Your Two Cents: Favorite Royal Rumble Moments

“Your Two Cents” is our interactive feature where we gauge the opinions of our Twitter and Facebook followers on different discussions in women’s wrestling.

This week, we’re asking this: The Royal Rumble is this Sunday, so we want to know: what is your favorite Diva-related Royal Rumble moment? We’ve read your responses on our social media pages and picked some of the best submissions to highlight here on the website. As always, you can join the debate by leaving your comments!

Ahl Anthony Aggari | Ashley Massaro vs. Mickie James with Trish Stratus as the special guest referee at Royal Rumble 2006. That match was a pure brawl and if you will notice, they didn’t even do an irish whip move or run into the ropes in the whole match. lol. But it was a good match. (WATCH)
Jamie M | Chyna tossing out Mark Henry in the 1999 Royal Rumble (the first female ever entered) and then being tossed out by Stone Cold. Chyna was one of the elite performers during her time. (WATCH)
Jered Perez | Beth Phoenix eliminating Khali at Royal Rumble 2010. (WATCH)
Josue Guzman | I’d have to say the Stepmother vs. Stepdaughter match between Dawn Marie and Torrie Wilson at Royal Rumble 2003. What made this particular match so memorable was the year build up for it! There was seduction, blackmailing, a wedding and even a funeral; and this was all happening not on Raw but on Smackdown! It’s a nice reminder that if WWE give their women a decent storyline and enough airtime, they can entertain fans regardless of what show they are on or whether they are feuding for a title or not. (WATCH)
@KurtiusMaximus | Kharma‘s return at Royal Rumble 2012. So unexpected and it was fantastic hearing the crowd go wild for a female! (WATCH)
Mathieu Lavigne | The Kat… bubblewrap… at Royal Rumble 2000. (WATCH)
Maximilien Gamot | Mickie James winning the title at Royal Rumble 2010. I know, it’s a dot in the History of Women’s wrestling, but as a Mickie James fan, I was really proud of her. (WATCH)
Michael Kennedy | The Chyna/Hardcore Holly/Jericho match at Royal Rumble 2000. They did good work and it was vastly underrated. I also like how their feud carried over into the Rumble Match itself. (WATCH)
Oliver James Mcgregor | During the Kurt Angle vs Triple H match at Royal Rumble 2001, Trish Stratus interfering, causing Stephanie McMahon Helmsley to yank her out & give her the billion dollar slap, which of course led to an EPIC CATFIGHT which even brought Vince out from backstage to break it up, not that that stopped either girl! (WATCH)
Smart Mark | Sensational Sherri turning on Shawn Michaels at Royal Rumble 1993. (WATCH)

And now we turn it over to you…

What are your two cents on the debate? What is your favorite Diva-related Royal Rumble moment? Tell us in the comments…

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  • TorrieStacyCandice

    Chyna becoming The 1st Diva to enter the Royal Rumble.

    • Raekon

      Definately and she entered it twice aswell! :)
      The second time though she didn’t eliminate anyone as far as I remember. :p

      The Kharma return were also one of the best RR moments ever.
      Beth eliminating Khali was rather ewww. :/

      • TorrieStacyCandice

        She Enterd Twice?! What?

      • Sasha

        She eliminated Jericho in the 2000 Rumble

        • Raekon

          Oh right! :)
          I couldn’t remember and I thought that she didn’t eliminated anyone the second time.

  • Michael

    Lita and the Hardys reuniting and triple teaming the Undertaker in the 2002 Royal Rumble.

    Criminally underrated and never acknowledged when it comes to women actually take part in the Rumble match itself.

    • NY Pollard

      I remember this and I loved every kick and stomp Lita and The Hardyz delivered to The Undertaker. It eventually led to his getting eliminated by the Tough Enough Winner Maven…which wasn’t a good thing for him..but revenge was served!!

    • Crazy_J

      I agree, if you watch the footage Lita seemed to have more ring time than any of them (diva’s) in the rumble. I could be wrong though I haven’t counted literally lol

  • wwesvrrocks101

    I really liked the dive Kelly did on all the divas last year. Showed what they can do if given a little time.
    But nothing beats Kharma’s return.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    I don’t remember a lot from the rumble female wise. Lita getting revenge on Taker after he threw her off a stage was awesome! Maybe because she’s worked with so many main event men it’s easy to overlook some.

  • XtinaAguilera

    Torrie & Dawn’s match is one of my favorites from the Royal Rumble.

  • TorrieStacyCandice

    Is it just me or, am i the only one that could see AJ Lee entering the Rumble?

    • Sasha

      I was thinking the same thing watching Raw. I think it’s a very real possibility, I’d love to see it personally

    • magicmike191

      Let’s.light it up. And she wins. I mean who will hurt her.

      • TorrieStacyCandice

        Right? I don’t know about this year specifically but I definatlay at some point in her career.

        Thatd be epic! AJ Lee VS The Rock At Mania 29 xD

  • Sasha

    I have quite a few favourite Rumble moments throughout the years

    Chyna entering the 1999 and 2000 Rumble’s. No one will ever come close to accomplishing what Chyna did. She broke down so many walls, but unfortunately WWE rebuilt them and made them bigger and thicker, ugh. No greater female Rumble moment IMO than Chyna being the first female to enter the Rumble.

    Chyna vs Ivory at the 2001 Royal Rumble. Good match, great story and huge plot twist in the story at the end, all building to Chyna’s eventual revenge at WrestleMania. This was great story telling.

    Miss Rumble 2000. Ok yeah basically a bikini contest but to see the ladies all in the same ring was great. Back then it was different and unlike today where we get Diva tags and battle royals all the time, back then it was veerryy rare to get a 2 on 2 women’s tag, let alone getting 7 ladies on one match. Plus whatever you think of Mae’s striptease, it was definitely unforgettable ha. Here in the UK I remember this was the first WWF PPV Channel 4 broadcast (I think), after they picked up some of the PPV rights from Sky. And it was actually due to the Mae Young moment that Channel 4 then showed every other PPV they had the rights to air on a delay, not surprisingly Channel 4 and WWF’s PPV contract did not last long.

    Luna’s involvement in the Artists Formerly Known as Goldust vs Vader match at Royal Rumble 1998. Always loved the Luna and Goldust pairing and Luna was awesome and had a few spots in the match specifically the finish of the match where she was straddling Vader as he Vader Bomb’ed Goldust. Luna took a particularly brutal looking bump.

    Kharma’s surprise appearance in last year’s Rumble. Great moment, did not expect it at all, a true surprise mark out moment which in this day and age does not happen very often

    • TommyStarstruck

      I agree 150% with everything you said:)

  • knockout12

    Melina winning the Womens Championship from Beth at Royal Rumble 2009 always stands out to me! Loved their matches

  • melina prez

    Chyna entering the Rayal Rumble for the first time!
    Melina beating Beth Phoenix for the womens championship!
    And Kharma entering the royal rumble (i was there and it was the 2nd biggest pop of the night)!!

  • ajfan83

    Chyna entering the Rumble for the first time (I think she did it twice). Nothing else even comes close.

  • JD Sensations

    Miss Royal Rumble… Oh Mae

  • theprincedann

    Chyna vs Ivory at Royal Rumble 2001!

    where Chyna went for the cartwheel backflip elbow, and ‘injured herself’

    The whole arena was hushed, King went into the ring to make it look more sincere. I remember crying as a child because I thought my hero died!

    • art


  • theprincedann

    And if anyone can find a link to the Chyna vs Ivory from RR2001 it would be much appreciated! I haven’t seen it in years, and can’t seem to find it online anywhere!

  • aldo

    - Chyna, Beth Phoenix and Kharma entering the Royal Rumble.
    - Melina winning the Women’s Championship.

  • Spike7000

    The Glamour Girls (Judy Martin and Leilani Kai) vs the Jumping Bomb Angels in the first ever Royal Rumble in 1988 in a 2 out of 3 falls count for the WWE Women’s Tag Team titles

    Chyna, Beth Phoenix, and Kharma’s entries in the Royal Rumble match

    Miss Royal Rumble 2000

  • TommyStarstruck

    DEFINITELY Chyna becoming the first woman ever to be in the Royal Rumble.

    Also, Kharma coming back as a suprise entrant was really exciting and truly unexpected.

  • TheGamergirl22

    Kharma was an awesome mark out moment if only she was in WM

    Also in 2011 wish Beth was back in the Rumble to eliminate CM Punk when he got a lot of heat compared to now (he get half cheer half boos now) and he was basically getting buried at the time so it won’t hurt his very little creditably hell John Cena could just stand aside and let her glamslam Punk for payback. It had 40 people don’t see why they couldn’t include her

  • 09DHK

    Chyna’s Royal Rumble entrances, Kharma’s return, Kofi’s handstand saving himself from elimination in last year’s Royal Rumble, and Beth’s title match against Melina. Beth’s Royal Rumble entrance would be up here if it weren’t for the fact that WWE really tried to get me to believe that SHE ALONE legitimately eliminated The Great Khali. It just seemed like a feeble attempt to whitewash Chyna from WWE memory, but no matter how many women enter the Royal Rumble from this point on, CHYNA did it first, and she’s the ONLY woman to do it twice.

  • art

    Chyna in the rumble obviously out shadows what other women have done at the rumble…

    • JD Sensations

      The f

    • JD Sensations

      Oh whoops accidentally clicked publish

  • anich

    I havn’t notice anyone mention Sable vs Luna at Royal Rumble 1999. It were a leather strap match too and also Tori made her debut.

  • OJ Von Erich

    Awww, my Steph/Trish comment was used!!! ^_^