AJ Lee Wins Diva of the Year Slammy Award


WWE crowned its Diva of the Year last night during its WWE TLC pre-show as AJ Lee took the win.

The award — which was relegated to WWE.com rather than being given out on tonight’s Raw special Slammy Awards episode — makes AJ two-for-two as she was also voted WWE Magazine’s Diva of the Year.

Past winners of the award in recent history include Beth Phoenix (2008), Maria Kanellis (2009) and Michelle McCool (2010). The award was deactivated last year but Kelly Kelly won a Diva-themed award at the 2011 Slammys.

Watch the reveal clip below:

Will AJ be your Diva of the Year, too, in the Diva Dirt Fan Awards?

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  • TorrieWilsonFan03

    eve should of won

    • TorrieWilsonFan03


  • http://xnewerawrestling.org IvIBlueBloodIVI

    why…I understand she’s been a huge name and all, but seriously she has only received that credibility though other superstars…She didn’t wrestle…she just acted like a spoiled little girl…Eve should of won. At least he has the best of both worlds…


    I was so desappointed that Eve didnt won a single Slammy :(

  • Johnyfaction3

    I would have pick Eve because her push was incorporated to the divas division, while Aj just stayed with the men. I would have give AJ the breakthrough Award instead but Ryback will most likely win that. Eve deserved betrayal of the year too.

  • Divo

    Fuck eve, glad aj won she deserved it.

    • Blac Chyna

      Fuck you too

    • Mr_Adone

      Wtf???? U need help. Seriously. Like Blac Chyna said Fuck u too u banjo playing bitch lmao. Havent done that in a while

      • Divo

        Lol banjo? You and blac can have several seats. The right woman won, get over it.

        • Mr_Adone

          Yeah banjo. It was funny & im not mad about AJ winning I really dont care. Its fake & I have better things to do with my day then get mad over who won a “slammy”

        • Divo

          Could have fooled me, anyway moving right along..

  • redsandman99

    I would have been fine with Eve but I’m glad AJ won. Like I said before, this award wasn’t really going to be based on how much wrestling was done by any one of them. It just wasn’t.

  • lucky1now

    i get why they gave it to her but in all honesty it should have been eve she was the one in the divas division while aj was more part of the superstars
    at the end of the day im just glad a there was a diva slammy

  • xAJLeeNerdx

    Eve should’ve won this award tbh. AJ deserve something more like Breakout Superstar Of The Year

  • Spike7000

    Miss Elizabeth and Sable were the first 2 to win this ”award”. Elizabeth won it in 87 when it was known as the woman of the year while Sable in 97 as Miss Slammy.

    Beth Phoenix and Natalya actually won the award last year through WWE Magazine

  • velvelove

    if everyone is so into Eve winning because of her relevance in the divas division, than i would pick Layla not Eve.

    • Jinzo

      What relevance did Layla have? She won the divas title and did what? Beat Beth Phoenix at 2 PPV’s then disappear off TV. It was during her reign when the divas remained off TV for months in a row.

      She never defended her title against anyone other than Beth, she was only on Raw once a month (if even that much), most of her matches were on Superstars or NXT, and she didn’t become relevant again until she lost the belt to Eve. I beg people to use logic when making claims like that.

      • EL ROYALTY

        The only reason Layla was taken off of television is because WWE thought Layla wasn’t 100% to wrestle and because she got heat for the arm flip move she did to Beth at MITB..

      • divaindemise

        If I were to have awarded Layla the Slammy, it would have been for her personal achievements. While Layla probably did fail to recaptured the WWE Universe’s imagination upon her return, there is undeniable relevancy in the story of any athlete bouncing back from injury through determination and a hard work ethic, to winning the title on her first night back and nonetheless enjoying one of the lengthier reigns in recent memory. To analyse even further, Layla’s return marked the end of the Diva spot fest that was celebrated during Kelly Kelly’s time as the division’s Queen Bee. I think the most decent thing about Layla’s time as champion was the abundantly obvious progression she had made as a legitimate wrestler.

        • divaindemise


        • K2Evefan

          Layla may have improved in the ring much faster and much further but at least kelly kelly stayed relevant during her title reign. WWE is attempting to turn into the all american babyface in place of K2 but its hasnt work her return was much more hyped than it turned out to be. While her in ring skill is great she has still been put back on the back burner as a face. She needs to be heel again really soon before wwe decides to release her whiich would be a terrible thing.

        • puppies

          Eve’s had the best reign with the title in quite a long while, that I can recall. It’s the most interesting (story wise) and her Kaitlyn feud is the only reason the divas have been more relevant to the product lately. I’m ok with AJ winning, she’s up there with the main-eventers every night and is a focal point for WWE, as a whole. Either one would’ve been fine, I just preferred Eve.

  • shannymac

    I’m so happy for her!

  • charovnica

    I’m glad AJ won,I,however,am not glad how her win was presented.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Lets go AJ!!!! Glad she won and come on, Eve has been champion for the longest time, so it’s cool but AJ has generated a LOT of TV time! AJ rocks! Love her and can’t get enough!!

  • http://twitter.com/#!/jayd211 Jayd211

    everyone saying that Eve should have won instead of AJ have to realize that this was a fan voted award even though Eve may have wrestled more apparently the fans of WWE preferred AJ’s year to Eve’s its that simple

    • Divo

      quoted for the truth

  • Raekon

    What a “surprise”. <_<
    Congrats though! :)

  • divaindemise

    A no-brainer, really. AJ’s name has been kept etched across the consciousness of the WWE Universe for pretty much the greater part of this year. Part of me would have liked her breakout to have included in-ring progressing — she had that great little match with Layla — but nonetheless an undeniably deserved accolade.

    Hopefully next year we will see if AJ can bring the audience interest to her road to becoming Divas Champion.

  • aldo

    AJ AJ AJ…it’s not a surprise….well, i just hope not to see her as the new Kelly kelly. Of course Eve should’ve won…


      AJ could never.

  • .o0LitaFan0o.

    I’m happy with AJ winning. I don’t understand what all the fuss is about. She was a very big star as far as the diva’s go this year. I would have enjoyed Eve winning considering she was a key player in the division. I knew the outcome would be one or the other so kind of a win/win for me!