WWE.com Looks at the Evolution of the Divas Division

WWE.com has published a new article focusing on the current state of the Divas division.

The report looks candidly on the loss of top Divas such as Beth Phoenix, Kelly Kelly and Kharma, and suggests that although the ‘E have lost some of their “best and brightest”, the landscape now is allowing those who are left to step up to the plate.

All the girls who compete in a physical capacity are featured and an extended spotlight is focused upon Divas Champion, Eve Torres.

The three page read nods mention to Natalya’s dungeon upbringing, Eve’s recent WrestleMania moment and even the NXT love quadrangle featuring Kaitlyn and Maxine.

Thoughts: Awesome to see the Divas get this mention! It just goes to show that although some top stars have gone recently, there could be amazing things to come with the current roster. Let’s hope the positivity of the article translates to TV!

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  • Lanoom

    Fairly good article. Liked the highlighting of Eve and Kaitlyn.

    Two Criticisms:

    One problem is that the article has to have the spin of “Everything and everybody involved is gonna be alright,” going so far as to describe the division as one of the “premiere attractions” of WWE, when general audience reaction is plainly not supportive of that conclusion.

    In addition, the fact that Alicia Fox is given a couple of lines, hasn’t done her scissor kick on TV in forever, and yet that’s the only thing of worth the article sees in her but still says she’s on the periphery, is a problem, for her and the article, which leads to my next criticism:

    It’s alright to mention NXT now. Give Alicia some props for competing on there instead of making it seem like she’s a hair’s breath away from leaving the company. And, while you’re at it, add to the point of the article, looking toward the future, by highlighting NXT up-and-comers like Audrey Marie, and, especially, Paige.

    Heck, really break out and go back to NXT Season 3 to highlight Naomi, saying that she could be a benefit to the division if she stopped being an entrance prop.

  • RikkiMendes


    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      Shes not because she hasn’t been competing…

      • Raekon

        and Vickie has? :p

        • SarahD

          Vickie was mentioned in a Divas Storyline, with AJ.

        • Raekon

          I know that, it still has nothing to do with Arts comment that the reason Rosa is not in the picture is because she is currently not wrestling on tv. ;)

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        well yeah shes not in a diva storyline i should have said….

        • Raekon

          Hehe, it’s ok. Was just teasing you. ^_^

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

          I know lol…

      • 21st Century Achiever

        Rosa hasn’t been competing AS MUCH in 2012 you mean.

  • ILoveKpop

    Wow that roster is small, only 8 divas that actually wrestle because Vickie and Rosa don’t. BTW where’s Rosa on the picture??

    • perceval

      It’s always been that way, though. Even during the Golden Era, there was never more than eight women active in the Women’s Division at any time. In 2003, the Division consisted of Trish, Lita, Molly, Victoria, Gail, Jazz, Jacqueline, & Ivory. Stacy would make it nine if you count her as part of the Division at the time, since she worked the occasional match, but she wasn’t a full time wrestler.

      It just seems like there were more women in the Division, then, because… Well, look at who they were.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Wow, this article kinda left me speechless!!!!

    However, reading it, i kept thinking this is so truthful and WWE are admitting that the division isn’t as strong as what it could be and saying losing all the divas in the last year was a big loss, and still feel the division can be somthing,!!

    To to me this article was very respectfully done towards the current diva division.as well as to the divas that left in the last year., but I will got from this was it gave me hope hahaha,not gave me hope that the division is gonna get better

  • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

    Great article by WWE about the current divas division. Reading this article actually made me kind of feel that WWE truly does care about their division after all. I just really hope they’re being serious and wanting these girls to go out there,put on great matches,and pretty much redefine what a WWE Diva is. I feel that there’s so much potential in the division. WWE just needs to let it shine. There’s a new era of divas, and each one has got something special about them. WWE just needs to capitalize on it and take this division seriously like they did back in the past. The days of Trish and Lita and other former talented divas may be gone, but that doesn’t mean that the division today doesn’t have a good crop of girls. WWE just needs to give them time,characters,storylines,and just point them in the right direction.

  • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

    I was actually kinda shocked WWE allowed this. They are admitting that they lost their heavy hitters. And how they said in so many words that the division isn’t were it should be!!!

    • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

      I think they’re finally realizing that the division isn’t all that great and that need to do something about it.

    • perceval

      Last year’s very controversial article on Beth & Nattie was a bigger acknowledgement that the Division wasn’t what it used to be than this one is.

  • Harmella

    Worst group of girls ever. Seriously if you argue for any of these girls, you’re an idiot and I wish you’d been around for the good stuff.

    • redsandman99

      I was around for the good stuff and I like most of these girls and can argue for them. Just because you don’t like them doesn’t mean others don’t or that we’re idiots for doing so.

      • SherriShepherdWWE

        I have been watching the divas division since 1993 and I don’t hate these women, and I could argue for some of these women as well,

    • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

      I honestly would argue for any of these girls to be honest, so go ahead and call me an idiot.lol.

    • Raekon

      You are SO right Harmella!!!!

      The division was SO MUCH better then it is now, cause in the past they included the likes of Debra, The Kat, Stacy, Terri and Sable that were the TRUE in ring generals!! Oh wait…. :p

      • VarsityBaseDude

        I agree, they had a strong division a year and a half ago, but they decided not to use it to their advantage. The girls shown in the picture are okay, but the division is not strong. Eve is despite her push, is not even in the same league as Maryse in terms of character. Natalya went from dominant to letting out gas to a secretary. Tamina was on a roll then was not pushed and had many strings of loses. Alicia Fox was once on top and now she is on an extended Foxy Holiday returning only to be high from her vacation as she is unsure if she is face or heel. Aksana is no Maryse period. AJ is about the only one that is prominent, but has she wrestled? Nope! Beth, Gail, Melina, Mickie, Michelle, Kharma, Kelly Kelly, Bella Twins, Jillian, and Maryse are all gone now. The dream division would have been with them involved. Imagine all the matches you can have. It’s too bad they never made use of what they had… too bad.

  • Harmella

    Please, AJ isn’t used correctly, Vickie’s schtick is so tired (like, years past its expiration date), Layla’s best years are behind her, Natalya will never be used correctly, and the rest of these girls’ suck.

    • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

      Layla best years are behind her how?? she came back an even better wrestler…just because wwe doesn’t want people to care about her doesn’t mean shes over the hill so to speak….

      • Mr. Asstastic

        Pretty sure WWE putting the Divas title on Layla was their way of trying to get the fans to care about her. But they didn’t, so.

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

          what disappearing for weeks on end,getting no mic time nor a good storyline or decent time for matches….so no,or eve would be a super heel & she gets the same reaction because wwe doesn’t care…

        • Getdownwithachola

          Just buy looking at your gravatar I can tell you are the same as Lensy from the movie Cyber Bully.

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art


        • Getdownwithachola

          The Asstastic one lol

  • redsandman99

    This group of divas isn’t as bad as some like to say. There’s room for improvement yes but the biggest problem is WWE presenting them as after thoughts and filler.

    • YouCanLookButYouCan’tTouch

      Exactly!Each of these girls have strengths and weaknesses, but the main problem is that there isn’t much focus on them.

  • Jake

    The division is always at it’s lowest when they’re transitioning. Just look at how the roster was when Trish and Lita left around 2006. The majority of them were newbies who lacked star quality. It wasn’t until 2008 when things started to pick up.

    • perceval

      But, they spent late 2005 getting the next generation built and established. You can tell who, besides Beth (who they were waiting for the right storyline to debut), was who they were planning to build the future around by who was getting Championship matches with Trish at the PPVs: Mickie, Melina, Candice, Maria, & Ashley. All five were getting the high profile Trish Rub to set them up for the post-Trish era.

      Mickie was getting the mega-push, the one they spent a year grooming to take over Trish’s spot.

      Also, being a newbie doesn’t prevent one from having star quality. Lita had only been there five months, and Trish four, before they had their first Raw Main Event.

  • Bethinho

    “In other words, The Divas division remains, as it always has, one of WWE’s premier attractions,”

    if the matter wasn´t laughable,this could be considered an insult.
    this shows that the article worths less than the paper i use in the WC.

    • perceval

      Well, it’s not like there’s a whole lot of attractions there, at the moment. There’s Cena, Punk, Bryan, Kane, Orton, Big Show, that big Irish guy… then everyone else.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    All these girls can bring something different….if wwe invested any good time for them to wrestle,a storyline that isn’t stupid as hell & some character development people would care….

  • Raekon

    It’s more than obvious that all these girls have the talent and the passion!

    Whenever they are given something, they are working their butts off trying to make something out of it.

    Fact is that the management never really cared much about the division and now after so many girls left, they start to aknowledge their own mistakes.

    Most of all after they finally gave the girls some chances and saw that the outcome was brilliant, because the girls made the most out of every little bit they were given, showcasing that they have the talent and the passion to back a good storyline up.

    They are worth the time they are given, so its up to the management to make the most out of it, take advantage and let them work good storylines, that could make not only the divas fans but also everyone else more interested in the division.

    Kharma was another person that confirmed in her interview that these girls CAN work and that they are all underrated.

    She even admitted that she thought bad about the division before she entered it herself through the things she has saw on tv till then.

    So the division really can’t be as bad as some people still think, after so many people that worked with these girls together have praised them, saying that they are talented, passionate and good in what they are doing.

  • shannymac

    I just want WWE to let the Divas shine at their full capacity. Almost all of the women on the roster are capable of so much more than what they’ve been able to show. Every title feud for what feels like forever has been the exact same thing. One dimensional heel versus one dimensional face, build up mostly consisting of tag matches and stare downs, solid PPV match that gets ignored because the majority of fans have been given no real reason to care.

    I know I’m always being a Debbie downer on this site, but it just frustrates me. I want more complexity because I know these women can bring it. Why not bring Eve’s jiu jitsu training into play and make her not only two-faced and manipulative outside the ring, but also someone who can do serious damage inside of it? Why not take advantage of Nattie’s skill and experience by pairing her up with Kaitlyn or even Paige as a sort of mentor/manager, rather than just letting her go to waste as a jobber? Why not stop this nonsensical love triangle shit and have AJ go back to her Harley Quinn-style crazy chick gimmick and cause some real havoc in the Divas division?

    Bah, maybe I’m just in a bad mood, but stuff like this makes me start thinking of all the potential in the Divas division and how often it gets wasted or overlooked.

  • Harmella

    Oh, please, people, there’s a time when you have to stop blaming the writers and bookers. Face it, if any of these girls had that “it” factor (like AJ Lee has shown), they’d be show-cased more.

    This current batch of women may be able to string a few choreographed matches together (and most of the time they even fuck that up} but none are worth a damn.


    Now hopefully they’ll call up Paige soon and she’ll bring in an actual interest in the women’s division.

    Because seriously, this current batch of girls suck.

    • Mr. Asstastic

      I agree. Blaming creative doesn’t really work when Eve and Kaitlyn are given a storyline and a lengthy PPV match and still can’t make the most of what they’re given.

      • Raekon

        If the match is booked that way, then it will go that way and its as easy as that.

        They gave AJ tons of time to develop a character and they had her involved with the main male superstars of the WWE so its easy to say that she had the “it” factor, ignoring the facts that the other girls didn’t got such opportunities, nor time and no storylines till now.

        Even if a storyline is involved and no matter how good the girls would play their roles, if the storyline sucks, no one will care and if the storyline is good but gets messed up by the writers, no one will care either.

        When a Tamina and a Kaitlyn are having a awesomely stiff, hard hitting match with tons of action and storytelling on NXT and then on the main roster they just do a few hairpulls before someone is pinned, then you know that the problem is the management and not the girls.

        Maybe you could stop trying to be right THAT HARD by covering all the faults and restrictions the management does/adds?

        It’s ok if you dislike them, not everyone has the same taste and opinion, being however unfair because of that, it’s not.

        • Mr. Asstastic


        • perceval

          The thing is, people noticed AJ had the “it” factor back in FCW and NXT. When she first appeared on NXT, people were calling her “The Next Mickie James.” Last year, when she was pretty much just the designated squashed jobber, she was still getting “AJ” chants during her matches. She’d connected with the fans, LONG before her current push.

          It was the fact that she was over DESPITE being jobbed out in under a minute all the time that got her the opportunities, later.

      • silverink-25

        Creative is slowly but surely turning AJ into someone we all want to forget because they aren’t pushing her anymore; they’re forcing her down our throats. I loved AJ during the CM Punk, Kane, D. Bryan angle, now I’m just ready for her to shut up and wrestle. If I see her kiss another damn wrestler, I don’t know what I’ll do.

        And as far as the rest of the Divas, I like all of them, and some do need more improvement, while others are just being used incorrectly.

        • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

          @Raekon couldn’t agree more its management who can’t give these girls anything,aj had cena,punk & daniel pushing for her so of course she’ll alot of tv time because shes in the main event feud….

    • http://ahlanthony.tumblr.com ahlanthony

      I think most of these girls has the “it” factor but they were really never give enough time to showcase it on TV. Have you been watching their segments in WWE.com? It was always on point now, if they could just bring these things up in live TV, people would really care. Let the Divas champ grab a mic and cut a promo, let the contender do the same thing. That’s actually what they lack, addressing the crowd. Skills, most of them are decent wrestlers and they can showcase it if they were given a chance. Knock, knock, hello? Ain’t Natalya a beast in the ring? Where she at now?

      • Jack Newport

        And people wonder why the Knockouts division is so much more entertaining to watch. It’s because TNA actually lets their female talent do everything you just pointed out.

        I would say WWE should be taking notes, but it’s obvious they could care less.

        • perceval

          We’ve seen Kelly Kelly wrestle on Raw more recently than we’ve seen Sarita or Rosita wrestle on Impact. TNA only pushes two or three girls at a time, too.

  • johnny

    Its more devolution to me.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Remember when WWE had over 20 bimbo divas??? Most of them useless at the time

    I love this last crop of divas being Eve Kate Layla Natalya Aksana and AJ. Wish Maxine was still here and Naomi needs to get it in too. Plus Alicia and Tamina are good too. Solid girls small numbers
    Knockouts are in same boat… A good crop too :)

  • chrisP

    The first step towards changing is admitting change is needed. WWE is not even close to being there as this article indicates they believe everything is fine, and it’s the people complaining who have it wrong.

  • VarsityBaseDude

    Looking at the photo and the batch of girls in the Divas division now, I can say that I am not at all excited by them. The division as presented above even on paper sucks! Like others have mentioned, these girls do not have the “it” factor to give the division a boost. As much as AJ is about the only one that has shown some of that “it”, she is not even a wrestler anymore. The way Natalya is portrayed, they could release her, and there would be no impact to this division. That is what the state of the divas is in. So unless they can come up with something new and fresh or introduce Paige (lots of promise here), the division will remain lackluster.

  • Goodvibes

    Every successful women’s division of the past has had a flag bearer or in Trish and Lita’s era they had two. Kelly was the diva of her time, Mickie and Melina of theirs, this Era we have Eve, who despite being supermodel gorgeous, isn’t over at all. When the WWE continues to push a girl that crowds can’t get behind, the division dies.

    It still boggles my mind how the WWE never let Beth /Natalya and Gail go for the title, those women would have given us the best division we’ve ever had.

    • Jack Newport

      I agree with you about Eve. No matter how hard WWE has tried to push her and make her the face of the division, Eve, who’s been with the company since 2007, has NEVER been able to connect or get over with the crowd, and she never will be.

      The Diva WWE should be making the face of the division right now is AJ, but instead of having her as the current champion, creative keeps wasting her in these annoying romance storylines. I can’t even remember the last time she wrestled.

      I say this as someone who has always liked Eve and always disliked AJ. It’s just the cold hard truth.

      • VarsityBaseDude

        Completely agree. Eve was doing well for a while, but once the spotlight is taken off her, she disappears. She still has the spotlight, but without a major story line, she is bland and boring as heck. Even with the major story line, she caught on somewhat, but when compared with Trish or Lita whom after getting a story line going back to women’s wrestling, cannot carry that momentum over to the thing that counts, wrestling. Trish, Lita, Melina, just naming a few, carried it to the division despite having story lines removed from them. The fans cared. The fan can care less for Eve or so it seems. And this is saying a lot as her entrance music is one of the best currently.

        • VarsityBaseDude

          And it would have been a dream for women wrestling fans with a division that revolved around Beth/Natalya/Gail/Melina/Mickie/Kharma/and yes, even Michelle McCool. They would have made it really exciting. Trish would have had her popularity contested if we were given a spotlight on the 3 you mentioned among the others.

        • perceval

          The Wrestlemania women’s match that’s usually the most praised is the Trish-Victoria-Jazz one from WM 19. The build up to that had almost no “writing” at all, just great booking. Over a little over two months of build-up, there was a grand total of two backstage segments. It was just match after match after match centered on three women who could, and did, get the story across in the ring. They hated each other, and were all obsessed with the Championship. That was all the “story” they needed to produce a classic.

        • Goodvibes

          Absolutely, the sad thing is I don’t see any divas match today bar Vickie VS AJ that could stack up onto a WM card.

          And your absolutely right, Eve couldn’t keep her heat at all despite a huge storyline with John Cena, Kelly arguably never had a big storyline at all or mega push like Eve or AJ had and she still got over.

          I truly feel the WWE needs to start paying attention to the CROWDS, give them what they want to see, especially with the Diva’s. Eve isn’t getting booed or cheered, thats a bad sign especially YEARS after she’s been in the WWE. If Kharma is coming back it wont be soon enough.

  • Getdownwithachola

    Only 2 girls in the division were kick pads….

  • Jay-Ro

    I’m sorry y’all, I just have to voice my opinion!
    I think some people really don’t know what the hell they’re talking about!
    Complaining about AJ being shoved down our throats is one!
    How do you think people get over…? I’ll wait.
    Like it or not she is the “it” girl now! Get over it!
    People have been complaining about the division not having a face, and we finally get one! Come on.
    Building a star doesn’t just happen over a night, it takes time which some people seem to not understand!
    Even thought she’s in a what some people call a “boring” storyline, the fact of the matter is people are going to still know who she is so when she moves on they’ll still will be invested!
    As far as the rest of the division goes… I’ll just stop with that.

    • Goodvibes

      A huge storyline doesn’t equal the fans investing in a character. We saw that with Eve who cant get heat to save her life at the moment despite being pushed as one of this years biggest heels.

      AJ will get over regardless, it was evident in NXT when the crowd was falling in love with her Kaitlyn and Naomi.

      • Jay-Ro

        I misrepresented what I was trying to say, I mean that since she is already over of course they are going to keep showcasing her to the audience!

  • charovnica

    I agree with some of the comments under this article. The whole damn problem doesn’t come just from one side (as you people like to point the finger). Yeah,sure probably they need to care more about the division,no doubt about it.But what do you do with somebody that is not giving you what you want?

    Today’s divas are not as nearly as good as they should be in order to succeed. Former wrestlers explain that the best- it shows when you have a model trying to remember what she has to do, and when you have a wrestler that knows what she’s doing and she’s doing it with a reason. Most of the matched of today’s divas just look way too much like a training session than a real match. But enough with the in ring aspect.

    The Rock proved that you can have an amazing career with average in ring abilities and a whole lot of charisma. The divas lack this. AJ is having that and she’s using it. No matter what kind of a dumb storyline they throw at her she just turns it into something watchable.And you ask why she’s being used so much…she gives the management what they look for.She still needs improvement in acting imo ,but she’s way ahead of the others.

    At the end of the day it does matter if you’re a fan or you’re just there for the money and fame. And also it does matter if you are talented or not. Some just don’t have it and never will.

    The mistake that WWE makes is that they keep them in the company way too long and that way talented people are overlooked.

    • Raekon

      I understand what you mean cause Rock and Austin are both mediocre in the ring but alone the charisma and the way they play their characters gets them over immediately.

      However, its still a management issue cause Natalya oozes charisma left and right but they still give her flatulence gimmicks, selfish girlie gimmicks and pairings with the likes of khali and hornswoogle.

      The DoD stable could had been awesome for the division but was sold totally poorly and they turned it into a huge joke by letting kelly and her “model girls” pin them and roll them up 24/7 before Maria Menounos degraded them even more at WM.

      I don’t know which braindead person came up with this stupid idea in the creatives room but the whole thing wasn’t fun to say the least.

      • charovnica

        I agree. That’s why I said it was both their fault. WWE doesn’t use the full potential of their divas,but also the divas doesn’t try their best with what they’re given. It’s never a one sided problem…those are easy ones.And I think we all agree that the divas division is one gigantic and very complicated problem that WWE and the divas need to solve quickly. I think it’s slowly picking up with hiring Sarah Del Rey as a trainer since they could’ve easily just ruin her in the ring,just like they do with Nattie.
        But in general I think WWE needs to turn more wrestling with less stupid,corny segments that kill the product as a whole. I still wait for my diva ladder match,hope I’ll live to that.

  • Connor

    They really are starting to care about the division, talking about building it back up. I expect a Wrestlemania singles match, hopefully some build up, character dev. and some major hype from the fans. Would be so good to see them get a decent pop at WM but WWE need to book it correctly and allow a lenghty build up.

    but lol at the “time honoured” part, two minutes must mean so much to head office

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    I still go back to Trish Victoria and Jazz in 2003… No actual storyline.. All the storytelling was done with ACTION!! Trish outs Jazz out, Victoria a crazed but and paranoid. Trish goes after jazz, jazz returns and takes out Trish going after Victoria and cleaning buffer by eliminating Jackie n Molly in the process. Trish returns and Victoria and Jazz all get it in… No mic just action like it should be

    Someone called this the “Personality Era” vs the Attitude Era and post Attitude 2002-2006
    In WWE most are more concerned by how they look, and displaying “personality rather than worrying how their actions portray in the ring.. Hence why most are failures and no one cares about them. Yet they wonder why.

    Kate Eve while ppl don’t react much to them I think Layla and Kate do a great job. Eve is like a lesser McCool. She’s good but ppl don’t care about her. McCool was great and no one have a damn about her… Kelly was popular but she can’t deliver…