Who Should Be Trish Stratus’s WWE Hall of Fame Inductor? Our Top Five Picks

Amidst all the buzz about Trish Stratus‘s WWE Hall of Fame induction, we here at Diva Dirt have paused to ponder a vey important question: who will give her induction speech?

For those unfamiliar with the process, WWE Hall of Fame honorees are traditionally inducted with a speech given by someone who played a memorable role in their career. We’ve thought of five people who could do the honors for Trish and have submitted them for your approval.

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  • http://www.twitter.com/johndern JDernTrishStratusFan

    I think we ALL are hoping for it to be Lita. I’m the biggest Trish fan in the world, but even I have no problems saying that Trish and Lita are EQUALS to me. They both did things that were the same and both did things that were different to change the face of the Divas division. Who better then to send Trish off to the HOF? Clearly the choice is Lita.

    Plus, Trish can induct Lita next year when it’s her turn to shine!

  • DJ23


  • http://unicornduchess07.tumblr.com hellaciousheart

    pretty sure it will be lita.

  • TL323

    I agree with all of them except snooki. I said Lita, Stephanie Mcmahon, Jericho, The Rock or even Vince himself but I really hope its Lita

  • charovnica

    Snookie shouldn’t even be in this.As far as the others…I think the biggest honour would be either Lita (cause they’re big friends) or Stephanie (because,well..she’s Stephanie),but I won’t complain if Jericho induct her,he has great mic skills and I’m sure he’ll make the induction very entertaining.

  • richies88

    no one other than Lita.

  • wl75

    I’m gonna go off the board here- Wouldn’t AJ be a good pick as well? I know she was more of a Lita fan, but Trish probably was somewhat of an inspiration for her as well, which helped lead her to get to where she is now (WWE also probably wants to showcase AJ as much as possible during Mania week because of her hometown roots)..

    • Wolverine

      Nothing concerns Trish with AJ,It would be so out of place

  • shameronstar

    I was going to say that her husband could do it but than I remembered that hof inductee’s spouse’s only do that when the inductee in question is deceased:(

  • litafan2000

    I’m almost sure its going to be Lita. I can’t see anyone else doing it. Then when Lita gets inducted next year or whenever Trish will return the favor.

  • xLitaFan4Everx

    I really think Lita should be the one to induct Trish. They are best friends and Lita would probably put more effort and heart into her speech. I just think Lita inducting Trish would mean a lot more and would be really fitting. When Lita gets inducted I hope Trish gets to induct Lita. I really hope it’s Lita because that would be just perfect. <3

  • flash1086

    Most stars are going to put their personel friend. Like austin had ross. Trish is extremely close with Lilian Garcia so it probably will be her.

    • Wolverine

      Vince inducted Austin not Ross

  • Rhawk

    Snooki’s pretty much the odd one out of the 5, but I can see why she’d be considered as a choice. Although I think the Hall of Fame is a big enough name in its own right to not have Snooki appear for it. Even still, Lita, Stephanie, Jericho 7 Christian are all great names, another than can be considered is Fit Finlay considering how he helped mold Trish and most of the other divas from ‘The Golden Era’ to the women they were/are, back then/are now.

  • http://ashmultimedia.wordpress.com melon2617

    It most definitely should NOT be Lita. The Lita stans would whine about Trish’s moment even more & Trish & Lita shouldn’t have every moment together. Britney Spears doesn’t need to share every moment with Christina Aguilera.

    My top picks are:

    1. Jericho. From their initial banter on OTR that got WWE to notice her to their storyline & real life friendship, Chris Jericho is the ideal choice. He would have some awesome stories about her & as the first superstar to interact with her, he could discuss her evolution @ length.

    2. Jim Ross. JR has always talked about Trish like a proud papa, & was the one who hired Trish, so his speech would be amazing.

    3. Kaitlyn. Knowing Trish, she would choose the current champion to pass the torch to the new generation, because she’s always thinking of the division. Trish has been very vocal in her support of Kaitlyn, even expressing discontent @ SS when Kaitlyn didn’t win the title, so I could see her wanting to give her a rub of sorts.

    4. Lilian. Lilian & Trish are real life besties, with Lilian even singing @ her wedding! I would love to see Lilian do it.

    Truthfully though, Trish gets to choose so I’m excited to see who she picks.

    • puppies

      I get where you’re coming from, but I think as a fan of divas it’d be a really beautiful moment to see the two biggest Divas in WWE sharing a moment like this together. If Lita doesn’t induct Trish, I want Trish to induct Lita. Or both, if possible. I feel like they really need some special moment together, because not only are they really close, but they pretty much built the division (along with the rest of the 2000-2004/5 gang).

      Britney and Christina aren’t close with each other, either. They probably used to be, but they haven’t been for a long while. The pop music fan in me popped out there, sorry haha.

      • Ace Of Base

        I think she’s going to give the honor to either Lita or Fit Finlay. Honestly, it makes no sense for Kaitlyn to induct her. There’s no rub coming off of that. Kaitlyn doesn’t need a rub, she needs a good storyline as have all the divas needed in the past few years. It will be very interesting to see who she picks – I pray that it is not a McMahon – I mean REALLY?! It is so unnecessary….like I mean, they hired all the wrestlers and did storylines with many of them. Doesn’t mean they need to be the ones to induct them too! Trish should pick someone who she is close friends with. Be it Lillian, Lita, or giving the ultimate honor to someone who trained her and had direct influence and impact on her evolution as a woman wrestler.

        • xtrahote

          I was just thinking I’m surprised no one mentioned Fit Finlay. She credits so much of her success to him, so if Lita can’t do the honor, it would only be fitting for Fit Finlay to induct her. I can’t believe the Diva Dirt Team overlooked this one.

  • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

    My pics in order
    #1. Chris Jericho a ton of history =) I’d go with him
    #2. Edge Not really an alliance but through out their careers had alot of history
    #3. LITA (everyone knos the reason) =)
    #4. J.R. He did contract her =)
    #5. Lilian Garcia =)

    • http://www.youtube.com/jillfan1 Jillfan1

      Forgot Christian him as well =)

  • Johnyfaction3

    Does the inductee gets to pick the inductor?? Or does WWE chooses?

  • Melissa

    Snooki? Are you fucking kidding me?

  • redsandman99

    Now that she’s been brought up, Lillian seems the most likely to me. If not, my guess would be either JR, Lita or Kaitlyn.

  • johnny

    I think it should be Lita because they had the biggest diva rivalry in wwe history if it wasn’t for that feud Trish,Lita and the women’s division wouldn’t be what it is today.

  • http://www.twitter.com/DanGM DanGM

    1. Lita
    2. Val Venis
    3. T&A… now only Albert T_T
    4. Lilian García

  • http://unicornduchess07.tumblr.com hellaciousheart

    on kaitlyn inducting her no! just no!

  • https://twitter.com/Oliver_James611 OJ Von Erich

    Lord Tensai/A-Train/Albert AKA Matthew Bloom – Not someone I would choose for her, but I just wondered as she started out her career managing & competing with him, as Test AKA Andrew Martin is no longer with us!

    But yes, much like the others, Lita is the obvious choice for career history, Trish & Lita is the ultimate diva feud in the history of “Diva’s”

    I also wondered if Lillian could be a candidate as she & Trish are such close friends.

    For me I would love to see Stephanie induct her, as those 2 together created my all time favourite feud! She was Trish’s 2nd big feud after Lita, she is quite possibly the most respected woman in the industry too. Plus for selfish reasons I would just love to see Steph on my screen again!

  • HoustonHomewrecker

    I’d only want Stephanie,Mickie, or Lita. The women who had the mos EPIC feuds with her.

  • Blac Chyna

    Beth Phoenix should make a one night return and do it

  • alexl467


    While all those choices are good I think a better choice could be the surviving member of the first tag team (T&A) she managed, Prince Albert / Tensai.



  • WrestlingFan29

    I’m hoping it would be either Y2J or Lillian.