Knockouts Gauntlet Match Announced for Genesis


TNA is switching things up for its first pay per view of 2013 (and one of only four this year), breaking away from its usual Knockouts Championship matches with a gauntlet match to determine the number one contender for the title instead.

As announced on Impact Wrestling last night, Brooke Tessmacher, Gail Kim, Mickie James, ODB and Velvet Sky will run the gauntlet at Genesis, with the winner facing Tara for the Knockouts Title at a later date (perhaps March’s Lockdown?).

Conspicuous by her absence is former Knockouts Champ, Madison Rayne, in this match.

Genesis airs on Sunday (January 13) at 8pm on pay per view.

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  • Little Red

    Such a small, small women’s division…

    • Lita-Sault-666

      People keep saying this, but i think its fine for the mail title really. For having a tag division too, no. But that’s never relevant anyway. Having 7 active knockouts fighting over one belt is plenty enough, especially when there feuds are usually a decent length of at least several months.

      We lost two knockouts this week, i know, but they haven’t been seen on tv for 9months anyway so that’s hardly a loss really. We also have Taryn, Brooke Hogan, SoCal Va & Christy Hemme in other capacities on the show so there’s no lack of female talent, that’s for sure :)

    • S1

      TNA doesn’t need a big Knockouts Division. They only have two hours of TV every week.

    • Crazy_J

      It’s better than the diva’s division by far, as far as talent goes..

  • darkangels

    Madison is next to be let go tna just letting her contract expire

  • charovnica

    Everyone has a second name only ODB is ODB lol

  • cwoww

    No Madison? buuuuh.
    I would love to see Mickie James as the winner, buuuut I see Velvet as the #1 Contender, and that’s booooooring, really booooring.
    If Mickie doesn’t win, hope to see Gail or ODB winning the Contender.
    I hate Velvet, lol.

  • Danni

    Doesn’t really make sense to miss out Madison. You have four faces & one heel, would of made more sense to take ODB out for Madison (I love me some ODB but the face/heel ratio is way too off)

    Calling Mickie or Velvet winning, as I’m positive Velvet will be the one to dethrone Tara.

  • DnelDivaLovin89

    Tna have really dropped the ball with the knockouts division, sad to say I dont really care who wins this match.

  • Gail-Trish-Brooke

    I don’t see why everyone is complaining about the division. It may be small now, but at least everyone (minus Velvet) can put on a great match. I prefer having 4 or 5 great stars in the division (just like the Golden Era of Divas). It’s better than having too many girls like WWE had (untill recently) bc then they don’t get enough air time to truly develop a character.

  • Mikas

    I wouldnt be surprised if Madison Rayne will be gone by the end of the year. There is no reason for TNA to NOT book her, especially when they can just as easily turn this into a 6-woman gauntlet instead of just 5. They booked her once in 2 months time (they needed a jobber for Velvet’s return), that doesnt look good for her future.
    At least they are smart enough to finally start using Mickie James again…

  • Rhawk

    Ugh same faces all the time, and even if Madison was included (she’s definetly on her way out by the looks of things) it’d still be the same faces. And no Taeler Hendrix full-time debut either.
    I love TNA and how they had that brilliant tag team match last week, and while TNA is currently a better overall product that WWE right now, this is one of the places where they lack the most. Along with Jeff Hardy’s inner thought segments and the debockle that is Aces & Eights, the Knockouts Division is definetly up there.

    Leva Bates, LuFisto, Courtney Rush, Alpha Female, Melanie Cruise, Heidi Lovelace, Traci Brooks, Angelina Love, Roxxi, HELL Im even considering bringing in all former WWE divas at this point, as long as we have more than 6 women on the roster, I’d take anything! And no, just having Taeler & The Blossoms wont do it enough.

  • WrestlingFan29

    I feel like Madison will be let go later this year…TNA has lost so many KOs these two past years…hope they’ll sign new KOs soon from the indies.
    Mickie has been on fire ever since she came back…hope she’ll win the gauntlet match.

  • JillianHallTNA

    Last time we had a Knockouts Gauntlet, we had 10 Knockouts. Now it’s cut in half… I just hope this Gauntlet won’t be rushed like the last one. They have enough time to show some wrestling.

    And one other note. This is so boring cause all of those 5 Knockouts had billion matches with Tara before. I would be more interested if Taeler is booked for this match just because she had two matches with Tara last year. She would be some fresh face to see there. Heck I would be happy if SoCal Val or Brooke Hogan are booked just so I can laugh while watching them wrestle xD

    • BillyGP

      I think this gauntlet will be the regular gauntlet one on one the winner continues till they are beaten so five women will be fine for this.

  • Raekon

    Better then nothing but like others also said, there is no known reason why Madison will miss out.

    Alpha Female has her gut check at the 24th January in TNA so there is hope we will get to see it and even more hope that she will get signed.

  • MaccaJack

    Weird to see Madison left out.

    Pulling for Tessmacher, but I expect Velvet.

  • rodneyclint

    Really, no Madison? I thought TNA was still pretty high on her? Guess not..

  • Slapavel

    I bet they have velvet win *sighs*

  • Blac Chyna

    Wow they mind as well make it a 5 pack challenge smh

  • k2evecrew

    Boring!!! Hopefully something unexpected happens like maybe having a new knockout debut I’m tired of seeing the same people over again

  • lucky1now

    Its a shame madison isn’t taking part in this
    I wonder why

  • VelvetLoveFan

    This is great! Velvet will win that title and have a lengthy title run. YES! Se deserves it considering what happend last time.. Go velvet or Mickie but mostly Velevt

  • misschrissi7

    Velvet will win. Its just too predictable. Kinda surprised that they have left Madison out though

    Would rather see ODB win.

  • tazmark2002

    Velvet Sky was not going to return to TNA unless she was assured that she would become the women’s champion. A thrown-together match with a predictable result.

  • Ryan

    Hey Madison???? Aw :(

    Ya ppl say its a small division but I think it’s plentiful!! Gail Kim Mickie Velvet Brooke ODB And Madi who randomly appears and Tara ur champ! And I like how Velvet Gail Kim Brooke Mickie all somehow have an edge over one another… So basically we Dont know and is hard to assume who is gonna win!!
    Remember the best division back in 2002 for Raw consisted of only Trish Stratus Jacqueline Molly Victoria Terri and Stacey Keibler until Jazz Ivory and Gail Kim made their way!! :) and eventually Lita

  • DarknessRuler

    Wasn’t the Divas era we all used to love made of a small roster too???

    At least these girls have a gimmick because they have such a small roster.


    • Ryan

      Exactly! Jackie Trish Molly n Victoria for the longest time WERE the division!! However I think Trish n the gang had more freedom than the knockouts perhaps.. Divas on raw then got hardcore, inter gender, and all kinds of craziness but the knockouts deliver almost every week as well!!! They use what they got to get it going!! Mad proud of the current crop of knockouts and current crop if divas too! I think it feels small because before in 2008 TNA had a full established huge knockout roster!! Was like as much girls as the x-division had! TNA had battle royals gauntlet matches like almost every week!!

    • JD Sensations

      but they at least used those women!!

  • Getdownwithachola

    I like how everybody in here thinks the AA era is the best thing happened in pro wrestling.

  • aldo

    No Madison? It isn’t that interesting then. Velvet or ODB will win