Report: Another Top Diva Leaving WWE?

EVEReports circulating today suggest that reigning Divas Champion Eve Torres may be wrapping up her five year career with WWE, according to WrestleZone via PWInsider.

The champion will defend her title tonight on the 20th anniversary episode of Raw against Kaitlyn. Could a loss her signal the end of her run?

Torres — who joined WWE through the 2007 Diva Search — has been a major fixture in the division over the last few years, with more reigns as Divas Champion than any other woman — that’s three in total.

In 2012, she competed at WrestleMania, headlined Raw with AJ Lee in a mixed tag team match, won the NBC reality show ‘Stars Earn Stripes’ and became engaged to Rener Gracie of the iconic Gracie jiu jitsu family.

Outside the ring, Eve’s skill-set matches her impressive in-ring repertoire; a well-spoken, educated and all around well put together intelligent young woman, Eve has been at the forefront of WWE’s promotional activities and philanthropic causes, representing the company in a positive manner.

To say her departure would be a loss for WWE is an understatement.

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  • Simply Flawless


    • Simply Flawless

      *Who’s the other top diva, I already knew about almost had a heart attack when I read another I thought Layla was leaving too. I would have been reduced to tears.

      • Matty

        Me too.
        I don’t want to even think about it :'( :'(

        • EL ROYALTY

          They mean Beth Phoenix.

  • Matty

    I think this has been reported before, and to be honest, it’s not much of a shock following news of her engagement.
    I don’t want Eve to leave the company completely, but perhaps just give her some time off to adjust to her new life as a loving wife when the time comes for her to get married. It’s a shame if she is going for good though, I like Eve’s passion and she has really come a long way in terms of in-ring ability.

    • trishfan11

      I hope she doesn’t leave. Just when her character got interesting and the divas division started to get better, she leaves? Damn you Rener – but on a serious note, if she wants to leave so that she can have a good family life, I won’t begrudge her that. Still, it would be anti-climactic for her to leave at this stage of her career in the WWE when she is on the rise as a character and a wrestler, with the potential to get a lot better.

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      she could just be leaving for a few months They could always play the “she was in denial of losing HER title and went into exile” bit when she returns

  • Shannel

    there is no way. such a huge push for what? nono

    • nitesaver

      Yes there is

  • rodneyclint

    Though I’m all for Kaitlyn winning the title, I don’t Eve to leave afterward. Granted, like Beth and Kelly, I fully understand her decision to leave with the the state of the division, but I feel Eve is one of the ladies they actually have been using fairly well. Aside from AJ, she’s the only one who’s been given big opportunities recently and she could aid in helping the division grow and get back to being good.


    Hell no. Please be a rumour for god sake. I love Eve. The only other girl I have faith in is Paige besides Natalya who I really just have lost all hope for thanks to Creative.

    • nitesaver

      Hell no despite the same source confirming the departure of every other diva first?


        Hell no, they were right weren’t they? Idiot

  • redsandman99

    Most likely she’s leaving so she can have her wedding and actually be home to start off her married life. Hopefully she comes back but if she don’t and this is indeed true, I wish her all the best.

  • THETommyTommy

    I really hope not, Eve is the forefront of the Divas division at the moment – the only convincing heel left would be AJ (even though they’re trying to push Tamina.) I feel Eve has so much more to give. If this does happen, the only saving grace for the Divas would be a returning Kharma or Paige being bought up. The roster is so thin right now considering 5 divas are valets.


      I disagree with you, Eve’s poured her whole heart out to the WWE during her tenure of five years. There’s nothing left for her to accomplish or do given the strict rules of the Divas Division.

  • k2evecrew

    There’s still so much for eve to do with her career I hope it’s not true I wanted her to be like trish & have a unbeatable number of title reigns but as her fan I just want to see her happy & if this is what makes her happy then so be it

  • darkangels

    Another diva bites the dust katlyn as diva champion is plain stupid wwe has way to many other girls just sitting down in florida for years waiting on a chance to move to the main roster. Diva division is going down hill fast with no brakes

  • gavin harvey

    no way :(

  • Jillfan1

    it’s actually 7 years since 07 =) I kinda liked her but right now she is engaged; she’s in her prime maybe she wants to leave? whatever it is as long as she is happy a gorgeous woman

    • MaccaJack

      That would be 2014….

      This is the start of Eve’s 6th year in the WWE. Gutted to see her go, but I knew it was inevitable soon.

      • Jillfan1

        partial of 07, 08,09,10,11,12, and mini of 13 same with Trish and they said she had 7 yrs

  • SherriShepherdWWE

    Sad to see her go, but it just gives another deserving diva the chance to shine, its part of the business, Eve had an awesome run as top heel, top face and 6 years with WWE, thats a good run

    she will be missed, but she has alot of going on now, the wedding and everything, she is getting ready to start a family and WWE schedule doesnt go along with that i guess, best of luck in the future

  • bjorn448

    I hope that we can see AJ VS Eve Torres Divas Championship Match at Wrestlemania.

    • Theralion

      That would have been more likely if AJ didnt turn heel.

    • Jillfan1

      I tihkn it will most likely be kaitlyn vs AJ

      • Jillfan1


  • Theralion

    Sad to see her go.

    But you probably know what that means, call ups from developmental like they reported in november.

  • Slapavel

    Oh man eve ! Let’s hope layla won’t leave !! Then I’m never watching raw

  • Lanoom

    I had Alicia Fox, Natalya, and Layla pegged for being gone before Eve. Yeesh. Can we please call up Paige and get Naomi into regular matches?

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    I hope not, the division is thin enough, I’m not a huge fan of Eve, but by no means do I hate her, hopefully its just a rumor, but lately PWInsider has been right on the money!!!!

  • puppies

    This saddens me, she’s been so great and has quickly become my favorite diva out of today’s roster. I hope she’s just taking some time off.

  • French.One

    3 month since Beth left and another diva gone, so the next departure should be on April.
    I hope the WWE learn from their disastrous divas signing politics …

    • Jillfan1

      some of what you mentioned is true but some is personal; maybe some people believe it’s time to retire we never know all people are different =)

    • Wolverine

      Are you trying to say its WWE’s fault she is leaving/ Because TNA didnt lose 2 knockouts in 2 days right?

      • Jillfan1

        @wolverine speaking to me?

  • hellaciousheart

    eve….. don’t leave my screen :-(

  •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

    Eve can’t leave !!! She is the only well used diva !! the divas division will be nothing without her…

  • wwesvrrocks101

    Maybe this is Paige’s call up to the main roster. I would also love to see Sasha Banks or Emma. To me, Emma could potentially be the future Kelly Kelly.

    • nitesaver

      Unlikely/unwise during Wrestlemania season.

    • trishfan11

      If anything, I would wish she wouldn’t be the future Kelly Kelly.

  • ajfan83

    Let’s be honest, every diva WWE has ever pushed was gone by year 6 or 7. For whatever reason, they just don’t have much of a shelf life. They either quit to get married, make reality shows, pose for magazines, date actors, etc. Eve will probably say she is just taking “time off”, but then never wrestle again. It’s why I can kind of understand why WWE doesn’t care about the division very much. Why bother building up female wrestlers if they retire by 30?

  • Nostalgia

    It’s sad. I wasn’t the biggest eve fan but I understood her importance


    Eve’s been fighting for the Divas the longest out of the current crop of the Divas Division, and appearing for five minutes on TV every week is not as important as getting married.

    If she leaves, I don’t see her coming back. She’s got her whole life ahead of her and I wish her nothing but the best.