Today in History: Trish Returns to Face the Glamazon

On this day in history:

December 22nd, 2008 | Trish Stratus returned to the WWE for one special night, appearing on Raw when the show rolled into her hometown of Toronto. In the night’s main event match, she teamed with John Cena to take on Beth Phoenix and Santino. Beth more than held her own against the 7-time Women’s Champion but a timely bulldog by Trish laid her out, setting up Cena to tag in and hit Santino with an FU for the win.

What are your memories of this moment? Tell us in the comments!

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  • flash1086

    Ever since Trish retired, I felt that the divas division lost his magic. Trish, Your the best!

    • richies88

      divas division is so weak a the moment its a insult to the word weak how embarrassing it is


    Great moment!

  • divaindemise

    It would have been nice for Trish to have put over Beth Phoenix, but all the same it was nice to see them interact in the ring.

    • perceval

      It was the Christmas show, and the match was over the existence of Santa Claus. Santa Claus wasn’t losing here.

      • divaindemise

        First of all, I meant in general.

        Second of all, and I mean this with absolutely no malice, believe me, but your romanticism implies that you are sorely lacking any sort of active social life. You should try and get out more.

        • Choko

          I totally agree. Perceval is like this on several sites. I always laugh at his posts. I grew up going to live Joshi shows, and with my aunt being an instructor in dojos and stuff (not saying any real names) and even I find his romanticism pathetic.

        • TheLadySamantha

          “I mean this with absolutely no malice…” Smells like bullshit.

      • ajfan83

        Trish had another chance of putting over Beth when she hosted Raw. But I guess she might have sold a few less yoga mats if she jobbed in Toronto.

        • Bethinho

          keep dreaming…hell would freeze before Trish would have an atittude like that…and thinking that she said several times she would like to put over Beth and Natalya….

        • Flawless

          am lmao you guys xD

    • BillyGP

      Trish did not get the pin on Beth and plus Beth got some offense in which is still her being put over.

      AJFan it not up to Trish who wins the matches or get put over plus that match was more of MVP and Henry vs Show and Jericho.

      • Bethinho

        i guess having Beth to put some offense was a extreme honour…in that case what could be said about girls like Rosa or Aksana.
        and she did get the pin on the 2nd time she returned where she teamed with Henry and MVP…for what?

        • divaindemise


          Well, that’s what generally happens when you place your nose too close to your own ass, sweetheart.

  • TehKardashianKing

    The only thing I can remember from this match was Cena’s boner.

    • E-Man


  • NY Pollard

    Nice match and its always good to see Trish comeback to deliver Stratusfaction :-)

  • perceval

    Loved the crowd, cheering for the girls, and booing whenever the boys would interrupt them.

  • melina prez

    I loved this match!

  • Bethinho

    i would like to know ONE positive thing coming out of this match…..

    • velvelove

      Trish ratings

      • DIVASKO


      • Bethinho

        i was talking about something positive for the division as a whole…

        • redsandman99

          Nothing beyond seeing how Beth meshed with her in the ring. In this case I don’t see any harm in it since the story was of Cena stopping Santino from ruining Christmas for the kids and that’s how it ended. Now the buildup to Wrestlemania 27 when Trish was all over TV and all the Raw divas were regulated to Superstars, that I had a huge problem with.

  • Ryan

    The only time I didn’t care to see Trish -_-

  • NY Pollard

    I have absolutely no problem with Trish or Lita for that matter, coming in every once in awhile and teaching these divas a lesson or two. I am a huge Lita & Trish fan and feel lucky to have watched them both evolve into such icons for women in WWE. They were both relatively inexperienced and scoffed at when trying to make it wrestling. And to see them now doing well after wrestling, becoming legends and calling the shots, its so awesome to see. So they come in and pick up a couple of victories, not everything needs to be for the sole purpose of “putting someone over.” Sometimes its okay for them to give back a shout out to the fans (us) who helped make them such big stars. I welcome their appearances every time they comeby. Also, I would love to see Molly Holly, Ivory, Jacqueline, Terri Poch, and any other attitude era diva come in to say hello every one in awhile. I’d love it.

    • ajfan83

      It’s bad enough watching Trish and Lita barely get a reaction from the crowd. And those are the “icon” divas. How sad would it be to see a lesser star like Molly come out and literally get NO reaction? And don’t fool yourself, that’s exactly what would happen.

      It’s time for people to accept reality. Divas don’t have the lasting power of the guys. Someone like Rikishi or the APA show up and people pop. The two most popular divas of the 2000s show up and the crowd sits on their hands. I thought Lita avoided that for a while but the last couple of appearances have exposed her. She’s in the same boat as Trish now.