Diva Dirt Fan Awards 2012: NXT Diva of the Year

2012fanawardsThe results are in! Over the past two weeks you have been voting in your thousands for the winners of the 2012 Diva Dirt Fan Awards. All of the votes have been counted and verified, and it’s now time to reveal who you’ve picked…

NXT Diva of the Year

The nominees were:

Audrey Marie
Sasha Banks
Summer Rae

And the winner is…

Paige – 80%

Audrey Marie – 5%
Summer Rae – 5%

Did the right person win? Tell us what you think in the comments or by tweeting @divadirt.

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  • Hilden

    That’s wow.

  • TehKardashianKing

    Wow! PAIGE WON! :D

  • Rhawk

    *gasp of shock!* No not really, this was beyond obvious, considering she’s the only one of the lot promenantly featured on the show. Half of the women here havent even competed in the ring yet on TV.

    Congrats to Paige, make 2013 your year.

    • pumped up kicks

      Agree lol this award had her name all over it.

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    wow haha no surprise

    i love paige and i am hoping Anya turns out to be all i want her to be lol

  • Andre

    Wait….what? ! AJ didn’t win?

    • Eveyy


  • Mikas

    80% of the votes, thats a lot ;-)

  • melina prez

    no suprise here…but holy shit she got 80% of the votes!!!!

  • JD Sensations

    Dani should have won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!@dfb5456

    • ZPZA


  • http://worldelitewrestle.proboards.com FOREVER FLAWLESS!

    *cue taylor swift surprise face*

  • DJ8946

    I voted for Anya I think. There’s just something about her that makes her so mysterious & interesting.

  • Crazy_J

    Paige: I’M SHOCKED! Except for this speech I already had prepared.


    I knew automatically who was gunna win this one without even looking. LOL

  • DarknessRuler

    Has Summer Rae even appeared on NXT??? Goes to show how some people vote based on looks

    • Rhawk

      The truth shall set them free!

    • JD Sensations

      she does ring announcing for NXT actually

    • ZPZA

      As a ring announcer, lol.

    • Jake

      Wasn’t Summer Rae was General Manager for most of 2012? She actually had more mic and air time than most of women on the list. It’s not hard to believe she got 5%.

      • Jake

        *Wasn’t Summer Rae General Manager

      • DarknessRuler

        Yeah for FCW, not NXT

        • Jake

          FCW and NXT are practically the same thing. Are we going to treat like FCW didn’t exist for more than half of the year? o.O

  • aldo

    wow 80%? I knew she was going to win, but 80%?

  • sugarrush28

    I knew Paige would shut Sh*t down lol

  • Blac Chyna

    80%? Audrey marie could atleast had a higher percentage but im a fan of paige

  • divaindemise

    Paige obliterated the fan vote just as decisively as she does her opponent in the ring. This girl can do little wrong in my eyes: she’s got a lot of heart in what she does and the roots we saw in that documentary make this WWE journey a lovely rags-to-riches tale for her. Paige is the real deal who wants this for the right reasons. Something else I find even more supportive is just how warmly her reception has been. Fans acknowledge and appreciate that she’s a completely different deal to the majority of girls that weed through the machine. I sincerely hope that her career continues on the rise and doesn’t transpire in the vein of Angela Fong, one of WWE’s lost talents.

    • Melissa K Killer 2010

      I seen the Doc she had it hard mother and father in Wrestling and brother too she had too train hard because of her Mom and dad would push her and it turn out good for her she is lucky Shimmer and the Indy’s and now Sara Del Rey train her she is so lucky because her stock will only grow!

  • https://www.twitter.com/KiannaFury phenomenalkstyles

    Well, that award was an obvious! Congrats!