Knockouts Sidelined With the Flu

Flu season has officially struck the wrestling world. TNA Knockouts Brooke Tessmacher and Christy Hemme have been pulled from the company’s tour of the UK due to stomach flu symptoms.

The Knockouts weren’t cleared by their physician to appear at Wednesday’s show in Glasgow and today’s show in Nottingham. Christy tweeted an apology to fans: “I’m so sorry to Glasgow & Nottingham, Dr wont clear @BrookeTess and I cuz we got the flu buggy, we are staying behind while bus drives on :(“.

Brooke also tweeted the news: “Glasgow Scottland… I am so so bummed to be sitting n the back w/@hemmepowered… very sick with a bad stomach bug. Fingers crossed we r better”.

So far, there’s no word on their availability for Friday and Saturday’s shows in Manchester and London.

Get well soon, Brooke and Christy!

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  • 3xplicit

    I have the flu too :-(

    • Kessuki

      and me. lemsip round the clock seems to be working for me though. :)

  • ssilva872

    That sucks.

    I hope they get well the flu is a bitch..

  • k2evecrew

    Damn I hope they get better soon I wonder how it would feel to have to wrestle with the flu and try not to sneeze on camera

  • Ryan

    Aw :( I had the privilege of not being sick over year until Xmas and New Years but it lasted only a week. Get better BrookeTess and Hemme!!

    • NY Pollard

      I’m luck too, haven’t really gotten sick all of 2012 or so far 2013. =)

      Get better sweeties.

  • MaccaJack

    Unfortunate for TNA, that they didn’t have a backup to take Tessmacher’s place in Velvet/Tessmacher vs Gail/Tara. I wonder what they did.

    I hope the two ladies get well soon.

    • Mr. AJ Lee

      I could have sworn I read that everyone from the boot camp thing was going on the tour a well. So maybe the twins r there and they could fill in for Brooke

      • Gailkimlover3

        Blossom Twins beat KO champion Tara & Gail Kim with Velvet Sky as special referee. Blossoms did a really nice job of building to a hot tag and getting crowd behind them. I think they would be a be a great fit in the Knockouts division. For the finish, Gail hit Eat Defeat, but Gail and Tara argued over who should get the pin. “Twin Magic” led to an inside cradle for the win.

    • JD Sensations

      It’s been The Blossom Twins vs Gail Kim and Tara at the TNA house shows

  • Corbin Matthew

    omg christi looks terrible in that photo…

    • Deezo88

      Completely disagree.

  • Raekon

    Get well soon girls and all the best for a speedy recovery. :)

  • Mr. AJ Lee

    Laying in my bed with the flu as well. Disgusting. Anyways has there been any word on Alpha Cemales gut check challenge?

  • fahkyooh

    I had this flu it was HORRIBLE. I’m also very thin, so when I was barfing it hurt so much, it was soooooo bad. Everything I drank, came right back up too. Like minutes later. Even a slight, sudden movement would cause me to barf.