Today in History: Trish Referees Ashley vs. Mickie at Royal Rumble 2006

On this day in history:

January 29th, 2006 | At the 2006 Royal Rumble, Trish Stratus was quite literally thrown in the middle of the feud between obsessor Mickie James and friend Ashley Massaro when she was appointed the referee of their match, and it didn’t help matters when Mickie told Trish she loved her just before the bout. Still, Trish did her best to play the impartial referee, once scolding Ashley when she punched Mickie with a closed fist. When Mickie rolled up Ashley for the win, Trish didn’t notice that she had a handful of Ashley’s shorts, and counted the pin. Mickie celebrated her win, repeatedly trying to hug Trish, believing that this meant that Trish loved her too.

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  • DnelDivaLovin89

    I 100% Looovveed this storyline!!!

  • NY Pollard

    OMG! I remember this! Mickie James was so crazy LMAO, I was in stitches when Mickie proclaimed her love for Trish! I mean if that Mistletoe kiss wasn’t enough, this took the cake! Trish Stratus’s reaction was priceless!!! Ashley’s wrestling skills also had me in stitches by the way. I laughed the whole way through the segments and Trish was looking amazing!

    This really makes me miss the psycho Mickie James. AJ has done an admirable job ofcourse, but nothing has reached the awesomeness of MJ herself.

  • Garouix

    I’d actually forgotten just how cringe-inducing Ashley was in the ring lol. Loved this storyline though.

    • Jcott3

      From what Ashley has said, after she won the 2005 Diva Search, WWE gave her videos of Molly Holly’s matches and told her to study them – and that was the extent of her ring training. And you wonder why people described her as “a danger to herself and others in the ring”?

  • Ryan

    I love Ashley!
    She did great here :)
    My little sister age 8 or so loved her ever since at a signing she gave her a cap I thought it was damn cool of Ash and have te most love and respect for her
    Yes she wasn’t the best but she was gutsy to get her butt kicked hehe
    Mickie was one hot obsessed lesbian!! Lol
    Reminds me of that episode on Archer where his friend is gay and crazed and obsessed with archer smh lol
    Mickie James would steal glances at Trish’s boobs in the shower!! Lmfao hey Trish, nice boobs.. Man it’s hillarious plus the mistletoe and also when Mickie hugged and dug her face in Trishes crotch! Like whoa!! O.o
    All fun and good
    Sick power bomb man! Ouch!
    Trish was put in a uncomfortable position storyline wise haha

  • TCsinger09

    WOW I had never seen Ashley in the ring before and I must say she looked very sloppy.

    • fahkyooh

      And this was her at her best, so imagine her other matches.

      Search up her work with Melina LOL.

      • Ryan

        Her match with Melina wasn’t bad at all actually considering its Ashley. It wasn’t WrestleMania worthy at all though. Plus Melina gave Ash mad props because Ashley had fractured her ankle and kept wrestling regardless of the injury. :)
        I give her all the credit, she was always willing to take scary bumps which always cost her physically. Most divas won’t go there even with training. Also shout out to Christy Hemme :)

  • She’sGotLegs!

    Probably one of the greatest diva storylines ever!I liked how they incorporated Ashley into this storyline briefly because it added more spice to it. It’s pretty sad how Ashley wasn’t great in the ring, and the reason why she wasn’t was because she was trained on a match to match basis. If WWE had been smart and had her train at an actual wrestling school, then she probably would’ve been better. But no, instead, WWE decides to limit Ashley by training her on a match to match basis.

    • NY Pollard

      This is probably true. I don’t hate Ashley, she was a good character and not bad on the mic at all. She was a natural as the level headed, best friend and provided a good supporting character for this storyline. I wish she had stayed as an interviewer or hosting a WWE show while she trained. That would’ve been better for all involved. She got injured several times and it was totally avoidable.

  • MickieJamesluvslave

    Ah the memories. Match was okay but the s/l was great

  • divaindemise

    In hindsight, I feel actually very sorry for Ashley. Putting her in a match this lengthy so premature into her wrestling career and with pitiful experience was dangerous. That displays a real lack of concern for not only her safety but her opponent’s as well. I wouldn’t call myself a fan, but looking back, I give a lot of props to Ashley for being doggedly gutsy.

    • redsandman99

      Agreed. I can’t understand for the life of me why WWE wouldn’t take the time to train her properly. It’s ridiculous. A good long stint in developmental was what she needed. She could have been a lot better for it.

  • Ryan

    I still remember the spot during a battle royal where Mickie had ash hanging off the third rope In A head sissor, Candice knocks BOTH off the third rope and Ashley breaks her ankle on spot, due to Edge and Lita running in and Trish just like fuck this, and leaves Edge and Lita start harassing a heel Candice lol
    I mean the point is WWE had Ashley taking big girl hits for someone with zero training :(
    Not to mention on September 2005 Torrie threw Ashley out of the ring she almost landed neck first. Ashley was taking 3 rope falls to the outside, and also those nasty leg drops from Victoria!
    Maria was another getting beat up by guys but like Maria said, she had training on how NOT to get killed in the ring hehe

    I was a big fan of Ashley :)
    Beth totally destroyed her with the Cradle Brainbuster lol

  • shameronstar

    Speaking of Ashley is she still training to return to the ring?

  • 09DHK

    This match could’ve been worse. It could’ve been Rosa Mendes vs Mickie James for 10 minutes.