SmackDown Redux (January 25th, 2013): The Shimmier Meets the Sharpshooter


Hello Diva fans and welcome to this week’s SmackDown Redux! This week on the blue brand, Rosa Mendes takes a break from her Salsa dancing ways to step into the square against the one and only Natalya. Can Rosa shimmy her way to a victory, or will Natalya come out on top? Check out the match below:

Out first is Natalya, flanked by her ragtag stable of misfits. Rosa is out next with Epico and Primo in tow. As Rosa gets her eagle on in the ring, the Divas’ male counterparts take their places at the commentary booth and our match for the evening begins.

The Divas lock up, and Natalya quickly gets the upperhand with a headlock takedown. Rosa manages to reverse the hold into a headscissors, buddy Nattie kicks out and gets back to her feet via a flashy neckspring. Nattie tries to get the jump on Rosa with a kick to the midsection, but Rosa grabs her foot. Not to be outdone, Natalya rolls through, driving Rosa’s face directly into the canvas… Ouch…

Natalya quickly goes back to the offensive, locking in a leg submission, but Rosa counters with a headlock submission of her own. Natalya fights her way out by whipping her opponent across the ring and finds herself on the receiving and of a kick from Rosa Mendes. Rosa slams Natalya to the mat by the hair and goes for the pin, but only gets a nearfall.

Not deterred in the least, Rosa slaps on a straitjacket/surfboard submission, looking to wear her opponent down. Unfortunately for Rosa, Natalya fights out and levels her with a discus clothesline for a two count. Looking to finish this match off, Natalya lifts Rosa over her shoulder, but Rosa has the presence of mind to convert into a sunset flip. Nattie uses the momentum to her advantage, rolls to her feet and goes for the Sharpshooter.

Rosa sees the end is near and just barely manages to wiggle her way to the ropes, forcing Natalya to break the hold. But before she gets a chance to, Rosa nails her with a kick to the gut. Rosa follows up with a Thesz Press and starts smashing Nattie’s head into the canvas.

At this point, I’m guessing Rosa thought she had this match won. I mean, why else would she take the time out for an impromptu Cha-Cha? While Rosa is celebrating the concept of winning her first singles match in the WWE career, Hornswoggle jumps on the commentary table and does a little jig on his own, distracting Osa Mendes. With her head out of the game, Nattie sneaks up behind her with a school boy into the Sharpshooter to pick up the submission victory.

Thoughts: Let’s be honest, when we all found out Rosa would be in action on Smackdown, did we think it was going to be a good match? I know I sure didn’t. Fortunately, I had to eat my words. With the exception of one major botch, I thought Natalya and Rosa did pretty well. Was it a five star mat classic? Not in the least, but it wasn’t a train wreck like I thought it would be. For that I’m grateful.

Also, it’s nice to see some Divas outside of the title picture get some shine for once. WWE has a very linear mindset when it comes to the Divas and their storylines, so this was a nice little surprise. I’m sure after the Royal Rumble we’ll get some progression in the budding feud between Kaitlyn and Tamina, but this will hold me over until then.

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  • Johnyfaction3

    I didn’t notice the botch… What was it?

    And is WWE trying to build Natalya again? She is like number 20 now on power 25 and keeps getting wins.

    • KaitlynLover<3

      Maybe that one in wich looks like Rosa she is ready do dive into a swimming pool, and than falls on her head xD

  • KaitlynLover<3

    The match was SO MUCH better than I thought it would be! I thought that part when Rosa and Hornswoggle was really weird and funny xD I think that if Rosa keeps working with Natalya she may get better!

    And Natalya has the weirdest dance after Emma LOL

  • flash1086

    Who cares about the botch. Every divas from the diva search (except mccool) were botchy anyway. Its not like we saw anything new for the past 4 to 5 years. You wanna a good match? Dont watch the diva division after 2006.

    • KaitlynLover<3

      There were MANY good matches after 2006, maybe not good storylines, but we had some really good matches!

      • flash1086

        Of course, the divas who didnt come from the diva search delivered but it was rare because the diva search were in the spotling most of the time.

        • KaitlynLover<3

          Are you serious? Eve, Layla, and Michelle are good examples of what “Diva Search” Divas can do and how talented they can be!

      • marcum1234

        Did you not see any of the McCool vs Melina matches?

      • flash1086

        Your lost are argument as soon as you said Eve and Layla. They both became tolerable at best and thats not saying much. They needed to be carried. Ill give you McCool. She was solid in the ring but thats only one.

  • KaitlynLover<3

    Oh and THANK YOU Primo for telling Josh to talk about the match!

    • T_Fan

      That part was brilliant!

      • Corbin Matthew

        I Love me some primo^^mmm

  • k2evecrew

    This match was actually entertaining I didn’t notice whatever big botche that happened. Nattie is really pretty in light pink I love that color on her & I didn’t like the whole idea of her dating Khali at first but she’s been getting screen time without having to fart & that works for me. Rosa was pretty decent too my favorite part was when hornswoggle started mimicking her dance & distracted her into the sharpshooter

  • TheGamergirl22

    Random thought but since Carlito is rumored to be in the match would be cool if he spat at Primo’s and Epico’s faces and took Rosa

    Nattie should get a title feud not a match that she would loose and not get a rematch (ex. Tamina), Maybe with AJ after WM.

    Yeah surprised that Kaitlyn vs Tamina at the Royal Rumble didn’t have an article yet.

    Kaliswoggle should no be wasted spots in the rumble

    • TheGamergirl22

      not I mean

    • Nostalgia

      Eh idk but Carlito is my booooo

    • Looking Glass

      I’d love this, especially since Del Rio is face now and Rosa managed Cartlito post-Glamarella split during his feud with Kofi. Either that or Rosa has actually recruited Carlito to expand the Colons, thus creating a mini stable and making Rosa more powerful as a valet/businesswoman.

      • TheGamergirl22

        Another storyline I thought for Rosa was turning “face” and be Del Rio’s girlfriend but she’s really a gold digger and uses Del Rio to help The Colons this should give them heat. Ricardo finds out and becomes El Local stealing the stuff Rosa bought and returning it. And have matches with Epico and Primo.

    • Jack

      Never thought I’d have a Royal Rumble surprise entrant spoiled for me on this thread haha! Damn. Cool entrant mind!

  • Looking Glass

    Since Rosa’s been given this mini storyline or at least this partnership with the Colon cousins, her character has been able to develop and come into the ring. Following the Glamarella break-up, Rosa was left with nothing to do, no build, no-ring time and no character and I think that and her limited ring-time has resulted in her lack of popularity.

    I think this was one of her better matches for the mere fact that yeah she wasn’t amazing, but she was at least allowed to dominate shortly in comparison to her previous matches. I’m pleased Nattie won, I’d love to see the feud develop (perhaps minus the Misfits though) or at least set Natalya up for a number on contendership or even aid Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn and Nattie vs. Tamina and Rosa would help bring both storyline out a bit more plus all four Divas have history given that mini feud on SD two-three years ago.

    • TheGamergirl22

      Layla and Kailtlyn vs Tamina and AJ on Raw would be great

      Layla coats the match, Tamina beats up Kaitlyn while Layla escapes with the belt and AJ well skips around laughing, Tamina could be AJ’s bodyguard, or Layla running with the belt in general would have some story into it.

      Set up a feuds many future feuds with Kaitlyn

      Also if you want to get Vickie involved Vickie tells Tamina to beat up AJ since, I highly doubt they would get along since she attacked AJ at SS

  • shameronstar

    Natalya is racking up wins! Why is portrayed as so amazing as a face, but as a heel they make her look like a complete loser?

    • Jcott3

      That’s par for the course for WWE and the Divas. Unless there’s a title on the line, the face wins 95 percent of the time.

  • art

    Nattie couldn’t even do that leg roll up thingy LOL…rosa getting face planted was funny thou…i hope this feud continues with rosa attacking nattie or something its way more refreshing then kaitlyn vs aksana every-week….

  • Nostalgia

    Is it just me, or does it seem like the WWE is planning something BIG for tomorrow. They flew every NXT superstar and diva to Phoenix. They could’ve done that NXT rumble in Florida

    • marcum1234

      I think it was for a WWE Fan thing Pre-Royal Rumble

  • Socrate

    Sorry, but I thought the match was crap. Rosa can’t wrestle, but I’ll give them that at least they built this mini feud up to a match and it shines light on more Divas than just Kaitlyn, Layla, and Alicia Fox.

  • Lily

    I’m sorry but Rosa is just awful. She never seems to know what she is doing. Natalya did great at attempting to make Rosa look better than usual but Rosa still has those awkard moments.

    WWE did great on making Rosa a valet and they should leave it that way.

  • T_Fan

    I really liked this match wish it went longer. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m a Rosa fan but I wasn’t expecting too much out of this match but Nattie & Rosa have good chemistry.

    If you jump over to Wrestlezone, there is a thread about the Kaitlyn v Tamina rumble match….. Its basically a Tamina hate topic. Tamina rocks I don’t understand why ppl have an issue with her. Can someone plz explain?

    The reason I ask on here is because I respect the opinions (even if I don’t agree) of the DD community opposed to the WZ ones.

    • puppies

      She’s a bad wrestler, according to most people. It could also be that the Divas get a hard time from most men wrestling fans.

      • T_Fan

        I think she is great. Yes they do because men base their views on looks because they are disgusting pigs.
        I’m a man so I can say that lol

  • DivaSmark

    I thought I was going to hate Natalya in this stable with Khali and Hornswoggle. She is actually so adorable. She still has her grit, but she’s so cute when she dances.

  • GailKim95

    I really don’t like Rosa but she actually did ok in this match. I think her current position suits her. Being a manager and competing in the ring sparingly like for feuds with a diva of another tag team/stable or the big divas matches like battle royals etc. It is also nice to see something new for a change, and not the same old match ups each week

  • qcevolution

    This guy is officially over natalyas kip up…. Like GIRL BYE u do it n every match and it always looks soooo staged lol

  • 3xplicit

    I enjoyed this better than tara vs velvet

    • T_Fan

      It was always going to be better than Tara v velvet

      • k2evecrew

        ^ agreed

  • charovnica

    It was a sloppy match to me…but I don’t think it was the girls’ fault.They had so little time…what I can blame on Rosa though is that she tapped immediately,which I’ve never liked about submissions.Just hang in there for a while! God….I hope they’re going somewhere with Nattie.

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      That wasn’t even Rosa’s fault nearly every diva that gets put into the sharpshooter immediately starts tapping out hell half the time she doesn’t even have it locked in. the only Exception was when Beth reached the ropes, Michelle reversed it into a heel hook, and Melina was getting folded in half.

      • charovnica

        Melina & Michelle always at least got a few seconds before tapping,while Rosa immediately tapped even before Nattie hooked the move. And even if you’re right,Nattie as a more experienced should give Rosa some advice on that.Little things can make a match so much better.

  • Monkey Tennis

    Nothing awful. Nothing special.

    Wasn’t helped by the excessive cutaways to the commentary team, who seemed to be getting more focus than the match itself.

  • aldo

    Natalya winning is the best they can do! She is soo underrated. And Rosa, she did well, but i guess she did it because she was with Natalya. Anyway she was entertaining as usual (lol at the “jajaja te gusta?”) and I hope she gets more air time, she deserves it. Rosa is awesome!
    I’m grateful too when Primo said “Let’s talk about the match”. Commentators sometimes are really distracting, which is means, annoying!
    I also hope to see more of this feud, maybe Rosa can improve a little by working with Natalya (:

  • MrJCena

    I liked the match especially the submission Rosa did to Natalya

  • melina prez

    Should be considered boring but since Rosa was in it and it wasnt horrible it was great!!!

  • Corbin Matthew

    I actually think that was the best ive seen Rosa wrestle since FCW.It was definetly better than Alicia last monday.

    • theprincedann

      Completely :)

      Rosa isn’t the best wrestler, but I think she is consistent. People like Alicia and Kaitlyn can be average one week, then absolutely awful the next. Whereas Rosa isn’t primarily a wrestler, she is a valet. But people still expect her to be a major technician. If she was terrible, why would she be booked?

      • JJ

        I don’t know whether consistently bad (Rosa) is better than the inconsistent girls (who at least have the potential of being good).

        And people don’t expect Rosa to be a major technician at all, they just expect after 6-7 years for her to be decent, which let’s all be honest, she isn’t.

        And WWE often book awful/bad wrestlers. The Great Khali regularly has matches and is dreadful.

  • Raekon

    The match could had been much better but since they were both watered down and tried to do only a few moves in the little time they got, I think it server its purpose.

    Funny intented spot the takedown that was written as “major botch” here even it wasn’t and the laughing before the submission showed character aswell.

    It seems as if Rosa is getting into trouble with her team recently that could indicate a face turn and a pairing with alberto del rio, cause I saw two videos on youtube in which Matt Striker were interviewing her about Alberto when Primo and Epico came and started yelling at her saying that they are about to have a match and she isnt doing her job managing them. :p

    In one of both videos she even slaps Matt at the end.

    She also has a wwe video from last month in which she shows us around her appartment a bit, her best friend and neighboor comes along and they are going into a tatoo studio in which she gets a butterfly.

    On the top of it, we didn’t had Kaitlyn vs Aksana on superstars but a extended match and showcasing with these two stables in which both nattie and rosa looked great. :)

    Khali vs Epico and after the match Primo challenges him aswell.

    Rosa also released a video a week ago in which she shows the best protein drink after a good workout. :p

    For what is worth, its nice that both girls are getting at least a little bit attention and I hope that they will let them wrestle properly without watered down movesets and speed so we can see even better matches between them.

  • GlamazonInTraining89

    Am I the ONLY ONE disturbed at the fact that Hornswoggle who although short is a GROWN ASS MAN was sitting on the lap of the great Kahli who is ANOTHER GROWN ASS MAN. . . . . this trio just got Creepier.

    • KaitlynLover<3

      Am I feeling some homophobic vibes?

      • theprincedann

        Uhh people nowadays are so quick to claim racism or homophobia!

        I’m gay myself, and I even thought it was really weird. And seeing how this is basically a children’s program now, it would be seen as strange by children and parents. My brother is 6 and it confused him.

        I hate how people claim homophobia all the time. Homosexuals will always be victims, because they put themselves there by assuming everyone is victimising them.

        • KaitlynLover<3

          I´m sorry I didnt express myself the best way, I was not afirmating, but it really looks like, and I agree with you! A good example is that some posts ago someone said that Alicia doenst get title shots just because she is black, like wtf :S