TNA Genesis Results: Velvet Wins the Gauntlet, While Gail is MVP


Returning TNA Knockout Velvet Sky beat four other women to become the new number one contender to Tara‘s Knockouts Championship last night at Genesis, but she perhaps has Gail Kim to thank most for her victory.

The former Knockouts Champion eliminated not one, not two, but three of her opponents in a gauntlet match which saw Kim and Brooke Tessmacher kick things off. Gail would also beat ODB and Mickie James before taking the loss to Velvet Sky in the series of short matches that made up the gauntlet.

There was some controversy, however, as Gail’s foot was under the rope when Velvet covered her for the pin following an ‘In Yo Face’. This was missed by referee Taryn Terrell, but could it become a factor on Impact in coming weeks?

It looks like the Knockouts Title picture may involve three Knockouts to kick off 2013.

What did you think of the match? Tell us in the comments!

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  • Johnyfaction3

    Velvet is looking more mature and classy now. Her outfits used to be kind of skanky weird. I am not surprised about Gail being the MVP. She always been a work house. I thought Mickie was going to have the role Gail did though instead.

    • wwesvrrocks101

      Me 2! But I liked Velvet’s old outfitd beter, not just cuz Im a guy but bcuz the fit her better.

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I like the new colors for her catsuit. The other ones did not suit her skin town at all. I kind of wish either Gail or Mickie won. But its Velvet, not a big shocker!!!!

  • Ed

    Geez, Velvet had an easy night. She was the last entrant, did practically nothing in the match and still got the win, whereas Gail was the first one in, did all the work, carried everything and came up short. If the point was to make Velvet look strong, then the booking here backfired big time.

  • Nostalgia

    TNA has really turned me off the way the divas did in 2011

    • Aria–

      I agree.

  • velvelove

    i dont get why people are hating velvet so much. like she has all the say in what happens.

    besides who else would win? every other face has battled tara so its time for a new competitor.

    • wwesvrrocks101

      ikr! cmon, i think we may se a Velvet hel turn down the road. I would stop complaining and give things a chance before people say theyre not gonna watch.

  • mandoceleb

    LOL and yet all you diva/knockout fans want TNA to bring in more experienced girls. What for? So they can all lose to Velvet Sky!

  • T_Fan

    Ugh crud bucket! So sick of Velvet what’s so special about her? she has moderately improved in the ring but its nothing to brag about. They better play up on the fact that Gail’s foot was under the rope. If velvet wins the title I’m over TNA. At least Shimmer & Shine is around.

  • mikeparis18

    Velvet looks great!

  • Getdownwithachola

    I don’t get this why they always seem to try to fine the weakest knockout on the roster and throw the belt at her in hope of building a new star.

    • T_Fan


      • Jillfan1

        in both companies like an underdog story it’s getting old TBH

        • T_Fan

          That’s true, but velvet isn’t an underdog…. She is just overrated

  • 09DHK

    If they wanted Velvet to look strong, they should’ve switched her role with Gail and beaten EVERY Knockout in the Gauntlet. Everyone pretty much knew Velvet was going to win, but having her as the final entrant after Gail did ALL of the work is pretty much handing her the number one contendership without her really proving herself since she came back. I mean, at least during her first title pursuit there was some solid build-up for her character with the whole ODB/Jackie thing, but this seems kinda dull. Hopefully TNA proves me wrong.

  • hellaciousheart

    i wonder why people are acting shocked it was so obvious velvet was going to win. congrats velvet maybe tna can give you something longer than a 28days reign.

  • MortSansMaryse

    Finally! It’s the real time to let the pigeon’s loose! xDDDDD

  • VelvetLoveFan

    Velvet said it wa her time to shine and that’s exactly what happening and I love that! This will be the best 2013 ever(:

    • Getdownwithachola

      Oh Lord have mercy.

      • VelvetLoveFan

        Is there a problem?

        • Getdownwithachola

          Nope just decided to stop by and leave you a prayer from the Lord.

  • charovnica

    Unfortunately I’ll have to tell you that being a great wrestler is gonna get you this far.If you can connect to the crowd and you get a decent reaction you will be pushed even though you’re not the best.Velvet is over…as a skanky face.So naturally she’ll be pushed since the other big faces already had their shots.

    What I dislike about TNA is that they really are a WWE number 2 and that’s pitiful.WWE will survive no matter what they do,because they have strong fan base & money…but TNA will go into the gutter.

  • Ryan

    Hey screw you haters. I’m proud and love me some VelVel Holler ;)
    Congrats Velvet and Gail Kim isn’t letting that foot on the rope go that easily haha
    Loving the cat suits she looks so sexy man
    The red lipstick makes her look old though.. I don’t like Vekvet looking kind if butter face :(
    Still velvet is one pretty little fiery woman!!

    • Getdownwithachola

      Ok dude we ain’t hating because she got on a cat suit that apparently arrows you.

      In fact its not her damn fault…TNA is pushing the weakest wrestler on the roster to the title contender I don’t care how over you are its just wrong. You don’t see WSU and shimmer pushing girls like Jennifer Cruse or Nikki st John or even Leva Bates (nothing to take away from her she improved alot but not ready for a title run) to the championship picture.

      • theshadowranger

        shimmer doesn’t promote to the country as a whole. They know that their audience is mainly the hardcore wrestling fans and the IWC. TNA is worldwide. They have to appeal to the average person and the casual fans if they want to grow the company. The average american wants to see velvet sky. The average american doesn’t even realize that velvet is a bad wrestler. They don’t care about that stuff and really don’t notice it. They like velvet and are entertained by her so they cheer for her and buy her merch and that is why TNA pushes her and should continue to do so.

        • Ryan

          Dude it’s TNA spike TV!! It a show for MEN. We like action and violence and ass kicking sexy women who can actually wrestle and velvet isn’t great but she’s not bad either. The audience likes her a lot!

          Shimmer targets and appeals to hardcore fans which is cool just not my thing… I been loving TnA since 2006 and loved Awesome Kong Roxxi ODB Raisha Saeed the not so attractive women so to say but those women ROCKED!! I don’t care that someone says I only look at women as porn.. Psssh bro I got Brazzers on my bookmarks!! :D
          So not true my dude! :P

          Knockouts are hot and can rock!!

          Like I said shimmer is for hardcore fans and wwe idk what the hell they appeal to but it isn’t me that’s for sure.. I am a women’s wrestling fan and love Kate eve Layla and the gang. They are mad pretty and can wrestle pretty good crop of girls! Specially Layla and Natalya! But good thing is I don’t have to watch wwe anymore thanks to diva dirt because they will post the diva matches here ;)

          I like all the current knockouts all are tough and aggressive that’s what keeps me watching and aren’t afraid to get their asses kicked and kick ass right back
          Ppl complaining about the bro off mixed tag match yet the match itself was awesome! Bigger Rob destroying Jesse and Brooke kicking and shaking her ass!
          And the finale was awesomely random and funny! That’s pro wrestling
          If one doesn’t like TnA and their style with the knockouts, then why… No then GTFO! Yeaah!! TNA is for Men and I love saying this, but much like Dr Pepper 10, it’s not for you! ;)

        • Getdownwithachola

          Just encase you don’t no my gender or sexuality I’m a straight man myself too but there is always time for sexy stuff and wrestling all what I want is for the days during 2007-2009 to be back where deserving and believable Knockouts won the title. Right now 99% of the girls are told to be more like eye candies Don’t get me wrong I’m not asking for women as fat as Honey Boo Boo’s mom to fell up the whole roster. In fact I like a little bit of everything just like back in the good ole days when you had Gothics “Roxxi”, Rockers “Christy hemme”, Trailer Park whores “ODB” and “Sky”, monsters “Kong”, Preps “Angelina and Tracy”, Cholas “Selina” and Prostitutes “Rhaka Khan”.

        • Getdownwithachola

          I’m pretty sure the average American rather see Mickie James over Sky at least in my area no one really knows who she is.

        • Ryan

          Na dude Mickie is the best she kicks as and looks incredibly sexy. And yeah I miss that 2007-2008 too but I mean now it’s what it is, knockouts dont have that much woman power like they used to. and these girls are trying hard. Can’t tell me it’s all eye candy because its not. The Sunday gauntlet All of them were on point! Specially the hotter ones Brooke Gail Mickie n velvet! They went at it hard hitting

          And I knew Rhaka Khan represented a prostitute haha! She’s a goddess but looks like she packs AIDS lol

  • Slapavel

    I don’t think its hating , I think its the fact that TNA did nothing with the tara and mickie fued. Velvet just came back and said she will win the knockouts title in 2013 and she’s well on her way, because she’s the #1 contender . Which I will say was not the best idea . They made gail do all the work and velvet just came and picked up the win making her look weak. Which she is IMO. But I’m not gonna go on and on about it . I don’t wanna hear people calling me a hater

  • redsandman99

    So TNA did nothing with ODB/Tara (not even defend the KO tag titles out of it), cut Mickie/Tara short since Velvet came back and now Velvet’s the number one contender but they couldn’t even book her to look that strong since Gail went through everyone and still had her foot under the rope…yeah I’m not sure if I understand this logic.

    • S1

      The only reason we got the Young/ODB vs. Jesse/Tara was because Mickie was hurt and it really had nothing do with the Knockouts title. How do you know if the Mickie/Tara feud got cut short? Gail cheated her way through the whole Gauntlet match and karma happened. Then the referee didn’t her foot under the rope. I personally think they are turning Velvet so no reason to make her look strong.

  • Cyndi

    I got to be frank and if this gets me banned so be it but you people are really full of yourselves “OH if they let Velvet Win im done with TNA” or when its the divas “Im so done with the divas im not going to watch anymore” for yall to think that their going to suffer cause you little peons threaten not watch then yall really need to get your heads out your asses TNA and WWE hell everything else is going to do just fine with or without you

    secondly don’t blame Velvet because she won that how it was scripted hell i bet even Gail knew ahead of time she has going to lose they all knew its a tv program which means you can always flip to something else

    you people really ruined this site for me you bitch and you moan about things and make empty threats like its going to ruin the world of TNA and WWE im glad they did they way they did so some of you degenerates could have something bitch about you always do nothing makes you happy you sit behind your little computers and complain do any of ya’ll have lives do you ? Congrats Velvet hopeful you and Tara have a great feud and still make money despite who you have to entertain

    • Getdownwithachola

      Listen up Gothic girl!!! For the record people sit FRONT of their computers.

  • k2evecrew

    The only way I can see myself loving this is if they add Mickey James in the mix somehow it just doesn’t feel right seeing velvet& Tara start a new feud when tara and Mickey were just feuding not to long ago. Or maybe velvet wins & feuds with Mickey over the belt that would fun to watch too

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    Diva Dirt. U REALLY need to think about not putting who wins in the title. And have a pic of the winner as the FIRST thing u see. I purposely stayed away from all spoilers for this match. And bamb as soon as I open the reduxe I know what happens. Pisses me the hell off!

    • charovnica

      Why the hell are you coming in the land of news about the female wrestlers,when you haven’t watched the match yet? Be mad at yourself.

      • Mr. AJ Lee

        I came here to watch the match. Even though I had to go somewhere else to watch it. And to talk about the match. I’m sure they r other ppl like me that stay away from spoilers till they actually watch the match. And then everything gets ruined by the title and the first picture u see

  • VarsityBaseDude

    I find it funny that everyone wants Velvet back and now that she is, they complain she is about to wrestle for the title. I am glad Velvet is back, but as a wrestler, her matches are boring; therefore, I completely understand some of the arguments. I just hope Velvet can improve a lot like Tess has and carry the division if she has to do so. The best thing for her though would be to keep losing her title matches to point of her creating a new BP group. She works well in a stable as you saw with the original BP and the latter.

  • BillyGP

    I am not hating that Velvet won but Mickie and Gail foot was either touching or under the rope that shady right there.

    Maybe Velvet winning the title from Tara can cuz a heel turn for Mickie who was not happy with Taryn after she was pinned.

    Heels- Gail,Madison,Tara,and if it happens Mickie

    Faces- Velvet,ODB,Taryn, and Hendrix

    • BillyGP

      forgot Tessmacher for faces

  • Superstar77

    So much to say.

    First I’m glad that Velvet won but I hated how Gail Kim was made to look so strong though. What was the point of that?! Even though she won I didn’t like how Velvet’s win looks like a fluke. With that said I find it funny that Gail Kim got screwed here to me it’s payback for what she did to Velvet in the past. I just hope that Velvet will actually win the title this time. I want her to get her title shot this week or at the latest on next week’s Impact. She’s long overdue to be a champion again.