Today in History: Beth vs. Melina vs. Mickie for the Women’s Title

On this day in history:

December 31st, 2007 | On the final Raw of 2007, Beth Phoenix defended her Women’s Title against Melina and Mickie James in a Triple Threat match. Mickie and Melina spent much of the match jockeying for position while Beth worked at a slower pace. That strategy was the winning one, as Beth managed to pin Melina after hitting a well-timed fisherman suplex while Mickie was on the outside. One must think this match impressed the right people, as the same bout was booked for Judgment Day 2008 a few months later.

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  • divaindemise

    Nice little match.

  • Clarke

    Good triple threat, poor Melina just flopping around at the end haha. I think their Judgment Day match was better though

  • AndieMcPhee

    I loved this match. Melina brought something different to the Beth/Mickie dynamic, and the highlight was undoubtedly seeing Mickie and Melina actually work together after a year of being at the other’s throat to take out the greater evil. Granted, it didn’t last long, but it was great to watch as a fan.

  • CandiceChampion

    I always wanted to see a Fatal-4-way with Beth, Candice, Mickie & Melina. They all feuded at one time or another & it would’ve mad for a brilliant match at that time

  • Ryan

    Loved this short quick match! Melina an Mickie teaming was something special considering they were at each other 99% of the time haha
    Melina disrespecting Beth was the best! Haha
    When Beth bitch clamped Mikie and Melina pins Mickie in FRONT of Beth I’m like Dayum!! Owned! Lol sweet match the triple head sissor was fun

  • WWFoverWWE

    All three knew how to wrestle so it’s no surprise that this was a good match. I remember watching this live on TV and wanting Mickie to win xD

  • Jillfan1

    loved this match these women knew how to throw it down i cheered for eevryone loved them i wanted Mickie to win though dang time goes by fast

  • MattyM

    I remember I was mad because we were at my uncle’s shop and I couldn’t watch it because there was no tv

  • WrestlingFan29

    Good match. Liked the double enzuigiri done by Mickie and Melina.

  • NY Pollard

    what a good match this was, i loved jr and kings commentary. not at all mentioning much jealousy or talking about their boobs. it was about the skills and womens championship. good days. had i been in charge of this show, these women would still be around today.

  • melina prez

    I love this match!