SmackDown Watch: Naomi, Cameron and Rosa Get Physical


Though not entirely earth-shattering, last night’s SmackDown was notable for a brief exchange between valets Naomi and Cameron, who accompanied Brodus Clay to the ring, and Rosa Mendes, who accompanied Primo for his match against the Funkasaurus.

Fresh from making their in-ring debuts during the WWE TLC pre-show, Naomi and Cameron are getting a little more physical these days, it seems, as they hit a tandem move on a peeved Rosa following Primo’s loss to Clay.

Fingers crossed Naomi’s night in the spotlight at TLC wasn’t just a one-off and this could lead to her seeing more in-ring competition.

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  • shameronstar

    Caomi – 1, Rosa Mendes – 0 FOREVER

  • GailKim95

    There needs to be a mixed tag with Primo or Epico and Rosa against Brodus and Naomi next week!!!

    • DJ8946

      YES! YES! YES! YES! YES!

    • GlamazonInTraining89


      • Slapavel

        That would be awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    • Raekon

      It would be only good if they would finally allow Rosa to use her moveset.
      If she gets to job only and use a slap, a hairpull and like 2 submissions, I’d rather not watch it.

      I wanna see her perform her neck snap, her snap suplex, her sidewalk slam, her bodyslam, her standing leg drop, elbow drop, her backbreaker, her swinging neckbreaker and all the tons of other moves she has performed in FCW, Houseshows and partially in OVW.

      Not the garbage they allow her to use on the main roster.

      • JamieKym

        I’m dying to see Rosa use that Neckbreaker again.

  • MattyM

    Cameron vs Rosa in a battle of the valets match but not like an actual match, a one night return of the bra and panties or mud match wouldn’t be bad.

    • shameronstar

      I was thinking of something similar with Rosa, Cameron, and/or Aksana in some type of bra and panties match!

      • art

        wwe would never do that & cameron & cameron aren’t that bad plus bra & panties matches still have wrestling involved….

        • art

          & cameron is meant to be rosa & cameron…

        • MattyM

          Yeah but let’s face it the girls listed above plus Layla & Alicia should stay as far from the ring as possible and bra & pantie matches usually have the girls that aren’t so good in the ring (with the exception of a couple).

    • DJ8946

      Alicia & Layla are not bad. Infact Alicia is one of the top 3 in ring performer imo.

      • MattyM

        Alicia is good but not in the top 3 by any means, sure she’s not the worse but she isn’t the best she’s the type that she is decent but you can’t have as your champion also she is very clumsy, Alicia is maybe he fifth best behind Natalya, AJ, Naomi, & Eve. Layla though is very very overrated and is probably only better than Rosa, Aksana, & maybe Cameron.

  • art

    I think its good that rosa keeps getting attacked since its from divas who really get to do nothing…..rosa even got voted the diva fans would like under the mistletoe on

    • Raekon

      Check her funny promo before the battle royal on youtube:
      TLC 2012 Rosa Mendes threatens Natalya before the Santa´s Helper #1 Contender’s Divas Battle Royal

      Was a small extension to their feud and why she immediately went after Natalya, fought her and got eliminated.

  • She-Wolf

    Ever since they teased it in FCW, I’ve been dying to see them as a ‘ghetto’ version of LayCool.

    • rodneyclint

      That’s racist. Why they gotta be ghetto??

      • Marlon Eric

        Because the gimmick they already had in FCW was downright “hoodrat”. It has nothing to do with being racist or being black.

        They just know how to portray chickenheads.

        • TehKardashianKing

          If the WWE does go that route after/if Caomi turns on Brodus, I get to hear Cameron’s dolphin laugh again! :3

        • Mr. Asstastic

          And I need that in my life.

        • rodneyclint

          I was kidding, but now I’m concerned. The terms you are using all have really horrible connotations, specifically towards African Americans. You can say it’s not about race, but “ghetto”, “hoodrat” and even “chicken head” are used to refer to black people 99.9% of the time. Keep in mind I am NOT calling anyone here racist, I’m just saying.

        • Marlon Eric

          I didn’t know you were kidding but you’re still putting too much thought into it. Racist or not, African-American specific or not, GUESS who came up with those terms? Hoodrats and Chickenheads? Black people. So…I’m not seeing the point. It’s an inside black-term for ignorant trash, oh well.

          And it’s about character. Notice no one calls Alicia Fox “ghetto”, “hoodrat” or “chickenhead”. They say she’s “sassy” because she is. No one is calling Naomi or Cameron in their current roles hood or chickenheads because they aren’t portraying that. They’re just portraying happy-go-lucky dancers.

          Don’t worry. I called Cody Deaner trailer-trash. Oops, I guess this is “race-specific”..

        • Raekon

          Dear Rodneyclint, most of the black people are saying “Ghetto” “the hood” and such things so I highly doubt it has anything to do with racism.

          It’s just their slang wording. They even say “nigga” to each other without meaning it in a bad way.

        • rodneyclint

          Wow, it amazes me how people don’t seem to realize that “ghetto” and “trailer trash” refer to the same type of ignorant, uneducated people. However, notice how you called Naomi and Cameron “ghetto” and Cody Deaner “trailer trash”. Hmmm, what’s the major difference between them other than gender? Yeah, skin color. Those terms are race specific. And I know this is just some wrestling board, but it’s Sunday and I’m bored and tired of seeing this stuff all the time. /rant

        • Marlon Eric

          I don’t know Rodney. I don’t see it as racist. I do agree some labels are more “race-specific” but it depends on a lot of factors and not just race.

          For example, Nidia. Her gimmick with Jamie Fox. Now, Nidia is latina…not black. Not white. To me, that ignorant gimmick seemed trailer trashy. It’s just what I got from the gimmick.

          Another latina, Sarita. Her latest tenure in TNA with Rosita. To me, that was a little hoodrat. Had nothing to do with her race, but just what I got was the whole perceived ghettoness.

          ODB? She’s white and she doesn’t come across as neither ghetto or hoodrat or trailer trash. Maybe when she was a more raunchy heel, but now? She’s just a fun-loving, beer drinking dyke. :-D

          I’m trying to shed some light in these terms and I don’t think it’s helping lol..

        • Marlon Eric

          Oh well. Jamie Noble*. Did I just say Jamie Fox….?

          Maybe because Django was so damn good!

  • WrestlingFan29

    That was nice. Hope we’ll see both Naomi and Cameron teaming up in matches soon.

  • Nostalgia