Best Moments of 2012: Eve’s Heel Turn


As 2012 draws to a close, the Diva Dirt writers have each picked a personal highlight to reminisce on the year gone by.

Today: Steven shares his best moment from 2012 — Eve‘s heel turn.

For a good portion of 2012, Diva fans were itching for something new in the division and that’s exactly what they got when fan favorite Eve turned on Zack Ryder. While Eve’s turn may have come completely out of the blue, it unleashed a part of Eve’s personality that we didn’t even know existed. Eve went a happy, smiling babyface to selfish, vindictive, manipulating heel in a matter of a week and became one of the most hated members of the roster in the process.

Perhaps two major turning points stand out that gave Eve her very own history-making moments. The first was her kiss with John Cena, followed by her kicking off Raw the following week, explaining her devious plan to the Bella Twins and sharing the opening segment in the ring with John Cena.

And then there was her WrestleMania moment. While she may have already wrestled earlier in the night, losing to Kelly Kelly and celebrity guest wrestler Maria Menounos, she got her big moment when she cost Zack Ryder the important Raw vs SmackDown match which saw villainous John Laurinaitis take control of both shows, thus costing Teddy Long his job.

Eve’s heel turn and rapid rise to the top of the Divas division is definitely one of the best moments of 2012.

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  • rodneyclint

    Agreed, but I’m still pissed that the ‘E did everything possible to kill her heat.

    • Maryse101

      I honestly think that if WWE didnt kill her heat, that the crowd would boo so loud, that we wouldnt even be able to hear her theme song.

  • Miss Xtreme

    I loved Eve as a Heel & Face. But i do like her as Heel though. Would love to see her & AJ team up.

  • charovnica

    I agree that WWE dropped the ball on her heel turn at the very peak of it. It could’ve been epic and it was only decent. But I think the WM spot & her bitch moves as the aftermath photoshoots are definitely screaming HEEL.

    I would only wish for her to get a little bit better at backstage segments and promos,she was terrible at the beginning of the Zack/Cena story-line and then she was becoming better and better with every next promo.So it’d be good if they let her have more mic time in 2013.

  • puppies

    Agree 100%.

  • lucky1now

    Her heel turn gave the divas new life in a way
    Wonder how the year would have been without it?

  • VelvetLoveFan

    She was a way better heel, her as a face was boring imo.

    • Jcott3

      Agreed. I hated her as a face. Her big move was the booty popping she did before a moonsault.

  • divaindemise

    Wasted potential, I think. Eve’s sudden villainy could have been something the company’s top storylines revolve around but instead they more or less diluted her act. She has been a marvellous Divas Champion, however.

  • wl75

    I think the issue is Layla’s title run after Nikki’s going-away gift run came off really flat after what we were expecting to happen didn’t, and when Eve won the title from Layla it was sort of meh. Eve’s been good in backstage stuff though, and I think her feud with Kaitlyn has gotten a lot better recently (and I suspect it’ll end with Kaitlyn winning the title either at the Rumble or the Raw 20th Anniversary Show on the 14th, with the 14th more likely since it’s Kaitlyn’s hometown and the reaction would be good- the question being if Kaitlyn does win, does she move to a program with AJ leading up to Mania so AJ can win the title in her hometown?)

  • WrestlingFan29

    Even though Eve hasn’t been getting a lot of focus, I think she’s making the best of it by adding more layers to her character, and is playing the two-faced and manipulative heel role very well.

  • Divo


    • NY Pollard

      Care to elaborate?

  • aldo

    agree 100% too. She was so boring before this. Now she has personality! I love her now.

  • MattyM

    Zack Ryder <3 <3 <3

  • layglamacool

    I agree with the masses here, WWE definitely dropped the ball on this one. Instead they focused all their attention on AJ (which ended up paying off).

    • ZPZA

      Not exactly, because now AJ is a heel at her peak as a fan favorite.

  • k2evecrew

    Instead of turning Aj heel they should’ve started a rivalry between her and eve . Eve could’ve called her out for winning diva of the year & said that she had Cena first and that Aj had her sloppy seconds . Then they could’ve kept Aj in the tlc pre show battle royal & had her eliminate Kaitlin get her title shot , then let eve cheat and win. Eventually their feud would’ve lasted all the way to wrestle mania where A.j would win the divas championship.

    • WrestlingFan29

      I agree. WWE should’ve kept AJ as a face, and let her feud with Eve till WrestleMania. I don’t know why they turned AJ heel…she was over as a face.

  • WweLitafan4ever

    Did they reveal the shocker/OMG moment of the year?