Today in History: Mickie Kisses Trish Under the Mistletoe

On this day in history:

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December 26th, 2005 | Christmas had come and gone, but Mickie James didn’t let that stop her from taking advantage of a holiday tradition, surprising Trish Stratus with a kiss under the mistletoe. If the one-sided infatuation could have become any more awkward, this did it.

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  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Ah yes, the kiss heard round the wretling world. Loved this whole story. Welplanned, well placed and well performed by all involved.

  • Spike7000

    Also in today’s history

    Madusa and Akira Hokuto would compete in the finals at Starcade PPV to crown the new WCW Women’s Champion.

    Sensational Sherri would defend the Womens title against Rockin in a live taped WWE houseshow in Madison Square Garden in 87

    • Spike7000

      *against Rockin’ Robin

      • NY Pollard

        I don’t think many of the Diva Dirt posters know much about that lol.

        I loved the Mickie Trish kiss. It was so shocking. I knew Mickie’s outburst would lead to something…didn’t expect it to be a big kiss! Lol

    • V1AHHHH

      WCW Womens Championship… What a pointless thing that turned out to be! :P

    • Clarke

      oh, the WCW Womens and WCW Womens Cruiserweight championships… what trainwrecks!

  • Ryan

    Mickie’s hot lesbian obsession with Trish lmfao!! Wooooooooo!! Mickie is awesome!!

  • VarsityBaseDude

    One of the best feuds ever!

  • rodneyclint

    Sucks this was the last really good and involved storyline with the girls. You’d think that they would have tried to keep it up, but after Trish and Lita peaced out, the E’s boner for the Divas division shrunk hardcore. Now we are thanking the Gods whenever there’s a match that exceeds two minutes.