Trish Stratus Hall of Fame Reactions: Lita, Jim Ross, Snooki & More

Since news of Trish Stratus‘s WWE Hall of Fame induction broke yesterday, Divas and Superstars past and present have chimed in on Twitter with congratulatory messages for the seven-time WWE Women’s Champion:

Lita: “So proud and stoked for my girl!!!”

Mickie James: “Big congrats, hats in the air, & curtsies all around to my girl @trishstratuscom well deserved & An inspiration to us all! Xoxo #HOF2013″

Snooki: “Congrats trish! Xo”

Jim “J.R” Ross: “Congrats to @trishstratuscom for 2013 #WWE HOF. I remember our 1st @WWE interview in my Ofc like it was yesterday. #proudofyou”

Lilian Garcia: “Can’t be more proud of @WWE inducting my friend @trishstratuscom into the HOF! U deserve this so much girl!!! Love u!!”

Gail Kim: “congratulations! You deserve it!”

Natalya: “Proud of @trishstratuscom being announced for the Hall of Fame! A true pioneer for the Divas.”Stratusfied”

Summer Rae: “Congratulations to Trish Stratus for being inducted into this years HOF!! She set the bar so high…one of my favorites!”

Emma: “Congrats to @trishstratuscom on the #WWEHOF so deserving! She along with @steveaustinBSR made me fall in love with this business!”

Lance Storm: “Congratulation @trishstratuscom on the WWE HOF induction. Well deserved. Glad to have been a tiny part in your great career.”

Diamond Dallas Page: “#SelfHighFive to @trishstratuscom for the WWE HOF induction nod! You deserve it girl!!!! #HOF2013″

Trish’s wrestling trainer Ron Hutchinson, of the famed Sully’s Gym, has also given his congratulations, commenting on Facebook:

“So proud of Canada’s sweetheart Trish Stratus for being named a 2013 WWE Hall of Fame inductee one year after Edge broke the ice for Sully’s Gym alumni! Hard work pays off! There’s more where they came from too! Congrats Trish. To paraphrase Buddy Rogers: “To a nicer woman it couldn’t have happened!”

Hutchinson is also credited with training the likes of Edge, Christian, current TNA Knockout Gail Kim and former Knockout Traci Brooks.

Congratulations once again to Trish!


    Congratulations to Trish, very much deserved. I’m ecstatic she’s been indicted but just said it confirms that she won’t return full time as she is now a ‘legend’. I was under no illusion she would return full time but this unfortunately confirms my gut.

    I’m NOT going to start but I would have love LOVED WWE to induct Trish and Lita together that would have been very sweet and very fitting.



  • NY Pollard

    This is so sweet. All BS aside about who should have gone in first …

    Trish Stratus deserves this. There is no debate about it and it will be a very special moment to see her talk about her wonderful career. I loved watching her. Trish could have been one of those many models to have come in and gotten by on her looks alone. Lord knows, she’s probably the sexiest woman to ever be in WWE (and one of the most beautiful women in the world), but she became more than that by her own motivation. Trish is the DIVA of WWE. I hope I don’t cry watching her speech, but it will be hard not to. Love you Trish!

  • xLitaFan4Everx

    Aww, I’m tearing up. I cannot wait to watch this induction. So happy for Trish. This has completely made my day! <3

    • NY Pollard

      Same here! The WWE Hall of Fame was in dire need of some Stratusfaction! And look at this haha, I found the definition for it …

      Web definitions
      Aerial techniques are maneuvers, using the ring and its posts and ropes as aids, used in professional wrestling to show off the speed…

      Hehe, you go Trish!

      • WrestlingFan29

        Nice! :)

  • Virginia Devereux

    Ron’s message was sweet! Gail Kim tweeted too. I hope you guys update this with more tweets that will hopefully come today.

    I’m so happy for her! Even putting Trish aside for a second, the Class of 2013 is shaping up to be one of the best in recent memory!

  • richies88

    i am beyond so happy for my idol trish stratus but i so surprised she got in there before Sable H and rock wow but i so over the moon for her.

  • StraightEdgeGirl84

    Very sweet things being said. Regardless of anything she does deserve to go in. Plus her going in means her good friend Amy Dumas will be at HOF for another year. So hey positives to go around for everyone.

  • jonmel83

    Lita really should be inducted as well but mybe next year , But she really should be the one to induct her

    • Virginia Devereux

      They are not twins. One doesn’t automatically get what the other does. Everyone that deserves a spot in the Hall of Fame will eventually get one (except for those that totally destroyed any respectable qualities they once possessed).

      Lita should not induct her. This is Trish’s night. Someone like Chris Jericho, Christian, or Edge should induct her. Trish can dedicate a portion of her speech to Lita as Lita will for her.

      • puppies

        Lita had more to do with Trish’s career than any of those you listed, it would be a really beautiful moment if Lita did it. I’d also be fine with Jericho. Anyone else would be injustice haha.

        • Virginia Devereux

          If you notice, a lot of inductors didn’t play the biggest part in the inductee’s career, but did play a part big enough to receive the honor of inducting.

          I want Trish to have her own night just like I want Lita to as well. Lita needs to be inducted by Edge.

    • Jcott3

      Lita WILL go in – it will happen. The questions that need to be answered are: 1) When and 2) Does she go in solo, or as a member of Team Xtreme?

      • puppies

        Solo. Jeff is with TNA and Matt doesn’t have a good relationship with the E’.

  • Cheetara86

    If Lita can’t do it, then probably Jericho would be the next best bet.

  • charovnica

    I can’t wait for the ceremony!

  • xoxoRKOxoxo

    What I think about Trish aside, I know she deserves this! She did prove you can be more than just a pretty face! She is talented, one of the best females on the mic ever. I can’t wait to see her take her lace. I do like her despite me thinking she’s just a tad overrated!!!

  • WrestlingFan29

    Really happy for Trish. Congatulations! :)
    I hope Chris Jericho will induct her.

  • DanGM

    Good for Trish! But she before, Chyna, Sable, Jacqueline, Ivory and Lita? really?

    • xX-Zoey-Sky-Xx

      Chyna? Really?

      • Crazy_J

        You know.. I am happy Trish is getting inducted even not being a fan of hers, she deserves it. Though.. just because you either don’t remember Chyna or you use her porn as a way to erase what she did.. she still was a major impact on the WWE. I know people who only watched because of her and stopped when she left. All of the women DAngm named should be in at some point, and it’s sad everyone got over Sunny being in. lmao I’d rather see Chyna in it than Sunny.

        • 09DHK

          Chyna deserves to be inducted a lot more than about half of the inductees in the last five years. Seriously, what did DREW CAREY do to get inducted? Chyna on the other hand opened the door for the likes of Beth Phoenix and Kharma to enter the Royal Rumble, and out of those three, Chyna’s the only one to enter twice. She’s also the only female Intercontinental Champion, and the only female participant in the King of the Ring tournament. Granted due to her beef with Vince, it’s unlikely that she’ll be inducted, but at the same time, no diva will ever wrestle men full-time as long as Vince is running things due to the immediate Chyna comparisons.
          A part of me feels as though they’re inducting Trish this early to whitewash Sunny as the youngest inductee. Not saying Trish doesn’t deserve it, but with Sunny’s recent “issues,” I think they want someone who has their act together.

  • Crazy_J

    Congrats to Trish. :)

  • Jcott3

    Trish definitely deserves this, and congratulations to her!

    That said, it does come as a bit of a surprise as everyone had been saying Sable was going to be this year’s Diva entry in the HOF.

  • Dev

    I’m soooo happy for Trish. She really deserves it. She’s a 7-time Women’s Champion. No other Diva has come close to that. I feel like arguing about who “deserves” to go in before her is rude and disrespectful. She’s Trish Stratus for gods sake! Lita, Victoria, Mickie, etc. wouldn’t be as wildly popular as they are/were if not for their memorable feuds with her. All roads to success back then went through Trish Stratus. She may have started out as just a fitness model with a great rack, but she ended up a great in-ring competitor and an inspiration to tons of women. Chyna and Sable (while memorable) didn’t accomplish as much as she did. Having a unique look or being one of the first just isn’t enough to justify being inducted into the HOF. Whether you agree with it or not, she’s going into the Hall Of Fame and anyone who thinks she doesn’t deserve it is crazy.

    Sidenote: I love that Snooki is considered a “Diva” from the past. I love that chick. lol

    • puppies

      Lita wouldn’t be as popular without Trish? Honey, you seem to be forgetting who was over first and who was more over in general. If anything, Lita got Trish over. Anyhow, I guess the petty Lita fan in me came out when I read that, but my point is valid.

      • NY Pollard

        Its okay Puppies, it is a common error among a lot of diva fans. Actualy if you look back at some of the matches with Essa Rios, the fans chant for Lita! Its pretty cool. When she takes down Chyna w Essa, they chant for her. And so on and so forth. Just cause it peeves me that Matt takes credit for it…heh…lying snob. Lol

      • 09DHK


      • BillyGP

        Both Trish and Lita said they got each other over and both are over case close.

        • NY Pollard

          Case reopened sweetie. I think they meant that they helped keep each other over. Trish got over on her hot looks, yet she stayed over thanks to the people she worked with. All the women, which include Lita and a lot of guys. Lita was over from her very first match because of her moves and thanks to the guys who also helped maintain her uniqueness as a woman who performed high risk manuevers and took some equally impressive bumps.

          Well anyway, nobody gets over on their own I suppose. They all need a good character to play off of otherwise its pointless.

      • Dev

        Yeah, I can see the pettiness in that.

  • BillyGP

    Beth Phoenix: Congrats to @trishstratuscom on this year’s Hall of Fame induction. The women of the HoF is a small elite group & it’s long overdue!

    Tommy Dreamer: Congrats @trishstratuscom on this year’s Hall of Fame induction. Worked very hard to improve herself & became 1 of the best. She’s Hardcore

    Michelle McCool: Just heard the word…..congrats @trishstratuscom on becoming a 2013

    Candice Michelle: @trishstratuscom congrats on #HallofFame. That’s Awesome!!

  • charovnica

    What you people don’t get is that the order of induction doesn’t define who did more for the company or who is a bigger legend.Also in the HOF there are different cathegories of inductees-exactly why Drew Carrey was inducted.Also there is a factor of good/bad relationships between the WWE & a probable inductee.It’s complicated.