Today in History: Jazz vs. Trish Stratus at Royal Rumble 2002

On this day in history:

January 20th, 2002 | Rookie Women’s Champion Trish Stratus put her title on the line against the Phenom Jazz at 2002’s Royal Rumble. Just days prior, an attack by Jazz left Trish’s left hand broken and bandaged, so the champ came into the match at quite a disadvantage. Jacqueline served as guest referee, hoping to keep the volatile Jazz in line, but she still insisted on targeting Trish’s broken hand. However, Trish managed to overcome both her injury and Jazz’s ferociousness, hitting a bulldog for the win and retaining the title.

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  • divaindemise

    Jazz was great for rallying the crowd behind Trish as an underdog and though this match wasn’t their greatest, these two would go on to be quite compatible the more they wrestled one another. I’ve always seen Jazz as an unfettered, uncensored version of Beth Phoenix. She’s one of my favourite Divas of all time.

  • ssilva872

    While the match could have been better I still loved it.

    This time period is just awesome.

  • Slapavel

    OMGGGG! I remember this . I was only seven at the time & my mom and grandma was cheering for trish to whupp jazz’s ass . And when she won they were over excited. That’s when I got interested in divas, because I was always told they were irrelevant

  • MattyM

    Good match, to me Jazz is one of the women (along with Ivory, Jacqueline, & Molly Holly) who don’t get enough credit for the Golden era of the WWE Divas.

    • clintocki

      ^ Agreed!

    • Jcott3

      Part of why Jazz doesn’t get as much credit as she deserves is that she kept getting hurt whenever WWE wanted to push her. They had planned for her to be the #1 villain among the Divas, but she tore her ACL that spring and was out until early 2003. They built her up again upon her return and gave her another run as champ, but then she injured her shoulder and after that, I think WWE tagged her “injury prone” and were reluctant about using her in anything but tag team matches and battle royals.

  • KaitlynLover<3

    Trish was having some problems with her coat xD And by the way, she was really sloppy during this time, she imporved so much!

    • Jcott3

      Agreed on her improvement. I thought she got robbed when she wasn’t Most Improved Wrestler Of The Year in PWI that year.

  • Ryan

    Me My dad my brothers my sister my mom my cousins and uncles and friends were all behind Trish because they knew jazz was a thug haha
    Love Jazz though I’m a Jazz Man she’s ferocious!
    And Trish is awesome!! One tough chick!

    And that punc to the face from Jazz OUCH!!! Lol

    Great Job Trish and Jazz!!
    Beth is strong and powerful but Jazz was ferocious! Jazz intensity owns Beth

  • NY Pollard

    JScott is probably right about Jazz. I believe Jazz said in an interview that she was told she’s have a job for life in WWE (Or something close to that) and she might have gotten a little too comfortable. It sucks that she was injured during her pushes. I believe she would have stuck around longer if it weren’t for those reasons. Her intensity was unmatched and pretty scary if you’re Trish Stratus at that time.

    I enjoyed this match as they worked so good with each other. Jackie as a ref was a nice touch and loved the tease they gave us mid match. You know if its Jackie and Jazz getting pissed off, all hell will break loose! Trish was so sexy here. I’ve always wondered if she actually hurt her hand or it was all staged. They made it look so real. Most of the time during the match…I’m just thinking Trish Stratus is one hot woman. Lol XD

    • Ryan

      Dude nothing beats a sexy woman fighting like a champ. Victoria and Jazz have Trish such beatings it was scary!! I remember the match where Trish looses her top to Jazz, Jazz punched Trish in the face and it looked like it hurt and Trish wanted to get up but she cupped her face and just sat down, later jazz elbow shot the hell out of her face in the corner Trish with such force she almost looked knocked out and tired!! And then Trish returns the favor by delivering probably the sweetest hardest stiffest chick kick to Jazz (or to anyone) I have ever seen haha
      Trish and Jazz had the coolest match and loosing her top at the end was funny and hot but also got Trish so pissed off a DQ happened when Trish was just fed up and beating the shit out of Jazz!! Even have her a STF of her own and despite the ref dragging Trish out, she runs back big tits hanging and all slaps Jazz hard in the mouth!! Haha those are some awesome tough sexy diva moments!! Fo Sho! :D

  • JD Sensations

    dayum Jackie’s bazookas!!

  • 09DHK

    I always pegged Trish and Jazz’s feud as somewhat of a re-vamped Jackie/Sable feud in the sense that Jackie (like Jazz) was the rough and tough veteran who could beat the crap out of men carried the model turned manager turned wrestler Sable (like Trish). The only distinct difference between Trish and Sable is the fact that Trish actually WANTED to wrestle when they pushed her as a wrestler. This was a decent match.

    • JamieKym

      Trish actually was training to be a wrestler. She was taking bumps even before she debuted on TV as a manager. I have the Trish DVD.