What is Women’s Wrestling’s Best Finisher? Round 2: Sharpshooter vs Molly Go Round

In addition to helping them secure a victory, a wrestler’s finishing move can also serve as an extension of their personality and in-ring style. From Lita‘s moonsault to the Sable Bomb to the Glam Slam to the Widow’s Peak, there were and are many finishing moves as memorable as they are devastating. Which move, then, is the best of them all?

Based on your nominations, we picked the 16 most popular moves to advance to our knock-out bracket tournament. Keep your eyes peeled over the next several weeks as you will be asked to vote between some of women’s wrestling’s best loved finishing moves and help us whittle it down from just 16 to one! (View the brackets below.)

Round 2: We are officially into Round 2 of the competition! Eight finishers advance while eight have been knocked out of the tournament based on your votes. In Round 1, Natalya‘s Sharpshooter knocked Gail Kim’s Eat Defeat out of the competition in a very close call, while Molly Holly‘s Molly Go Round did away with Sara Del Rey’s Royal Butterfly. But which will advance to the semi-finals?

It’s a tough choice, but the vote is entirely down to you!

Watch both moves in action:


Molly Go Round

Vote below:


Tournament brackets (drawn at random)

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  • She-Wolf

    No question. The Molly-Go-Round. Innovative, flashy, and a believable way to pin your opponent.

    I love the sharpshooter, but as far as the *Women’s Wrestling* best finisher goes, this round goes to Molly.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Molly go round

  • MattyM

    ehhhhhh……….Moll-go-round it was such a hard choice.

  • redsandman99

    Molly Go Round. Love Natalya but the Molly Go Round is pretty badass.

  • puppies


  • mpezza

    I was stuck so I went with Molly-Go-Round simply because the sharpshooter is done by a lot of wrestlers and I’ve only ever seen Molly do her move. Feels more special, y’know.

  • TCsinger09

    Didn’t Kelly Kelly use the Molly-Go-Round in a match?

    • Jinzo

      Yup at Wrestlemania 28

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        well a downgraded version of it….

        • EverybodyScream

          Kelly’s version was a whole lot better.. It was done PERFECTLY.

        • Choko

          Kelly’s version was more like a jumping banzai drop. She landed ass first on Beth’s chest. Molly’s version is more technical.

  • GailKim95


  • http://cmpunkscrazychick.tumblr.com xoxoRKOxoxo

    Sharpshooter, I’m a sucker for a submission!

  • joshmm3

    sharpshooter all the way..I like Molly but that move looked sloppy alot of the time

  • SarahD

    Molly Go Round of course! :)

  • miickeyzreal

    I’m a Sharpshooter fan for two reasons:
    1. Is a submission move
    2. Natalya is the one that execute it!

    But I gotta go Molly Go Round all the way! Sorry Nattie!. :( This gotta be one of the best finisher moves done by a female ever! This is way too hard do execute and it was always impressive, explosive, impactful! Yes I’m a Molly Go Round fan too! Wow I just miss Molly Holly in the ring that much!

  • http://facebook.com/mykael.kennedy mykel1990

    Molly-Go-Round. It took a high degree of dexterity and skill to pull it off, and on top of that it was invented by Molly herself and looked pretty damn impressive and looked like she sat on your chest and winded you. It was a beauty to behold. Sorry, Nattie :/

  • Slapavel

    i love the molly go round , but i got to go with the sharpshooter . because natalya has made theat move iconic! she has done different variations of it .

    • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

      …She’s made the move iconic? No offense, but if you mean the double sharpshooter…The Hart Dynasty did that way before Natalya was even regularly wrestling, which was way before she ever had the chance to bust out the double sharpshooter. So she didn’t make the move iconic, her FAMILY has made the move iconic – she’s just doing it in a divas way.

      • Choko

        Hart Dynasty? wtf, do you mean the hart foundation?

        • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

          Wow. Do your homework..the Hart Dynasty, aka Tyson Kidd & DH Smith/David Hart Smith.


    Sharpshooter. Molly Go Round doesn’t really look like a finisher to me.

  • sugarrush28

    I love submission moves but i”m going with the Molly go Round. The match she debuted it in wasn’t the best Molly/Trish match but it is one of my fave matches they had together.

  • richies88

    didn’t kelly kelly preform the molly go round at mania?

  • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

    Molly Go Round. I’d rather an iconic INNOVATED (proven to be INNOVATED by Nora) instead of an iconic HAND-ME-DOWN. Some may agree, some may disagree, but when it comes down to it – her move is an original, Natalya’s was just an easy way to get a pop because it’s a move that her family/Canadian’s use frequently. Both are iconic, only one is original.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Molly’s finisher is unique. She created it and has been the only superstar to use it (except Kelly at Wrestlemania). The Sharpshooter has been used by many other superstars and that’s why it’s an iconic move, but not the best finisher.

    • Getdownwithachola

      Some indy star named Ariel used it.

  • NY Pollard

    I love nattie and as a matter of fact this is a dream match of mine…but as pointed out mollys finisher is unique and her own. the vote goes to mona

  • ssilva872

    Molly Go Round for sure gets my vote.

    I love that move.

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Molly go round…she herself came up with the move…

  • aldo

    Molly go Round but i’ve to say that this was a hard hard choice because i also love Natalya’s Sharpshooter


    Molly go round yes please thank you very much

  • Kessuki

    molly vs natalya – dream match!! two great technical wrestlers.

    I was never that impressed by the molly go round until she retired, it was always outshined by the litasault. whereas i’ve loved the sharpshooter for a long longgggggg time so i gotta click that button.

    but this is one round where both ladies deserve to go through.

    • NY Pollard

      OMG, I agree – a dream match with two perfect technical wrestling divas. I would love atleast a 15 m contest between the two. Yes that long! :) Id die happy!