Your Two Cents: Favorite Lita/Trish Moments

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: Today is the anniversary of Lita and Trish Stratus‘s big main event Women’s Title match, so we want to know: what is your favorite moment involving Lita and Trish? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Glenn Cooney | Even though Lita fans may not like it, I loved Trish’s promo on Lita: The Walking Kiss of Death. It represented how amazing Trish was at cutting promos and it was Heel Trish at her best.
Josue Guzman | When Lita made a surprise return to Raw to save Trish from the double team attack of Molly Holly and Gail Kim. While it was incredible watching these two women go head to head against each other, I still found this allegiance, shall we say, “Extremely Stratisfying”.
Lindsay Shields | The Battle of the Sexes match against Chris Jericho and Christian. Brilliant Intergender wrestling.
@MeaganG1990 | I have a lot of Trish Stratus and Lita memories, but there was one in particular that I remember clearly and that was when Lita teamed up with the Rock and Trish teamed up with Triple H. I remember that match because you had four future hall of famers in the ring, in the main event with two feuds in one match. I loved Lita and the Rock as a tag team because you had two of the popular stars back in 2000 teaming up against the two that were hated back in 2000 (Well Triple H was), and also who can forget when Rock gave a Spinebuster to Trish as she was in the middle and Lita did the moonsault that far and then the moment when Rock hit Triple H and landed on Trish, but that’s another story.
Melvin Berry | Unforgiven 2006 in Toronto. That match couldn’t have been more perfect for the retiring Trish and Lita gave her the perfect sendoff.
Prescott Greatness | Trish and Lita main eventing RAW for the Women’s title was a landmark accomplishment. It spoke to both their stature, ability and popularity with the crowd. The way things are going right now with the Divas roster, we may never see that happen again.
@SoRandy4Rosa | When Bridesmaid Trish interrupts Lita and Kane’s wedding. “Thought I’d wear white.. Because I knew that you couldn’t!” Love heel Trish!
Spicey-Spice Donoghue | Of course the intergender tag match at Fully Loaded (Hardyz/Lita vs T&A/Trish) was a landmark moment! And still a great match! LITA LITA LITA LITA!!!!!
Taurean Mcdade | Trish pushing Lita through a table from the top of a ladder on RAW.

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? What is your favorite Lita/Trish moment? Tell us in the comments…

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    Hmm Survior Series 2004 was that the “match” where Lita DQ’ed herself and beat the living daylights out of Trish that was awesome. I also loved when Trish threw Lita through the table ages ago.

    So many more I can tell you that much.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Hmm..I guess the mainevent match on RAW.

  • misschrissi7

    Too many to mention. The Bra & Panties match where they teamed up against Stacey & Torrie during the Invasion was one of my fav matches.

  • RyRy21

    Main Event of Raw easy everything about that was amazing the build up the fact it main evented both were crazy over both were good wrestles(hardys /t&a time lita carried trish) only thing that could have topped this was if Lita didnt get hurt and they had there 1 on 1 match and Mania

  • OJ Von Erich

    Yes I have to agree with Spicey-Spice Donoghue the 6 person intergender tag match at Fully Loaded was one of my favourite matches in history, Lita took it to T&A & even Trish got in a little offence on the Hardyz, the crowd was going wild, begging & itching for Lita to get her hands on Trish & when it did happen THE ROOF WAS RAISED!!! ^_^

    In fact I’m gonna re watch it now, oh & then after the match Trish beat down Lita with the leather strap, then during the Val Venis/Rikishi steel cage match where Trish was Val’s manager & Lita came down to attack her with a belt… EPIC!

  • puppies

    So many to choose from.
    Either the 2000 Fully Loaded match or the mainevent on Raw.

  • Gail-Trish-Maryse

    My personal favorite was when Lita returned to save Trish from Molly and Gail. It was so unexpected, and she made such a huge impact. And JR was screaming his head off!

  • Litaker61

    Raw main event/ Fully Loaded match. The crowd was sick for the Fully Loaded match and Raw’s main event is my fav diva match of all time. I just rewatched both of them and their chemistry is insane, I honestly think it was one of the greatest rivalries in WWE history, superstars included.

  • revivingophelia

    The main event on RAW in which Lita won the women’s title from Trish will always be a favorite. They spent the whole night advertising that match, and it was a great moment. A couple others that I love are the ‘match’ at Survivor Series 2004, as well as Lita’s return in 2003 when she rescued Trish from Molly and Gail.

  • Clarke

    So many to choose from, all so awesome. I loved the brawl they had back in 2002 (both were face, this was near WM 18) it was a real rough brawl, so great!!

    The backstage segment where Trish pretends Kane is behind Lita, then Lita gets pissed and whoops Trish haha. Heel Trish was just so great, could definitely play the “biatch” role so well.

  • igotthatpma123

    I loved their promo where trish told lita her baby would be a monster and the funniest part was when trish said mama….. And nida walked up and starting going off on trish in spanish lmao the shit was funny

  • NY Pollard

    So many great moments! They need to comeback and do ONE more match at Wrestlemania! Please WWE!

    Some favorite moments of mine – Backstage when they’re getting ready for a street-fight and they’re getting rooted on by their respective teams. Lita runs out and beats the crap out of Trish, punching her hard on the head and stripping her down before RTC gets involved. RAW 2000

    Smackdown 2002 – Lita and Trish get into a brutal confrontation backstage. This reaction by Lita was unexpected, just because they had been closer the previous I wasn’t expecting Lita to slap the taste out of Trish’s mouth like that.

    When Lita saved Trish it was so epic! It felt like a main event to close out the show. JR screaming like it was the second coming helped make the segment so great. Then at the end you can see Trish looking up and she sees its Lita, she has this shocked expression on her face – priceless! :)

  • igotthatpma123

    And the babyshower trish,gail,molly and jazz threw for lita… and the baby picture gail had of lita’s baby lmao i love lita but trish was eating lita for breakfast in all of their promos together

    • NY Pollard

      I wouldn’t go that far… but while Trish “ate” Lita for breakfast, Lita beat the s*** out of her 90% of the time for it: so it evens out. Lol

      • igotthatpma123

        I would go that far lita just wasn’t good on the mic her best mic work was when she was shooting in the ring on her last raw match…. Even though trish was the heel she was a very likable mean girl. This coming from a big lita fan.

        • puppies

          Lita wasn’t bad on the mic, I just think up until about 2004 there wasn’t much for her character to say. 2000-2003 her character had a pretty chill attitude (like Jeff Hardy). Even then, though, she was still decent at the little bit of mic work she was given.

          In 2004 when she was given more storyline where she was required to speak a lot more, she started off pretty bad (like when she was revealing to Stacy she was pregnant), but quiclky started progressing. Her and Trish’s backstage segments (with Trish bullying Lita and Lita telling Trish how only her being pregnant stopped her from beating her up) were when she probably got comfortable with mic work.

          She was at her best when she was with Edge (mic skills wise).Her last promo, as you mentioned, was her best mic work.

  • Getdownwithachola

    I’m suprized this only got 13 comments since 99% of the readers literally worship Trish/Lita. lol

  • Souma

    My favorite Trish and Lita moments are: The Survivor Series 2004 match…that was great
    The night where they main evented RAW
    When they teamed up to face Chris Jericho and Christian at at Armagaddon 2003.

    • Souma


  • Solo

    I have so many favorite Trish and Lita moments! I love the segment where Trish tells the crowd not to call Lita a slut, and favorite match would be when Lita almost broke her neck before defeating Trish for the Women’s Championship. Lita’s return to help Trish was an epic return too!