Diva Dirt Writers’ Choice Awards: Best Babyface – AJ Lee

Diva Dirt presents its second annual Writers’ Choice Awards, the awards that celebrate the year in women’s wrestling, as decided by the editors and contributors of Diva Dirt. The Diva Dirt team has watched hundreds of episode of wrestling television this year, as well as hundreds of live events on DVD, additionally, we’ve followed a countless number of wrestlers over the year, and reviewed tons of matches. Now, as we come to the end of 2012, we have picked the best of the best to be awarded our Writers’ Choice blue ribbons.

Best Babyface: AJ Lee

aj-leeThere is only one female wrestler on TV right now that gets a mega face reaction, so picking the winner of this category was a no-brainer.

AJ Lee has been on fire throughout 2012 and this year has been more than kind to the pint-sized WWE Diva. In 2011, AJ was used more in an ehancement role for the likes of the Divas of Doom and whilst things didn’t get any better at the start of the year (Big Show flattened her), things definitely picked up at WrestleMania 28.

At the Grandest Stage of Them All, AJ gave then boyfriend Daniel Bryan a quick kiss good luck at the start of his match against Sheamus. Unluckily for Daniel, he turned around into a Brogue Kick and lost the World Heavyweight Championship in 18 seconds. Who knew that the kiss would catapult AJ and D-Bry to mentally unstable stardom? After being blamed relentlessly by the world’s most famous vegan, the Chickbuster snapped and Cray-J was born!

AJ assaulted her way through the Divas division and snogged her way through the main event scene (she even joined Katie Vick, Tori and Lita by jumping on the big red bandwagon) and she was the catalyst for the triple threat WWE Title feud featuring Bryan, Kane and CM Punk – not bad going for a Diva in the modern era!

Following this, the Diva then went onto make up with Daniel Bryan, only to then leave him at the altar and become the General Manager of RAW. Just a normal day at the office, right? AJ then got her last name back and managed 92 days at the helm of WWE’s flagship show. Since her resignation, she’s been quarreling with Vickie Guerrero and playing tonsil tennis with John Cena and thus, here we are today.

AJ Lee has been rubbing shoulders with WWE’s biggest names and has been skipping her way through the year with charm. Her acting has been superb and even the likes of Anne Hathaway would be jealous of her facial expressions. Whilst the Divas Championship has so far eluded her, the fans’ respect and admiration certainly hasn’t.

She may play crazy, but there’s something incredibly endearing about AJ that draws fans in and has made her the most cheered-for Diva in recent history.

2012 has been a monumental year for AJ and we’re sure that come 2013, she will continue to light it up, light it up…

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  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    She plays crazy needy little girl yet deals with issues like a genius. Like a Woman :)
    She’s a complexes character for sure, and she’s given us a history of her character since early 2012… Being used by DB, getting broken by DB, playing the emotional needy AJ beggin DB back, and with other men too… cm punk, John Cena and even Big Man Kane himself!! But confronted the people like an adult.. Like an aggressie adult living In the old school wrestling world.. By kicking ass, jumping Vickie, Dolph and a few others

    I dig AJ totally love her and can never get enough of her, yes she’s irrational at times but bro, what woman isn’t? So it’s all good! When Eve tried to hang with the big boys, the main enters, she failed to connect with the fans. It’s all good because eve still makes a hell of a heel! A by the book heel is the worse lol
    She gets away with stuff playing by the book representing eve as a smart woman!
    Can’t wait till AJ goes and messes eve up :P

    No doubt she made herself easily connecting with the fans on NxT as Maxine’s jobber
    AJ IS the new Lita, in a sense at least, no knockouts unfortunately generated much this year, great matches though and Brooke Tess was on fire! So yes AJ woman of the year!!

  • puppies

    Well deserved, I’m not really a big fan (I do like her though) but it’s nice to see wrestling fans so interested in a female.

  • divaindemise

    I don’t know if I would personally consider AJ a babyface, but I cannot argue that the fans have cheered her even during her more duplicitous moments. She’s popular and some people just need to deal with it.

  • ajfan83

    What a stupid award. She’s spent 3/4 of the year as a heel. Who was runner up, Vickie Guerrero?

    • divaindemise

      For once we are agreed.


      I agree with you aswell! Most of the times I would say she was a tweener!

      • Marlon Eric

        Agreed thrice.

        • BobAnthony

          Make that 4th from me.


    lol at people saying that Eve failed connecting with the fans, while AJ connected.

    Do you want to compare the treatment that AJ received compared to Eve´s? AJ has been on the main event scene the entire year, while Eve briefly after her heel turn was put with John Launvjfevn while basicly did nothing and barely appeared, then there was a period where she didnt appear at all, then she came back, main evented raw, desappeared again, then was put has Booker T assistent, where she did nothing again, and then participated in a veru dumb storyline with Layla and Kaitlyn, where she didnt appear for like what 2 weeks? So how do you want to connect with the fans with this kind of treatment?

    • divaindemise

      I can’t believe the intention was to turn Eve heel until the writers discovered how badly she was jeered after sharing a kiss with John Cena. Yet, it transpired in one of the most exciting Diva heel turns since Trish Stratus slapped the snot out of Chris Jericho. Unfortunately there was too much trepidation with preserving the “hoeski” chant — why the Divas don’t rally the crowds into employing it during matches with Eve mystifies me.

      I do agree that consistency was something loaned to AJ this year, whereas Eve bobbed in and out of the picture. Nonetheless I would say it’s been a very important year for both of their careers.

      • GailKim95

        Aj had a huge following even when she was on NXT Season three and then when she came back against Maxine later. AJ didn’t need the main event guys to get a good reaction, Eve did. I’m not saying Eve is bad I’m just saying AJ has always gotten more of a reaction than Eve

  • redsandman99

    She definitely didn’t play the most clear cut babyface at times but what the hell. The crowd’s been behind her there’s no arguing with that.

  • Marlon Eric

    When Paige debuts, THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING! lol…

  • wwe12divasx

    Babyface no more

  • SweeneyTodd

    Fail. Not really a face and a bad one too.

  • scarlet spider

    OK, I’ve got it. The new tag-line for Diva-Dirt, seeing as how ‘The Women’s Wrestling Bible’ stopped being an appropriate name for this place some time ago (as this award is further evidence of).

    So, I reckon they should go with “Diva-Dirt – The Women’s Wrestling Website where wrestling doesn’t matter”.

    Simple, effective and, most importantly, true.

  • http://twitter.com/lostmikeys Kaledrina

    really hope we get some positive diva role models next year. it seems to have been all about getting it on with guys (vicki, aj, eve..) and making fun of a supposed mental illness. and, well, that’s not cool.

    as for the award itself, never really felt aj as a ‘babyface’ the last 7 or 8 months tbh. she’s definitely had a great year, though. i figure best breakthrough woulda been more apt.

  • Gail-Trish-Maryse

    Aj is more of a tweener. I wouldn’t even consider her for this award. I would even consider K2 for this award before I would Aj (and everyone knows how much I dislike her).

    I would give this award to Brooke Tessmacher. Then Kaitlyn would be in line next.

  • Chryst Voegele

    AJ’s great but… she isn’t 100% face and look like tweener or heel more.

  • LitaFvr00

    To everyone complaining that AJ isn’t a full fledged face.. who else was more popular? Hence why she won this award.

    I agree AJ is one of those individuals who plays both sides of the fence. She has been kind of “slutty”, attacked major faces and heels.. whoever she attacks she always gets yes chants or good chants in general. What other diva has really been able to pull that off in WWE? Maybe one, but from the past.. nobody current. Eve kinda did the same “kiss and turn” with the whole Ryder/Cena thing and she didn’t really stay relevant with the fans because of it, it got her two weeks of heat and that was that.

  • https://www.twitter.com/KiannaFury phenomenalkstyles

    Not really a big fan but I do like her heart. Even though, I think that “Crazy Chick” gimmick of hers is REALLY getting out of hand. It seems like she went from crazy to well, I don’t know…