Sarita Wins Bodybuilding Contest for Seventh Year Running

TNA Knockout Sarita, who competes as Dark Angel in Mexico’s CMLL promotion, won the company’s annual bodybuilding competition for the seventh year in a row on Thursday.

CMLL’s annual contest is open to any female wrestlers working for the top Mexican promotion.

Sarita celebrated her victory, writing on her Facebook page: “THANK YOU for so much support today at the contest. I was elated to see so many friends cheering me on. 7 time champ!”

Congratulations to Sarita!

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  • mykel1990

    Congrats to Sarita! Now, she needs to win the Knockouts Championship that she rightfully should be in contention for!

  • Blac Chyna

    Sarita looks so different

  • Ryan

    Fu*k she’s ripped!! Sarah looks so sexy but the bitch talks so much…
    And has anyone seen Madison Rayne?? Her body looks bangin!!!


      Bitch?? -.-

      • Raekon

        You should know by now that us uses this wording as a positive. :p

    • ZPZA


      • Ryan

        Ya! Sarita is a hot bitch! She just talks a lot!!

        • DIVASKO

          OK ,XD



  • Raekon

    Congrats Sarita! :)
    I wish you tons of success and I hope to see you in TNA or WWE in the future!

    • velvelove

      shes kinda already in tna

      • redsandman99

        Yeah we just never ever get to see her. And then when we do it’s usually months before another sighting is had.

  • aldo

    Congratulations! Now it’s time for the Knockout’s Title!

  • Jillfan1

    SO AWESOME SHE LOOKS GREAT now for the Knockout’s title <3 come on TNA freakin capitalize it's long overdue

  • kreece

    Now let her win the knockouts title wooOoO0

  • ahlanthony

    Congrats Sarita! But no offence, there’s no competition for her when it comes to CMLL Body Building competition. I mean, it’s in Mexico, the girls there are….

  • hemme Wilde

    why has this amazing woman never held the knockouts title!!! freakin A tna are you kidding me!!! she should have held the belt at least 3 times by now!!! if they brought her in as an uber heel like more heel than gail kims return than im sure she would win the gold in no time but at this point shes just the random latin girl on the roster dare i say it, i hope i dont get heat for this, like rosa mendes… sarita is so good in the ring and can pull a good match out of anyone, and rosa is pretty good in the ring too, they just never get the chance! they’re basically on the roster just so they can say they have some diversity there…. look at hamada as well, she should have held the belt at least once and alyssa flash…. jump on the ball tna! make this woman the new contender for taras title after mickie of course, i dont think tara and sarita have ever faced off have they?