Former WWE Diva to Become Female Football Spokeswoman

maxinewiflFormer WWE Diva Maxine, real name Karlee Leilani Perez, has been announced as the new face of WIFL, the Womens Indoor Football League.

Since leaving the WWE in June 2012, Karlee had stated that she was not going to continue wrestling and was to pursue acting, and a number of projects are scheduled for release soon.

In addition to acting, Karlee has also signed on to be the spokeswoman for the WIFL and expressed her excitement at being involved on the company’s official Facebook page.

She said, “I’m very excited about working with the WIFL and supporting female athletes. I’m looking forward to being a part of the growth of the WIFL.”

Thoughts: It’s very nice to see what Karlee is getting up to and it’s great too know that she has a lot of projects in the pipeline. As for representing women’s football, it’s fantastic to see that Karlee has stuck to sport after her tenure with WWE and I’m excited to see her on screens again.

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    Good luck to her, I wish I could see her more she was so entertaining on the screen.

  • Zaye

    I miss her in WWE, but she ventured in something I don’t care for so won’t watch it but hope she has fun. :D

  • Shan

    Good luck to her on her new projects. She was very entertaining to watch,

  • divaindemise

    What the hell is she wearing? It looks like she’s torn off a curtain and desperately wrapped around it.

    • divaindemise

      Oh, and I love Maxine before someone wants to try and fight with me.

  • Ryan

    Shut up DivaDemis..

    Maxine my Maxine. Love and miss that sexy woman
    Wish she would go to TNA, she’s too much woman for WW-WEAK to handle

  • Kayfabe!

    Another model diva that didnt care about wrestling! Like she said it was a stepping stone, no heart in the business what do ever! Guess it was just a job for her!

    • GlamazonInTraining89

      At least she tried something new, maybe she thought that;s what she wanted to do but in the end found out it was just the entertainment factor and connecting with the fans VS actually wrestling that she loved. The fact that she left before she got in too deep (IE main roster storylines & Title) rather than fill a spot that could go to somebody that actually loves the sport.

      • GlamazonInTraining89

        Shows how much respect she has for the sport, the athletes .

        • Ryan

          I gotta say I LIKED Maxine’s wrestling style! She brought a fight style that divas lacked at the time.. The usual Bella’s Kelly stuff.. Choreographed stuff..

          Maxine it looked like almost catfight like and very angry and aggressive
          I digged Maxine ;)

      • Kayfabe!

        how do you know she actually loved wrestling?

  • She-Wolf

    The selfishness in me was hoping that she’d return to wrestling, as she was easily my favourite diva from the PG era. I saw so much potential in her, but congratulations to Karlee, I’m glad she’s doing something that she cares for.

  • velvelove

    I never side with WWE but I was mad at her for leaving. She didnt give them long enough. She was making good progress but just quit.

    • Raekon

      She was with them for over 3 years as far as I remember and as she said, she didn’t care for the wrestling part of the job, she just wanted the exposure.

      • Kayfabe!

        ty, explain to those others above that are bashing my comment! If she was really a fan of wrestling and lived wrestling, she would have continued with it in the independents or tna or roh. She just wanted the tv time that’s it! She wasn’t much of a diva anyway! Very forgettable!

  • Raekon

    All the best for her with everything she is doing. :)
    She was a great and entertaining character in fcw and nxt redemption.

  • Ryan

    She’s just like Maryse who cares if she loved wrestling or not, both were incredibly hot! ;)
    Maxine did kind of have a butter face but still dig that woman fuck yeah!! Sexy bodies Maryse and Maxine!

  • 09DHK

    I feel like she could’ve EASILY been Melina 2.0 if she actually had the passion for the wrestling aspect of the business. She was a relatively solid heel with strong mic skills and charisma, and if her wrestling skills improved a little, she could’ve been THE top heel of the diva’s division. Much more over than Eve.

  • DjayDay

    As a massive fan of Maxine, I can honestly say that she wasn’t there for the right reasons. Personally, I think she did genuinely love the business, but she didn’t love it enough to stick around, she knew she wasn’t getting anywhere so she left. However, leaving as prematurely as she did is still sad in my opinion. She was one of there better model turned divas.