In Video: Christy Hemme Directs Knockouts Music Video

TNA President Dixie Carter took to Twitter today to premiere the newest Knockouts video: a Valentine’s-themed music video directed by none other than Knockout Christy Hemme. The video features a song that, while not yet identified, sounds like it’s performed by Christy’s band HEMME.

The commercial promotes’s Valentine’s Day sale and features Knockouts Brooke Tessmacher, Gail Kim, Madison Rayne, ODB, SoCal Val, Tara, Taryn Terrell and Velvet Sky decked out in Moulin Rouge-inspired costumes. Though they seem peaceful enough at the start, the video doesn’t end without a bit of a tiff between the babyfaces and heels.

Watch the full music video below:

A behind the scenes look at the making of the music video was released previously, highlighting Christy’s hands-on involvement in the production. You can watch it by clicking here.

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  • shameronstar

    They look like Las Vegas hookers!

    • magicmike191

      The theme was lady marmalade

  • Zaye

    Wow Madison is actually used somewhere!

  • magicmike191

    Sad Mickie dressed up but was not in this commercial. “How Rude”. -Stephanie Tanner

  • Aria–

    Do they sell lingerie on If not, then I’m super confused as to how this makes people want to buy from them.

    • ZPZA

      Because sex sells but TNA is doing it wrong.

      • Aria–

        Yeah, they should at least put the girls in the merch or SOMETHING, like how Sunny used to wear altered Austin 3:16 shirts. This is rather stupid and pointless and can just be called a random shoot. It would make more sense on a DVD like the Divas back in the day.

        -Sigh-, TNA

        • S1

          That’s what they did in the commercial that actually aired on television. Pay attention next time before commenting.

        • Aria–

          Barely holding up the merchandise for less than two seconds is not advertising. Maybe you should pay attention next time.

        • S1

          Maybe you shouldn’t compare it to something WWE did in 1997. They wouldn’t do anything like that today.

        • Aria–

          Do what? Wear the T-Shirt or merchandise you’re selling in the commercial? I was unaware that the concept of having what you’re advertising IN the commercial was so old-fashioned. Are all these advertising firms aware of this as well? Someone better tell Pepsi to stop putting the drink in their commercials — we only do that in 1997.

    • S1

      I guess you didn’t see the commercial on Impact Wrestling.

    • S1

      Wearing the t-shirt. You even stated in a previous comment that merch was in the commercial. I guess you haven’t seen past Shop TNA commercials with them wearing TNA t-shirts.

      • redsandman99

        This one at least had some merch, which is more than what could be said about the Christmas commericial they did.

  • aldo

    Brooke…no words to describe O.o
    Lol at ODB and Madison Rayne :D

    • aldo

      But why not Mickie?

  • Ryan

    Las Vegas Divas and Knockouts Schweet :)

    Gotta say too, the knockouts get to direct and so some form of small creative on the side. Pretty cool ;)

  • shannymac

    No Mickie, no care. They song is kind of cool, though.

  • GailKim95

    Damn! Thats hot! I wonder why they didn’t use Mickie. Anyway its great to see that Christy is becoming more and more involved behind the scenes. I still wish she didn’t have to retire so early!!! Sh was supposed to be KO champion!

  • k2evecrew

    All the knockouts looked HOT in this video. Espacially Taryn & Gail. They should’ve incorporated some of the merchandise that was going on sale unless they’re planning to sell lingerie

    • S1

      They did. In the commercial. Watch Impact Wrestling. You will see it.

      • k2evecrew

        Lol But I was talking about this “commercial”

  • ZPZA

    How long ago was this shoot? Mickie may have been inactive at this point in time.

  • Green As Grass

    They are not ‘Vegas’ themed Knockouts, they are Moulin Rouge themed Knockouts. This is actually one of the more acceptable shoots they have been in imo. I love the idea of themes and think that they should be done more often.

  • Mike in Like

    I’m gay, and I was drooling over this video! So freakin hot! Gail and Brooke especially for me, just bout turned me straight tbh haha

    •!/FrenchFineFierc FrenchFineFierce

      I’m gay too but even if they are all gorgeous (especially Taryn) I still love boys ;) LOL

  • Johnyfaction3

    DAMN! I like drooled watching this…Lol OBD looked so out of place in this video. Tessmacher and Taryn though wow :D

  • mpezza

    Looks like a porn preview.

  • Rhawk

    No Mickie or Taeler? Ah well, Im suprised that Madison was actually used somewhere for once, even if it is for a confuzling ‘sales pitch’ like this. Im all for sex appeal, but wouldn’t it make more sense to have the women in actual TNA merch instead of random lingerie.

    • redsandman99

      It would. But you know why have that when you can just look at half naked women *sarcasm*

  • She’sGotLegs!

    Out of all the women in this shoot, I have to say that Gail was the sexiest. Rob Irvine’s so lucky to be married to She was so sexy with the whip and everything. Brooke is just naturally sexy and seductive. Robbie E’s lucky to be dating her. Why is it always that every female wrestler I’d wanna date or marry is already dating someone or married?lol

  • Kessuki

    Taryn, Tessmacher, Gail and Velvet Sky blew me away – incredibly sexy video i say i say!!

    T’was also great to see ODB dressing in lingerie and having fun. I was kind of expecting Christy Hemme to make an appearance, she’s one of the sexiest KO’s of all time.

  • Pillman9mm

    Not enough Velvet.

  • KillerBee

    ODB looked really trashy. Should of replaced her with Mickie James

    • Looking Glass

      You mean she has tattoos and isn’t a conventional hour glass shape like the others? Wow, what was that difference people kept preaching about between Divas and Knockouts again?

  • Looking Glass

    I just remember back in 2006 the KO ad which showed highlights of them wrestling and ending with “We’re not models, we’re not Divas, we’re Knockouts”. Oh the irony.

    • DjayDay

      Considering there not selling merch, there doing a shoot, which they did back in those days. Yes, they aren’t models, which they made clear, they did do sexy shoots. There just having fun, as is most of the male audience watching lmao there

    • S1

      What are you talking about? TNA didn’t even have a Knockout Division in 2006. It started in 2007.

      • DjayDay

        Well then where in the hell are you getting that from? Everytime I heard them say it, it was during the promos after the division was assembled. Why would they be saying it in 2006 if there wasn’t a division? You literally just answered your own question…

        • Looking Glass

          Wow you get the year wrong and the vultures come swarming. Essentially back in the day, there were action shots talking about how they were wrestlers not models which is ironic seeing as the only thing they’re selling here is sex and the whole ‘more males watch this’ is just pandering to it – especially given how TNA are supposed to be notorious for overcoming that stereotype and how they’ve proved before that athletic matches can draw a bigger crowd than lingerie and pillow fights.

          Also if it’s a ShopTNA ad then technically they should be trying to sell something, it’s just TNA being trashy and hypocritical as ever.

        • DjayDay

          Well, there were no vultures. The year indicates a big difference, aswell as answered your own question. They may not be actively saying it, but the the girls in every interview time and time again state that no one holds a candle to them. And to be clear, even in there prime back in ’07-09 when they had that whole “we’re not divas campaign” they were still doing raunchy photo shoots, almost pornographic and some instances which made the diva shoots look like nothing (ala Velvet and Angelina)

  • DjayDay

    Brooke *Drools*


    Well I’ll go outside of the norm and not talk about the video, but the director. I give Christy Hemme credit…girl won a Diva Search in 2004, and 9 years later she is still working in the wrestling industry. I don’t think people know how easy it would have been for Christy, especially after Playboy, to take the Maryse route and go into designing clothes or even the Torrie/Stacy route by dating someone famous and doing Dancing W/ The Stars or anything else. She had the world as her oyster, and while I’m not dissing any of the 3 aforementioned ladies, Christy has stuck with the wrestling business in any role she could get, and I respect that. Big props to you Christy.

  • 09DHK

    If they switched out ODB for Mickie, and SoCal Val for Velvet, it would’ve been near perfect. Gail and Brooke were the hottest.