A Very Raw Christmas Redux: The Divas Pull a Cracker of a Match, AJ Stuffs Her Face Full of Dolph

Raw Redux 1

Hello everybody and welcome to a delayed Raw Redux (blame Santa!). It’s me, Jack, here covering for Cryssi this week and if like me, you hadn’t caught up on the WWE’s festive activities, then now is your chance! Monday Night Raw delivered some nice little Diva stocking fillers this week; we got an eight Diva Santa’s Little Helper tag match pitting Alicia Fox, Kaitlyn, Layla and Natalya against Aksana, Divas Champion Eve Torres, Rosa Mendes and Tamina Snuka, and a brigade of backstage segments featuring AJ Lee and her new boy-toy, Dolph Ziggler. I promise there’ll not be a turkey in sight, so without further ado, allow me to deliver the presents!

In case you haven’t had enough of Divas dressing up in holiday costumes after WWE TLC, up first this week is the eight Diva Santa’s Little Helper tag team match. With Eve losing out to Kaitlyn just last week, will lightning strike twice or will the Divas Champ break some hearts? Let’s have a look!

We first see the entrance of our nice Divas as the theme of the insatiable Layla booms through the speakers. If Lay’s theme is anything to go by, she’ll be using her gift receipts this year to get some things she actually wants! Layla is dressed in traditional Christmas colors, while Natalya is donning Hart pink, Alicia is doing her best rein-Diva impression and Kaitlyn is… well… Ash Ketchum from Pokémon meets an elf! Out next are the naughty Divas and all the girls are wearing their best red and white, although Tamina obviously didn’t get the memo as she’s showing off her best Grinch wear!

The action starts with Nattie and Aksana locking up. Natalya applies a waist-lock before going for a schoolgirl roll-up. The former wife of Goldust then whips the Dungeon Diva into the corner, but the momentum shifts again and Natalya goes for another pin attempt complete with a lovely bridge. After a near-fall, Alicia Fox is tagged in and spanks her foreign foe on the tush! Aksana is whipped across the ropes and A-Fox leapfrogs her so that Nattie can hit her with a sick clothesline – ouch! Foxy then delivers a dropkick and just as it looks like she’s on a roll, Aksana averts danger and makes Alicia whack her leg off the turnbuckle. Following a hair-grab takeover, Aksana then does what can only be described as a sexy snail impression before mocking Alicia while grasping her jaw.

Tamina enters the fray next following a tag and bounces the giblets out of Alicia with a series of headbutts. The daughter of Jimmy Snuka then applies a hangman’s style hair-pull but Alicia flips out and hits another dropkick. With the Grinch flat on her back, Alicia tags in Layla and she goes wild. Following a flurry of offense, the Little English Muffin delivers a booty pop to the face before dancing her way into a Samoan Drop from Tamina. Tamina kicks at Layla before scoring a two count and then tags in Rosa Mendes.

The Freakin’ Costa Rican bashes Layla with a clothesline before applying a submission by delving her knees in Layla’s back and crossing her foes arms around her neck. Rosa then adapts the move into a Camel Clutch style before Layla breaks out. The last ever Women’s Champion tries to make a tag, but Rosa thwarts her attempt. Divas Champion Eve now enters the bout and begins to assault Layla for a short while. Just when Eve thinks she’s in control, here comes Kaitlyn.

The Hybrid Diva managed to reach out and make the hot tag and she goes to work on her bitter enemy. After laying some blows to Eve, she goes for a cover, which is broken up by Rosa. The manager of Primo and Epico throws Kaitlyn to the outside, but when she turns around, Nattie’s ready and waiting and locks in a Sharpshooter. Watch out Natalya! BAM! Tamina hits The Great Khali’s lover with a massive superkick but not before Alicia Fox can deliver one of her own – a ferociously fierce Scissor Kick to Tamina! It’s a finisher frenzy as Alicia is then hit with a Divo Drop by Aksana. Layla’s next to jump into the spotlight as she crossbodys Aksana. Eve returns to the action and hits Layla with a bicycle-like kick. But wait Eve, Kaitlyn is behind you! “Oh no she isn’t?” OH YES she is! Kaitlyn hoists her foe up and does lightning strike twice? Yes, it does. The NXT Season 3 winner hits her patented gut-buster and gets the win over Eve for the second straight week!

Following that, we also have a series of segments featuring former Raw General Manager AJ Lee and Mr Money in the Bank, Dolph Ziggler. Get your sick bags at the ready as whether you’ve ate too much or not over the festive period, you’ll be retching after seeing the nauseating passion between AJ and Dolph!

Thoughts: Firstly, I’ll discuss the match and although it wasn’t an instant classic, it was a really nice treat to toast the holiday season. While cliched, I particularly enjoyed the ending to the match with most girls hitting a finisher because a lot of the time, we don’t get to see them due to so many roll-up victories! It was also great to see that WWE is continuing to give Kaitlyn momentum and is actually building a program between her and Eve. Many fans are speculating that Kaitlyn will win the Divas Title at the 20th Anniversary of Raw next month as it takes places in Kaitlyn’s hometown, yet that will have to be seen to be believed for me.

As for AJ, it’s always cool to see any Diva get mic time and of course, it’s AJ Lee we’re talking about, so it’s always going to be a main eventer that she is interacting with! Whilst the intense snogging is a bit much at times, AJ performed really well in the time she had, and hey, who knew she was so good at writing stories? Whilst AJ’s book had a happy ending, will Cray-J’s 2012 end on a high note? Only time will tell!

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  • charovnica

    I missed the backstages for some reason lol AJ did great on those! Really digging Ziggler and AJ as a couple,I’m a huge Rated R Couple fan and they remind me of them

    • http://unicornduchess07.tumblr.com hellaciousheart

      i was thinking the same thing.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Aksana’s spinebuster was friken awesome!

  • Johnyfaction3

    Lol I was laughing at Rosa the whole match. She was so funny. Her yelling during the match was hilarious. It was nice to see Alicia’a finisher I hasn’t been done in a while. Also Aksana murdered Alicia with the divo drop! It actually enjoyed the match. The divas brought good intensity the whole time. That’s how it should be especially when they don’t get time.

  • PeriodPalace

    did anyone else notice kaitlyn laughing while she was pinning eve???

    • Raekon

      Yep. :)
      It was as if Eve told her something funny behind her back and she busted out laughing.

      Was very nice.

      • puppies

        Yeah and she whispers something back to Eve when she was getting up. It was really cute lol.

      • http://www.myspace.com/afemata_blood Sitau

        Wouldn’t it be funny if eve just told her she farted lol

  • lucky1now

    Fashion high eve she looked great fashion low tamina really no one can give this girl some advice??
    The match was good all divas took part and reminded people that they actually do have finishing moves
    In all honesty I believe with a push and decent storyline rosa can get over with the crowd she most def has personality
    This eve kaitlyn thing is running old they been at it for a while I really don’t want kaitlyn to take the belt it was weird how they played laylas music after the match but let’s all just hope it means kaitlyn will get something better then what she has

  • JillianHallTNA

    Tamina yelled “Oh shit” when Layla was doing her pinning roll-up thingy!

    • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

      I wonder what that move is called too. It’s a fireman carry take down obviously, a running one that is. But then turned into a cradle pin. Idk I wonder what the official name for it is :p

      • Storm

        “Arm drag, reversal into a pin”? Courtesy of wiki. :)

  • JamieKym

    Great Spots from the match:

    Leapfrog into Discus Clothesline(shame she doesn’t use it as a finisher anymore)

    Samoan Drop

    Rosa’s Canada Effect(The knees in back submission)

    The Super Kick

    Officer Nasty

    Diva Drop

    • Storm

      Alicia actually did her finisher “Watch Yo Face”, “Officer Nasty” is the somersault leg drop.

  • velvelove

    when kaitlyn threw her her hat off while getting in the ring it reminded me of how mad i used to get at ashley for trying to leave it on in the ring.

  • http://twitter.com/RyanRoman0 Ryan

    Loved this sexy little match hahha! When aksana was crawling slowly I imagined Santa Baby… XD
    The spine buster by Aksana was powerful!! And Alicia taking that big dumbo Herga out with the Sissor Kick was amazing too!! Haha awesome! Great to see Layla again!
    I’m not gonna watch the AJ segments because I assume it’s all basically her making out with that dude so no thanks B-)

    • charovnica

      It’s a lot more than that she actually got mic time and basically made fun of Cena in a very witty way

  • Garouix

    I’m loving AJ and Dolph together more and more every week.

  • Raekon

    I really enjoyed the match.

    It was refreshing watching the girls all together and it was more than obvious that they all had lots of fun in the match.

    The interaction between the teams, the moves, everything was spot on. :)

    Quite a few hilarious spots too and Kaitlyn laughing like a little baby at the end was sweet.


    I really enjoyed this match! And Rosa looked very cute, and was very funny aswell, she has tons of charisma!

    And I hope that Kaitlyn gets a new theme song and a new titantron, and wins the title in her hometown :)

  • DJ8946

    Its was a nice match. I hope this is a sign to come for them to use all the divas again & not just the normal 5. I heard that they are taping RAW tommorrow & it might be a Divas title match. If so I wonder if Kaitlyn will win. I’d rather her win in her hometown. If they have it Eve should attack her backstage & in the match Kaitlyn beats Eve’s ass & hits her with a chair & gets DQ’d XD

  • 09DHK

    So AJ is free to whore around the men’s locker room, but Layla can’t have her “Nasty Girl” theme back because it’s not “PG?” This may be a random topic to talk about, but “Insatiable” SUCKS. The match was okay. Hopefully Kaitlyn doesn’t win the title so Eve can feud with and drop the title to someone new. I think Kaitlyn should feud with AJ, and maybe throw Vickie back in the mix since she was Kaitlyn’s pro on NXT. It’d be a nice way to keep Kaitlyn on TV and AWAY from the title for a little while longer.

    • xx_swayme

      “Nasty Girl” screams heel.. Layla is a face now so no she will not be getting that theme back anytime soon regardless of PG or not.

      • 09DHK

        I respectfully disagree; in my opinion, Melina’s “Paparazzi” theme was FAR more heel-ish than “Nasty Girl,” yet she kept it during her face run. Plus, AJ’s a heel now, but still retained her bubblegum theme music, so I don’t see the harm in giving Layla HER theme back. At least people would be able to associate it with her as opposed to Tiffany.

      • Raekon

        Melinas theme had no vocals though while Laylas has saying Nasty Girl the whole time.

        • 09DHK

          Again, how is that a bigger issue than AJ not acting so “PG” by whoring around the men’s locker room with FIVE guys in less than one year? Three of which were at the same time. The fact that Melina’s theme was an instrumental doesn’t necessarily make it less of a heel theme than Layla’s (personally, I think her theme was one of the best diva themes ever). Maryse’s theme had vocals that weren’t so PG. The only reason she got away with it was because most WWE fans don’t understand French, but translate the lyrics to English, and they’re FAR worse than “Nasty Girl.”

    • TheLadySamantha

      I didn’t think anyone cared since that theme sucked more balls than AJ during a backstage segment.

  • http://www.facebook.com/BrandonTyler95www.twitter.com/Brandon_Tyler14 BTylerHenderson

    Aksana may not be a great wrestler, but that Divo Drop looked awesome! But I fairly enjoyed the match, just wish Naomi or Cameron was in the match lol.

  • aldo

    I loved the match because it had Kaytlin getting the pin on Eve which means the feud continues, it had Natalya and Alicia as faces, and it had Tamina and Rosa Mendes (and she is somenone that i can hear talk and talk in the matches and never get tired off! she is really funny to me!)

  • redsandman99

    AJ and Dolph are rocking the obnoxiously passionate heel couple thing. It’ll be interesting to see how it plays out. As for the match, I enjoyed it. They got a nice chunk of time to work with and had nice spots. Aksana’s Divo Drop looked really vicious I’ll give her that.

  • K2Evefan

    Im to mad eve is holding the divas belt upside down at the end lol. And i see rosa hasnt gotten any better at selling her own moves. Other than that i was kinda impressed by the wwe for putting on a divas match with almost all of the active wrestling roster divas, they gave each of the girls a decent amount of time in the ring, we got entrances, and kaitlyn and eve’s feud progression. Wwe is definitely starting to do a little better with their divas but they still have alot of work to do. I think all of the divas did a great job at utilizing their in ring time with the exception of rosa. Overall i definitely enjoyed the match.

    • Raekon

      Rosa is not allowed to use like 99% of her moveset on the main roster so, it was no surprise there.

      As about the hairpul she went for Layla jumped akwardly and dragged Rosa down.

      Wasn’t a biggie though.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        That’s how rosa threw layla,layla’s been thrown by her hair many times & sold it better rosa’s throw was the problem….but to me rosa’s selling was fine i mean she didn’t look awkward or anything…

  • KJ Mendez

    I love Layla but her character seems to have faded into the background . I mean , when her music played I thought it was Tiffany ..

  • pumped up kicks

    Damnnnnn I looooove Aksana’s spinebuster! I enjoyed the last part of the match with all the finishers being done… it showed a glimpse of greatness we know the divas can be! It was nice that they got a good amount of time as well.

  • clintocki

    Surprisingly, I actually liked the match this year and am for the first time in a long time, looking forward to what the New Year brings for the Divas.

  • Gail-Trish-Maryse

    The first part of the match was good. Especially the parts with Nattie & Alicia. But after that it felt really awkward most of the time to me. (all though that could be bc I just got finished watching the flawless Knockouts match from this week. You can tell most of the Divas aren’t used to having any ring time.

    The highlight (and most unexpected) part of the match was Aksana’s finisher. That was SIIIIIIIIICK!

  • divaindemise

    Alicia is so underrated. I wish she would get another chance to be pushed for the title. She sold Aksana’s finisher beautifully.

    • Like Mike

      I love Alicia Fox, and she is certainly underrated by a lot of people. But let’s not forget Aksana, she also delivered the move to perfection. I think Aksana has more talent then people realize as well.

      • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

        But aksana is more all over the place then alicia is & alicia is an amazing seller of moves….

  • http://au.groups.yahoo.com/group/WWE_Divas/ art

    Tamina’s superkick is just sick,im surprised a diva is allowed to do it….
    every diva got some time in the ring & i want a rosa/nattie feud & i liked that rosa went to run back in the ring after nattie & aksana had to grab her lol….
    good to see layla back in the ring after having her matches cut from tv….

  • Shan

    I remember watching this and thinking, ‘hey, this match is actually pretty good! I’m actually entertained for the first time in a long while.’ It’s times like this I get mad all over again that the girls arean’t given proper time to shine while Cena gets like a full hour to hit Alberto with crap he finds in presents. Which by the way, he took his sweet time looking into.
    Oh well, hopefully this shows a turning point for the Divas. And is it me or did anyone watch the match with the Funkasaurus and those guys? I think Cameron has a thing for one of the Usos.