the entire womens wrestling scene in Japan.

    But Hailey is definately doing an excellent job over there and has been the most succesful Gaijin of the past decade (if you dont include the Hamada sisters who are 50% japanese).

    • Mikas

      Meant to type “most succesful of post-AJW joshi”, not of the pas decade.

      • Adrian


  • GailKim95

    Congrats to Hailey and Hamuko. But damn Hailey sure is cleaning up over there in Japan! She deserves it. She is very talented but Ayako Hamada will always be my number 1 gaijin in Joshi history if she counts because she isn’t full Japanese

  • pumped up kicks

    Haley is such a hard worker! Congrats to her!

  • Souma

    Congrats to Hailey! :)
    One of my favorite female wrestlers..