Today in History: Chyna and Chris Jericho Become Co-Intercontinental Champions

On this day in history:

December 30th, 1999 | Chyna came to the ring to issue a challenge to Intercontinental Champion Chris Jericho, and he answered it. The title was on the line, and throughout the match Chyna seemed close to capturing the title. However, Jericho accidentally dropped both of them onto a steel chair, and there they lay, on their backs with an arm over the other. Two referees made individual counts and declared each of them the winner. Thus, Chyna and Chris Jericho became co-Intercontinental Champions. The Champions started off their reign, appropriately, with a brawl, furious about the finish.

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  • Clarke

    what a joke!

  • TommyStarstruck


    It could be called a ‘joke’ but there was an actual storyline behind it and giving Chyna another push, keeping it interesting was something new and one of the definitions of that Era in Wrestling.

    I’d SO rather see this on WWE than 90% of what’s on RAW/SD now.

    • NY Pollard

      I agree with you. It was awesome. Not the best wrestling ever, but very entertaining compared to most of what we have today.

    • Clarke

      I’m talking about Chyna winning the IC title when she couldn’t even wrestle her way out of a sleeping bag

      • JamieKym

        Wait. She wasn’t that bad of a wrestler. What the hell are you watching? People are so stupid these days.

      • NY Pollard

        Clarke, you’re being way too harsh. Chyna was carried by the guys, but she wasn’t a complete trainwreck. She had her 5 moves of doom as Cena does. She had her charm and was a novelty at the time. She was the first woman to believeably fight guys in WWE and she earned the IC title as a result. In WWE, you don’t have to be the greatest wrestler to get a title. You have to be either hot, have management on your side, or be very over with the fans. I’m sure people like Cena, Sable and others will agree. Well anyway, it happened and is a part of pro wrestling history. In the grand scheme of things, this is hardly anything to bitch about.

  • Ryan

    Man those were insane days haha
    Storyline was weird I guess but the action surrounding it was awesome as usual Jericho that likable jackass always took charge, chyna came off weak lol I remember when Bob Holly was beating both of them up and when Jericho got pissed at chyna and dropped her inside a laundromat and threw her into a parking lot XD
    The thumb and hammer thing was brutal even for me I hated that scene :(