The Week in Eye Candy: Week of December 23rd, 2012

Our weekly photoshoot breakdown is constructed to give you, the reader, the main stage. Each week, we’ll highlight the new WWE and TNA photoshoots and give you the opportunity to vote for your favorite. In the next week’s post, we’ll unveil the winner. At the end of the month, we’ll take each week’s winner and determine the month’s most popular photoshoot. All of this will be determined by you, so do your Diva Dirt duty and vote!


Last week‘s most popular photoshoot belonged to Kaitlyn. Velvet Sky‘s shoot came in second, earning 85 votes to Kaitlyn’s 112.

Kaitlyn’s photoshoot will be included in the “Photoshoot of the Month” poll this Friday.

This week’s batch of photoshoots feature Aksana, Alicia Fox, Cameron, Eve Torres, Kaitlyn, Layla, Naomi, Natalya, Rosa Mendes and Tamina Snuka. Click the photos below to see their corresponding photoshoot. Vote in the poll below and come back this Friday to see the winner.

Aksana #1

Aksana #2

Aksana #3

Alicia Fox #1

Alicia Fox #2


Eve Torres #1

Eve Torres #2


Layla #1

Layla #2



Rosa Mendes #1

Rose Mendes #2

Tamina #1

Tamina #2




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  • divaindemise

    Layla, Alicia, Tamina and Kaitlyn. In that order.

    Aksana’s eyebrows continue to give me the fear.

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Aksana #3 is very cute (:

  • marcum1234

    Why are so many of them wearing the same dress?

  • puppies

    Natalya! I loved her Xmas outfit this year and she looks so cute.
    Either that or one of the Eve photos. I swear, Eve can not take a bad photo.

  • SomebodyCallMyDaddy

    My vote goes to alicia she looks stunning in that gold dress , natalya looks amazing in her dress though

  • Marlon Eric

    Eve #1, Aksana #3, Both Alicia photoshoots, Tamina #2. And Kaitlyn is pretty nice. Silver looks nice on most of the women. Gold only on a certain few.

  • art

    Tamina,rosa & layla for me….tamina has gotten better with her photoshoots…

  • rodneyclint

    Though I’ve never considered her to be that attractive, I’m digging Aksana’s first one this time around. First time since the hair change that I didn’t hate her shoot. Alicia and Tamina come very close as well, at least in their 2nd photoshoots.

  • pumped up kicks

    Alicia Fox always! That girl is beautiful!


    Eve, Alicia, Aksana, Rosa. Eve owns tho. <3

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Eve Torres #2
    She is a simply stunning woman

  • DJ8946

    I liked Aksana #3

  • TheRJBlanco

    They are all almost wearing the same thing. LOL!

  • Raekon

    Rosa 1 must be the cuttest dress and look ever! :)
    Though I like all these girls, Rosa 1 is my pick because of the dress and the look.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    Rosa 1, I love her outfit!!!!