TNA Final Resolution Predictions: Mickie James vs Tara

Tonight at Final Resolution, Tara defends the Knockouts Championship against Mickie James. Who will come out on top? The Diva Dirt team weighs in.

Bobby: Well, it hasn’t been the most built up feud unfortunately. But it’s nice to have someone different in the title picture, and Mickie is a welcome choice for me. She and Tara have never disappointed in their previous outings and this should be no exception. As far as the result, I see Tara retaining and then hopefully move into a triple threat program with both Mickie and Velvet Sky which I feel could be pretty interesting and awesome to watch unfold.

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Erin: I think Velvet’s return weighs heavily on this. If, like she says, 2013 will be her year, then she needs to have someone as Knockouts Champion that she can challenge as a babyface, assuming she’ll still be one. Part of me thinks TNA wouldn’t do the face vs. face thing, but since Mickie and Velvet are coming in hot off of returns, I think it’s possible that they could have a feud. So, I’m gonna take a risk and say that Mickie wins the title tonight.

Jack: Whilst I’d love to see Mickie take the belt from Tara as I’m a big fan, I don’t think it will happen tonight. Tara hasn’t been champion long and I think her record-tying fifth reign as champion should be a memorable one. I also see a triple threat feud happening now that Velvet is back and it would be much more fun seeing two faces chase the title. Tara wins.

Melanie: This should be an excellent match. It’s been two years since their epic cage match on Impact and these two never disappoint in the ring. That said, my gut feeling is that Tara retains tonight and goes on to feud with Velvet Sky next year. It would be cool to see Tara become really awful and diva-ish due to her Hollywood boyfriend, thus Mickie, Velvet and Brooke Tessmacher come together to try and overthrow her as champion. Just think of all the fun segments and scenarios they could do!

Who do you think will win? Tell us in the comments!

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    Like Erin, I see Mickie winning. Then reigniting the feud between Mickie and Velvet that was going on before she left. I think Mickie will go heel (finally its been what 6 years?).

  • cwoww

    I think Tara is going to win, but i would love to see Mickie as champion one more time! Go Mickie!

  • puppies

    I see Mickie winning more than Tara with all of the comeback momentum and I can’t see any other reason why they’d include Velvet in this other than to continue the Mickie/Velvet jealousy thing.

    But I’m rooting for Tara.

  • Brayiaino

    I want Tara too retain it ‘cos she’s getting into her stride with the hollywood boyfriend gimmick! plus Mickie & Velvet would make an interesting face team especially if it means Gail or Madison would have to be her partner if it went too tag! Actually, I can foresee a Mickie, Tess & Velvet vs. Tara, Gail & Madison scenario on the cards soon…

    • Brayiaino

      and I really want ODB and EY to drop the tag title to rosita & sarita! I remember when not that long ago it was the womens & x division storylines that made tna sooo good to watch! Now, it’s like a low class WCW wannabe!

  • 09DHK

    Tara’s gonna win with some interference from either Jessie or inadvertent help from Velvet since I don’t see Velvet working as a heel at the moment. Everyone knows that Velvet’s return is the precursor to Mickie’s very anticipated heel turn. Hopefully they work an angle where Jessie cheats on Tara with Velvet or something because he’s REALLY killing Tara’s credibility as a heel, and their “Hollywood Power Couple” angle needs to end.

  • misschrissi7

    Tara will win. I cant see her dropping the belt just yet…..

  • velvelove

    im pretty sure this month or next theyll put that title on mickie, to have her lose it in 2/3 months to velvet